Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter J

The Joker Adult Costumeview

The Joker Adult Costume

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Toga / Jesus Adult Costume

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Judge White Wig

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Juliet - Medieval Costume


Costume Ideas for Letter J

J Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities but for which there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Boris Johnson
  • Jason Orange (Take That)
  • Jedward Twins (Edward & John)
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jordan (Katy Price)
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Jessie J
  • Jonathon Ross
  • Jonny Depp
  • James Corden
  • Justin Bieber
  • Jordan (Katie Price)
  • James May
  • Jones (Tom)

Jabba the Hutt Villainous slug-like criminal from the original Star Wars movies who has a bounty hunter capture and imprison Han Solo and, for a time, has Princess Leia as a slave. An inflatable costume is available from some outlets.

Jack and Jill Unfortunate twosome from a British Nursery Rhyme in which Jack and Jill climb a hill to fetch some water but both fall down and Jill has to improvise a bandage from brown paper to patch Jacks wounds.

Jack Frost – Anthropomorphic entity of Winter. The colour scheme is silvers, blues and whites with sharp features and spiky edges, but, evoking the fogs and mist element, also allowing for floating fabrics and cloaks/capes suggesting frost-covered spider-webs. Hair could be spiked and sprayed, or a punk-style wig in blue/grey, or white, could be used. May be accompanied by his less famous female counterpart, Jill Chill.

Jack-in-the-Green Large walking/dancing bush seen at ceremonies for Mayday held by British Morris Men. At dawn on May 1st, the traditional First Day of Spring, the Jack is ‘woken’ by the Morris music, and other characters such as the Green Woman/Mother Earth figure, jesters and chimney sweeps may accompany the festivities.

Jack Ketch – Generic name for a hangman, derived from theLondon hangman of 1678.

Jack (and the Beanstalk) – Lead character from this pantomime. A peasant or Robin Hood style costume is ideal.

Jack O’Lantern -American name for a carved out pumpkin. Wear a standard pumpkin costume
The character ‘Jack Skellington’ from ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is based on elements of the Jack o’Lantern and Pumpkin King of Halloween.

Jack Sparrow (Captain) – Lead character from The Pirates of theCaribbean films, played by Johnny Depp. Choose from either putting your own costume together using the wide range of pirate accessories available to purchase, or look at the numerous pirate costumes for sale.

Jack the Ripper – Notorious East End murderer in Victorian times, whose identity was never conclusively established. A tasteful rendition of this character, if such is possible, might be achieved by a black Victorian frock suit with cape, top hat and cane, plus a carpet bag concealing certain fake, sharp but deadly instruments – giant saw, cleaver etc..

Jackson Five – Well known Motown pop group of the 1960s/1970s, prior to Michael Jackson going solo. Matching stage suits in white or pastel colours, with glitter or rhinestone motifs. Afro-style hair.

Jackson, Michael – Iconic Rock star who tragically died.

Jacqueline Onassis – Wife of both assassinatedUS president John F Kennedy and Greek millionaire and tycoon Aristotle Onassis. In her day she was a major fashion icon, and several costumes modelled on her outfits may be found.

Jaguar One of the major big cats after which a renowned series of fast cars are named The jaguar is predominantly black, so a black catsuit and or body-paint and make-up may be the best way forward if the black cat masks available look too tame.

James Bond – Secret agent hero originally in books by Ian Fleming, but now better known from the twenty or so Bond films, which have been made. Leaving aside the original `Casino Royale’ featuring seven people playing the role, Bond has been played by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and, most recently, Daniel Craig. Bob Holness was the first ‘media’ Bond, appearing in a radio version of ‘Moonraker’ in 1956. Black suit or white Tuxedo is the predominant image. Other variations include Frogman, Arab, Naval Commander, Silver Spaceman. One can achieve a Bond-like effect, by wearing a false tuxedo t-shirt such suits.

James Dean(1931-55) – Cult symbol of rebellious American youth, yet made only three films (‘East of Eden’, Rebel Without a Cause’ &`Giant’), prior to his death in a car crash. Outfit normally consists of blue or black jeans and a white T-shirt. An alternative is the motorbike leather look’ hard man’ image.

Jane – Tarzan‘s female companion in a (fake) fur or animal-print ensemble.

Jane Seymour – Third wife of Henry VIII and the only one to bear him a son. Gabled headdress. Tudor gown with angel sleeves, square-cut neckline and heavy jewellery.

Janis Joplin American singer and songwriter.

Janus – Twin-faced (or headed) Roman God of Doorways, after whom January is named, the two faces symbolising both looking back at last year and forward to the New Year. The Roman toga is complex enough without trying to design one with two fronts, so a variation on the sheet may be simplest. For the two heads/faces, some suppliers do a Classical Statue masks which might be of use, but in fact any pair of matching masks may be sufficient.

Jasmine Lead character in Aladdin. Wear a belly dancer / harem style costume. Long black hair. Is a Disney princess character.

Jason (1)Greek hero, known for his association with the Argonauts and the finding of the Golden Fleece.

Jason (2) Serial killer character from the Friday 13th films, epitomised by his use of a hockey mask. Teamed up with Freddy Krueger of `Nightmare onElm Street’ fame for the 2003 film, ‘Freddie vs. Jason’.

Jaws (007) - Henchman seen in the Bond movies The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker (and one of the few to survive intact!). A large, imposing character, his nickname is due to his metallic teeth

Jaws (Shark)Villainous predator from a series of movies, the original film being released in 1977. Several types of shark costumes (including Man Being Eaten by A Shark) are available.

Jazz Musician – New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz (Jazz-men even have their own special type of funeral) and the musical element is an essential part of Mardi Gras. Most people have an image of the traditional jazz-man (usually involving dark glasses or snazzy waistcoats). It probably helps if you have an instrument for use as a prop (even a blow-up saxophone). This is also a chance to imitate an icon of the musical world. Alternatively, there may be those who wish to emulate the ‘heroes’ of the semi-cult film, The Blues Brothers or the beatnik image of ‘Zoot’, the saxophonist from Jim Henson’s Muppet Show.

Jazz SingerLouis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Cleo Laine are examples, but the field of Jazz covers a wide range of looks and styles. Of course Al Jolson starred in The Jazz Singer the first talkie film.

Jeannie – Character in 1960s TV comedy I Dream Of Jeannie’, played by Barbara Eden. Mid-East belly-dancer-style genie who lived in a bottle, was discovered by an astronaut (Larry Hagman) and complicated his life with her well-meaning attempts to help him.

Jedi Knight – Pivotal group of characters in the `Star Wars’ saga. Fighters for peace and justice, through use of the Force’. Best known are Obi-wan Kenobi (played by Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor) and Darth Vader, a Jedi Knight, (formerly Anakin Skywalker), who turned to the `Dark Side’. Jedi costume resembles an adapted judo suit, plus hooded cloak and light sabre.

Jellied Eel Seller – Even in the days before fast-food was ‘invented’ by the Americans, food vendors were a feature, both on the streets and touring the taverns. Sea-food sellers still regularly do the rounds of pubs. Although jellied eels may be an acquired taste, other fruits of the sea such as cockles, mussels, whelks and winkles, plus ‘manufactured’ items such as crab sticks, can be available. A costume useful for a Cockney-themed event.

Jelly-baby – A popular item of confectionary, available in many different colours and, thanks to the new generation of all-in-one ‘morph-suits’, you can now dress as any jelly-baby you want. Sweet!

Jellyfish – Strands of bubble-material (and blue cellophane for the Hawaiian `bluebottle’ species) over an umbrella. Remember that bubble-wrap can be flammable!

Jem – From the film ‘Tron Legacy’. The leader of the Sirens, the equivalent of the Valkyrie of legend in that they dress warriors for battle. The outfit is head to toe white PVC (and if you can get the suit light-taped, so much the better) and the look is intensive black lashed eyes on a pale to white face with white or platinum blonde up-do hair.

Jemima Puddleduck – Character created by Beatrix Potter in the childrens book of the same name. White fur or feather-look duck suit, topped with poke bonnet.

Jenken participant – Jenken is a German Festival of Fools’ held in the run-up to Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday. The fools and jesters in question, are not necessarily based on the medieval court fools, familiar to us from Medieval/Tudor times, so virtually any crazy costume, hat, make-up and hair colour can be used.

Jensen Button Famous British Racing Driver. Wear a racing driver costume

Jess – Black and white cat companion to Postman Pat, a popular British childrens TV character.

Jessie – Female cowgirl and companion to Woody in his fictional TV series Woodys Round-up as shown in the Toy Story movies.

Jesse James(September 5, 1847 – April 3, 1882)
Was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank, stage coach, train robber and murderer from the state of Missouri and the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang, a legendary figure of the Wild West. Popularised in the movies, a cowboy outfit would consist of chaps, matching waistcoat, bandana and a Stetson hat. One can accessories the outfit by adding a rifle, guns, spurs, bootlace ties and a moustache.

Jessica RabbitWell endowed cabaret artiste and wife of cartoon star Roger Rabbit in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Her style is based on the screen siren Veronica Lake look long red dress (slit for movement) and peek-a-boo hairstyle in auburn/red. Costumes recreating the look are available.

Jester – A court entertainer of medieval and Tudor times. Also goes under the names of Fool and Patches. In most Shakespeare plays, the Jester/Fool is usually the most sensible of the lot (although humour and jokes leave a lot to be desired). Traditional costume involves a bold, contrasting two or three colour outfit of coxcomb head-dress, tunic, trousers and pointy shoes. The shoes, headdress and sometimes the outfit itself is often adorned with bells. May also carry a pig’s bladder on a stick (an inflated rubber glove will do as a substitute).

Jesus Christ – Founder of Christianity and arguably the greatest figure in human history. Costume usually consists of white robe and short beard, but may vary according to depiction required.

Jethro Tull – Originally, the inventor of the agricultural seed drill, hence a smock or other farmer-style costume may suffice. More recently, a folk rock group of the 1960s/70s fronted by bearded singer and flautist Ian Anderson which achieved hits with The Witch’s Promise’ and Living in the Past’.

Jetsons (The) – Futuristic cartoon series featuring a family called the Jetsons. Licensed costumes are available.

Jezebel – In Biblical times, a Phoenician princess, wife of Ahab, King of Israel (869-850) and object of hatred of prophet Elijah. Known for her scheming ways and a liking for heavy make-up, her name is synonymous with a shameless woman. Hence, also the title of a 1938 film in which Bette Davis won an Oscar for playing just such a person, flouting convention by wearing a red dress for a formal ball.

Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) – Born in Seattle. Found fame in the UK, as an innovative rock guitarist in the psychedelic 1960s and voted best guitarist of all-time. Basic image includes Afro-style hair, a nice line in denim, psychedelic shirt and pseudo-military jackets, plus, of course, the guitar.

Jimmy Savile/Jim’ll Fix It Jimmy Savile was a British DJ (noted for being the first host of Top of the Pops TV programme) and fund-raiser. In the light of subsequent events following his death the costume is now very controversial and is used more for Bad Taste parties rather than mainstream events. Principal look is a shaggy white page-boy style wig with a shell-suit or track-suit. Dont forget the trademark cigar!

Jinx – Name of a female character and ‘partner’ to James Bond in ‘Die Another Day’. Played by Halle Berry, the character proved so popular, it may yet generate a spin-off to the main Bond franchise.

Jive Dancer 1950s Rock n Roll style costume. A great couples costume idea.

Joan of Arc (1412-31) – French patriot, martyr and saviour, who spurred on by ‘voices’, led French forces against the English and was tried and burnt at the stake, in 1431. Her costume consists of a heraldic tunic and breeches and a short page-boy/cropped hairstyle.

Jockey – “Silks” – Geometrically coloured and patterned hat and tunic distinguishing the owner or stable of the jockey’s ride. A short riding whip may also be used as a prop. Some firms make Wobbly Jockey’s, although Jockeys are usually known for their shortness of stature. Alternatively a Jockey and Horse ride-on costume may be available.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – Well-known classical composer. Outfit comprises periwig, frock jacket, waistcoat, breeches, and stockings. May carry music sheets as an accessory.

John Wayne famous for numerous western films. A cowboy costume is ideal for this man.

John Bull
– Iconic representation of Britain (similar to Uncle Sam in the US). Blue frock coat and black trousers, black hat, union jack waistcoat. Often seen with Bulldog!

Johnny Kidd and the Pirates1960s pop group. Wore striped tops, plain waistcoats, straight legged trousers. Lead singer in frilly shirt & eye-patch.

John Lennon (1940-80) – Member of the Beatles, assassinated in New York on the 8th December 1980. Aside from his musical partnership with Paul McCartney, he is best known for his anti-war stance. Costume varies with portrayal (e.g. A white suit for Imagine, grey Beatles suit for early years, military style uniform for Sgt. Pepper album and hippy look, being the most common). The small round wire-rimmed tinted glasses are a trademark look.

John McClane – Bruce Willis played this hero in four Die Hard’ films. Although his outfits vary, the best known look is probably the `vest and blood’ look from the first film.

John Steed – Hero of The Avengers’ TV series, played by Patrick Macnee, and in the later film, by Ralph Fiennes. Dressed in impeccable suit, bowler hat and umbrella,
Jonathan E. - From the film ‘Rollerball’. American football gear (numbered orange shirt), helmet with mouth-guard, studded gloves and pads.

Jones (Indiana) Lead character from the films of the same name. Licensed costumes and accessories are available for this adventure character.

Jones (Tom) Famous Welsh singer. A celebrity face mask is available to purchase

Joker – Character from a pack of playing cards, usually portrayed wearing a Jester outfit.

Joker, The – Villain from the Batman series. Cesar Romero played the part in the 1960s/70s TV and screen version, Jack Nicholson went OTT in the 1989 `Batman’ film and Heath Ledger reinvented the role for The Dark Knight (2008). Costume varies, but usually involves brightly coloured tail-coat and trousers, white face with wide red mouth and green hair. In later cartoon stories (and some Batman spin-offs), he is partnered by Harley Quinn, a female in a red/black jester outfit and mask-like make-up.
Joseph (1) - Well-known Biblical hero from the Old Testament and leading character in a Rice/Lloyd Webber musical. Multi-colour/technicolour dreamcoat can take the form of a multi-stripe full-length Arabian-style robe, or a more patchwork design.

Joseph (2) In the Bible, father of Jesus Christ and a regular character in Nativity plays.

Josephine Wife to Napoleon and French Empress 1796 to 1809. Noted for her popularisation of the Empire line’ style dresses.

Judge May vary for the Wild West, but for an English judge, full-length grey periwig and black full-sleeved gown, worn over a dark suit. A continental judge may have a similar, although white wig, but slightly different official robes, according to the country in question.

Judy - Abused wife/partner of Punch in traditional British puppet-show entertainment. Usually wears a mop cap and smock. She may carry a baby.

Juggler – Any bright, colourful outfit (plus juggling accessories) may suffice, although style may depend upon circumstance: A busker juggler would not wear the same as, say, a juggler in a Chinese Circus or the Circe de Soleil, and in the latter case, stylised make-up may be used.

Julie Andrews – Star of The Sound of Music easiest costume to wear is a nun.

Juliet – Well known tragic lover of Romeo in Verona, Italy in William Shakespeares play, Romeo and Juliet. Traditional Medieval Italian costume, long gown with cap or circlet headdress.

Julius Caesar (c.100-44 BC) – Another of the legendary leaders of Ancient Times and probably Italy’s best known historical figure, whose military strategy and tenacity were legendary. Unfortunately, political rivalry and pursuit of power, caused his downfall. The toga and laurels approach to costume is probably more appropriate (and recognisable) than the military armour option.

Justice – Attribute and personification of the Roman Goddess Themis as the guardian of Law, notably portrayed in a statue atop the Old Bailey in London. Classical robe/toga. Blindfold. One hand carries the Scales of Evidence, the other, the Sword of Justice.