Costume Ideas For The Letter W

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Wizard Costume

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Roman Gladiator Warrior Kids Costume

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Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costume


Costume Ideas for Letter W

There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. Some of these may be featured in the list, but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Wales, Prince of
  • Walsh, Louis
  • Watson, Emma
  • Wheres Wally
  • William, Prince
  • Williams, Robbie
  • Willoughby, Holly
  • Will I Am
  • Walliams, David
  • Wayne Rooney

WAG – Otherwise known as ‘Wives & Girlfriends’ – originally footballer’s wives (and girlfriends) were called this. it is now associated with a lady who needs a lot of money for her upkeep. A great fun costume that you could easily put together at home.

W G Grace - Famous English Cricketer, portrayed in old style cricket ‘whites’ and is specially famous for his extensive moustache and beard

Waitress – Standard uniform is a black dress or white blouse and black skirt, topped with an apron and a headdress. Sexy versions could be used such as the French Maid. Also available are 50s Diner-style outfits in the shorter style.

Wales, Prince of -Either use a Prince Charles mask, as mentioned above, or wear formal dress and pin some pictures of Welsh landmarks to it the Prints of Wales.

Wallace - Along with his sidekick/companion/dog Gromit, a popular character from Aardmann Animations films. An official character is available.

Wally - See Wheres Wally

Walpurgisnacht – A religious celebration, on the eve of Mayday. Known as the spring equivalent to Halloween. Costume could consist of either an English nun, or possible a Halloween character such as a witch.

Walter Raleigh, Sir-Tudor nobleman, explorer and one-time favourite of Elizabeth I. Tudor outfit (including cloak for spreading on puddles) plus pointed beard.

Waluigi - Lazy anti hero cartoon video game character, a companion to Wario(below). An official costume is available.

War & Peace – A theme that can consist of male and female uniforms, with army outfits ranging in sizes and colours. There are so many military based costumes on the market to suit all shapes and sizes.

Wario A cartoon video game antihero, portrayed as the opposite to the popular Mario the Plumber character (the W being an upside-down M). Similar style costume to Mario, but with yellow shirt and purple dungarees.

Wet Wear Event – Perfect for summer, a wet wear event can consist of outfits in our Hawaiian range, with accessories from flower garlands to coconut bras.

Warlock - Generally accepted as the male equivalent of a Witch or an evil Wizard.

Warrior – You can decide what type of warrior you want to be (Roman, Medieval Knight, Warrior Queen i.e. Boudicca or Xena or a Ninja).

Washington, George-Famous early American President. Georgian or colonial style outfit, with white periwig.

Watchdog - Animal used to guard premises (usually Boxer, Rottweiler or Alsatian). Also Tock, a dog character with a clock on his body in the story/film The Phantom Tollbooth.

Watchmen- Originally a types of guard or policeman of a city or premises but also a group of costumed anti-hero superheroes (Night Owl, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, etc.) in the graphic novels by Alan Moore and the spin-off film. Costumes for the heroes are available.

Watermelon An interesting choice, but there is apparently a female novelty costume based on the bright green and pink colours of a watermelon on the market.

Wednesday- Daughter from the ‘Addams Family‘ Wednesdays child is full of woe. A-Line black dress with white pointed collar and cuffs. Against the general spirit of the character, a sexy version is available

Wee Willie Winkie- Nursery rhyme character famed from running through the town. Long white (or striped) night gown with matching nightcap and candle on a candle-holder.

Weed, Little Companion character to Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, popular childrens TV characters.

Wellington (1) – Military hero who defeated Napoleon at battle ofWaterloo in 1815

Wellington (2) One of the Wombles.

Welsh Dragon- A red dragon costume, symbol of the welsh nation. It appears on the Welsh national flag. Hire option may be the only way around this unless you are very artistic and can make your own.

Welsh National Costume- Traditional costume featuring a skirt with petticoats, blouse and black tall tapered hat, possibly carrying love spoons, leeks. etc.

Wench Peasant style costume that did not change much through history. Costumes are available to purchase. See also German-style stein-Maiden outfits.

Wet Wear Event – Perfect for summer, a wet wear event can consist of anything from souwesters and raincoats through to outfits based on swimwear or wet-look fabrics.

Werewolf – Half man, half wolf. The man changes into the wolf-form during the time of the full moon. Hairy werewolf costumes with body, mask, gloves etc. It is easy to purchase items to make up your own costume. A great tip is to use some theatrical hair and have hair coming out of rips in shirts and trousers etc. A Michael Jackson variation, using the red Thriller outfit is possible.

Western Hero

Whale & Prince of Whales - There are few off-the-peg whale outfits (possibly on grounds of practicality and size) but one can work the same concept as the Prince of Wales (above) with whale pictures!

Wheres Wally/Wanda-Popular book characters with distinctive red/white stripe clothing. Official costumes (and masks) are available.

White Rabbit (1) Principal character in Alice’s Wonderland adventures. Initially seen wearing a jacket (or tailcoat) en route to a party. Later seen in a heraldic tabard.

White Rabbit (2) Character either useful as an Easter Bunny or as an assistant/partner to a magician.

White Lady – Popular name for a female ghost and sometimes the spectral harbinger of death. In German mythology, Bertha, the White Lady, steals into nurseries and rocks infants to sleep, but acts as a bogey-figure, striking terror in naughty children. Any white clothes will suffice with a pale complexion. Some might regard Dickens Miss Haversham as a White Lady.

White Queen – In the original ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’, the White Queen (a rather shambolic counterpart to the Red Queen) seems more elderly, wears a shawl and turns into a sheep later in the story. In the Tim Burton ‘Alice’ she is slightly ‘other-worldly’, leading the forces of Good against the tyranny of the Red Queen.

White Suited Disco Dancer – As portrayed by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, wearing a white three piece suit and either a black or pink shirt with wide collar.

Whittington, Dick Pantomime character. A poor boy who goes to London with his cat to seek his fortune and, by defeating the evil King Rat with his cats help, becomes Lord Mayor, marries and lives happily ever after. Traditionally, a Principal Boy role (i.e. played by a girl).

Who, Doctor -After eleven incarnations (give or take), the worlds favourite time traveller has adopted many persona, the most popular traditionally being the fourth and fifth (Tom Baker and Peter Davison) for which official costumes exist. The current incarnation, played by Matt Smith has a keen following but no really distinctive look.

Wicked Witch of the West – From Frank L Baum’s book ‘The Wizard of Oz’. In the original book she was not named, but for the book and spin-off musical ‘Wicked’ she is named as Elphaba Thropp. Her witch costume is all-black with a tall, pointed hat. She is green-skinned.

Wild Man – May take many forms, one of which is an incarnation of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas or Bigfoot inNorth America. Also the character Ben Gunn ofTreasure Island might be said to have grown a little wild.

Wild Thing – From the childrens book by M. Sendek, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Blue/grey fur animal suit, grey balaclava with white bull horns. Grey beard and make-up.

Wild Wig Night – With a wide range of wigs on the market, this can be a fun themed event or a fund raiser.

Will Scarlet – Character who is often associated with Robin Hood. Doublet and hose in scarlet or red shades, hat.

William Brown – Hero of many stories written by Richmal Crompton (the TV Series gave Dennis Waterman his first role). William Brown and his gang have a special place in the remembrance of school days.

William Gladstone – (1809-1898). Victorian Liberal Prime minister and statesman. Victorian sombre style outfit.

William Shakespeare – (1564-1616). Arguably the English speaking world’s best known playwright. Doublet, stiff, lace collar, padded short breeches, silk stockings, shoes with rosettes and a beard.

William Tell – Folk Hero of Switzerland who defied the tyrant administrator Gessler, and was punished by having to shoot an apple from his son’s head. Despite successfully accomplishing this feat, he was captured. He then escaped and led a revolt to lead the Swiss to independence.

Wlliam Wallace – Scottish hero, most recently portrayed by Mel Gibson in the 1995 film ‘Braveheart’. Fur-based warrior outfit (avoid using tartan as it was not thought to have been worn in Scotland before the 16th Century!)

Willie Wonka- From Roald Dahl’s book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Bright Tailcoat and trousers, top hat, check waistcoat, bowtie or cravat and a walking cane. Portrayed by Gene Wilder in 19721and Johnny Depp in 2005.

Wilma Flintstone – Wife of Fred from the iconic 1960s TV cartoon series and a 1994 film. Wears a white dress and necklace. Has orange/auburn hair normally piled up in a beehive hair-do. For a couple’s pairing, you could use Fred and say he was Wilma’s husband!

Winehouse, Amy - Iconic pop star of the Noughties, famed for her trademark black beehive hairstyle, winged eyeliner and tattoos. Tragically died aged 27, in 2011.

Winnie the Pooh – Originally a rather tatty teddy from the books by A.A. Milne. Now, thanks to Disney, a tubby golden bear with red jacket. Friends with Eeyore and Piglet.

Sir Winston Churchill – (1874-1965). The over-riding image of Winston Churchill is of a large man in a dark suit with balding hair and a large cigar.

Witch – The original wicked woman. The costume consists of hat, dress and cape normally in black although other colours can be added. Accessories can include broomstick, black cat and mini cauldron. Make-up may involve warts (rice krispies can be useful!) and tooth black.

Witch Doctor – Grass Skirt, Fur/Animal Print waistcoat, amulets. Tribal face and body paint may be used.

Wizard - Costume consists of hat and gown, can be used for ‘Harry Potter‘ or ‘Lord of the Rings’.

Wizard of Oz -Supposedly the all-powerful leader of the Kingdom of Oz, but in fact in the story he is exposed as a fraud – a small man hiding behind masks and technology.

Wolf - The woodland creature from the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood‘. Could use any of the following elements: A grey/brown fur suit; Wolf mask; Face paint. For a Granny-impersonation add nightdress. mopcap and glasses (although some ready-made Wolf/Granny outfits exist).

Wolfman -Aside from being a classic Universal Studios Monster, a new variation of costumes based on the film Teenwolf are also on the market.

‘Wobblies’ - From the British ‘Russ Abbott’ comedy programme consisting of such ‘wobbly’ characters as Fatman and Blunderwoman

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Famous classical composer. May be relevant to an ‘Eighties’ party thanks to ‘Amadeus’ (1984). Outfit consists of a typical 18th Century ornate frock with lace jabot/cravat and cuffs, breeches, leggings/socks. Could be accessorised with a white judge wig to complete the look. Could also be carrying a musical instrument

Wolverine-One of the mutant X-Men in the comic book (and films) of the same name. He has also had his own spin-off movie. His mutancy is that parts of his skeleton have been replaced with a living steel compound, so he grows knife-like claws and his body can quickly heal itself. The official costume is based on a yellow and blue jumpsuit.

Womble -Popular TV character from the 1970’s. Wombles included UncleBulgaria and Madame Cholet. Outfits consist of large fur suits, with oversized head mask.

Wonder Woman Member of the Legion of Super-heroes, Wonder Woman descended from the Amazonians, and we have a range of Wonder Woman outfits to match her image, both the original style and variations on a more sexy style.

Woodstock-Small yellow bird, friend of Snoopy the beagle in the Peanuts cartoons. An official costume exists.

Woody - Toy Cowboy from the famous Toy Story films. Can be teamed with his friends, Buzz Lightyear , Mr Potato Head, or his seeming sweetheart in Toy Story 1, Bo-Peep.

Woopie Cushion – a foamed novelty costume available to purchase in standard and extra large sizes. Guaranteed to get a laugh!

Worzel Gummidge – Children’s favourite of the book and TV series, famous for being able to change heads. Old tail suit, with straw in strategic places plus a battered top hat. Carrot nose is a good finishing touch.

WPC – Woman Police Constable You can either purchase your costume or you can put your costume together. There are lots of accessories on the market to help you to complete your outfit. all you need as a base is a shirt and black skirt or trousers.

Writer -Simple idea, characters could include William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens or Lord Byron. Costume depends on person in question.

Wrestler – British wrestlers such as Big Daddy, Mick McManus and Jackie Pallot are still fondly remembered for the televised bouts on Saturday afternoons in the 1960s/70s. The newer generation of wrestlers are either members of the American World Wrestling Federation, who all have distinctive names and costumes, or the Mexican masked Lucha libre fighters.