Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter C

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Pirate Caribbean Captain

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Catwoman Ladies Costume

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Chinese Coolie Red Hat

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Christmas Pudding Novelty Costume

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Poncho - Mexican / Cowboy Adult Costume

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Cruella Style Costume

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Knight - Adult Costume

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Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costume

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Costume Ideas For Letter C

C Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities but for which there are no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

Prince Charles
Cheryl Cole (but see entry below)

Cabaret Dancer Derived from the 1972 film set in 1930s decadent Berlin. Not dissimilar to a Burlesque outfit, typically featuring a tailcoat and leotard/basque, top hat, cane and fishnet stockings. Ostrich feathers can be purchased for a fan.

Cabin Boy/girl - Many a wench stowed themselves away to be near their sweetheart. Famous cabin boys are Jim Hawkins (Treasure Island) and Tom (Captain Pugwash). Also Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Use a wench costume (for ladies) or billowing shirt (or stripped top) and short trousers (and possibly jacket) for men and cross-dressers.

Caesar – (100-44 BC) There were many Caesars in Roman history. Julius Caesar is the most well known. Famed for his association with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and his conquest of Britain. He was killed by an assassin (15 March 44 BC) by those who thought he was becoming too powerful. A range of togas and Caesar style costumes are available to hire or purchase.

Caesar’s Wife (Calpurnia) – Married Julius Caesar in 59 BC. Use a toga costume.

Calamity Jane - Female hero, whose real name was Martha Jane Cannary-Burke. She was played by Doris Day in the film of the same name. Her costume is made up of a two piece skin outfit with matching hat, plus rifle accessory.

Cardinal – Red, religious costume. Available to hire and purchase.

Calypso Girl – Useful for a Caribbean theme. Colourful carnival style costume that has a top and skirt, with many multi-coloured frills.

Camel – As you can stand up in the humps, we do find that camels are far more comfortable than a 2 man horse or cow. Costumes only really available for hire.

Canadian Mountie - An obvious choice for a Canada theme.

Can Can - Following the film ‘Moulin Rouge’ and renewed interest in Burlesque, enthusiasm for this style of costume has intensified. Can-can dresses tend to be plain and it is only when the top skirt is lifted will you see the lovely multi coloured layers underneath. Moulin Rouge had these traditional style dresses but also ones with ornate bodices and some stylised designs based on stereotype characters.

Cannibal - Two ways to approach this: a) the native look, featuring grass skirt, bone jewellery, headdress etc., (may not be regarded as Politically Correct) or b) a Hannibal Lector style character in prison overalls and mouth-guard.

Captain America – American comic strip hero created in 1941. A licensed version is available to purchase.

Captain Hook – Arch rival of Peter Pan from the JM Barrie book Peter Pan. You can either go for the traditional Disney look or Dustin Hoffman’s dandified version from Hook (1991)

Captain Jack Sparrow – Another Disney success. Jack is the ‘hero’ of the Pirates of the Caribbean Films. Many pirate accessories are available to purchase to get the look for this character. An official costume is available as are several lookalikes.

Captain James Cook - Explorer and ‘father’ of modern Australia. Wear a 3 piece (jacket, waistcoat and pantaloons) Georgian-style suit, tri-corn hat and buckled shoes.

Captain James Kirk – Commander of the US Enterprise in the Star Trek series, first seen in 1967. Traditionally Kirk wears the chartreuse (yellow) tunic denoting command personnel. He also featured in several movies in which the Star Fleet uniforms changed style and colour.

Captain Pugwash - Popular childrens pirate since the 1950s.

Captain Scarlet - Gerry Anderson’s indestructible hero from the television series Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons. An official costume is available.

Captain (Airline) – Black or Navy coloured uniform jacket featuring insignia, with a peaked hat with wings motif.

Captain (RAF) – Royal Air Force uniforms

Captain (Ship) – A white naval uniform will suffice for this. This costume is available to hire or purchase.

Caribbean Man – This can be either a rasta, dreadlock Jamaican style costume or carnival style attire.

Carmen Miranda – Famous Brazilian actress and dancer of the 1940’s (although she was actually Portuguese). Noted for her ‘fruit bowl head-dress’ and large hooped earrings.

Carnival Character - Carnival (from the Latin Farewell to Flesh) traditionally happens in the period prior to Lent, with different approaches around the World. The most famous carnivals are:Rio de Janeiro,New Orleans and West Indies where the carnival goers dress in very elaborate costume. In Venice, where Carnevale is celebrated in the run-up to Mardi-Gras, elaborate masks and costumes (traditionally Georgian but it seems nowadays that any costume will do) are worn.UK carnivals are more common during the summer months (thanks to our fantastic weather!) and basically any costume would do.

Carol singer – An easy costume that can be put together using your own warm, winter clothing, including, gloves, hat and scarf. Add a Christmas song sheet and viola! Elaborate Victorian costumes are also available to hire.

Carrie - Leading female character in a Stephen King novel of the same name. A popular outfit for Halloween, if you don’t mind the bloodied look. Often listed as ‘Nightmare Prom Queen’ or similar.

Carrie Bradshaw – One of the four major characters in the popular ‘Sex in the City’ TV shows and subsequent films. Played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie is a true fashion fan, not too keen on retro and vintage, but with trademark touches such as large flower pins and ‘name’ jewellery and necklaces.

Carrot - A standalone or a possible couple costume with a rabbit!

Cartoon Characters may be cheating (a bit like ‘comic strip characters’) but it does give a good range of costumes to choose from.

Ladies cartoon characters include:

  • Minnie Mouse
  • Daphne (Scooby Doo)
  • Velma (Scooby doo)
  • Wilma Flintstone
  • Betty Rubble
  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Tinkerbell

Men’s cartoon characters include:

  • Scooby Doo
  • Fred (Scooby Doo)
  • Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
  • Fred Flintstone
  • Barney Rubble
  • Pink Panther
  • Captain Hook
  • Peter Pan

Casanova - Legendary lover of the 18th Century. His real name was Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt, luckily for everyone is was shortened to plain old Casanova! Wear a Georgian style costume (with court wig) for this character.

Caspar – The friendly ghost who appeared in the film of the same name. Can easily be put together using a white sheet or costumes are available to hire or purchase.

Castaway - Robinson Crusoe & Ben Gunn would be two good examples of a castaway. Abandoned by shipmates or attacked by pirates, a castaway style costume would normally consist of tatty shirt and trousers/shorts and a beach comber style hat. Just add some stubble and a straggly wig.

Cat – You have many choices for a cat. You could go as:

  • Puss in Boots – wear a Georgian style costume, cat nose and whiskers, a musketeer style hat and over-boots
  • Cat in The Hat (see later)
  • Sylvester – costume is available to hire
  • Tom (from Tom & Jerry)
  • Sexy cat – Black leotard, cat tail, cat ears, cat whiskers and fishnet tights will create this sexy look.

Cat Ballou - Character played by Jane Fonda in the 1965 western film of that name. Cat Ballou was a cowgirl, so any cowgirl costume will be suitable.

Cat Burglar - Take a black and white striped top, a black eye mask and add cat whiskers, ears, a tail and a sack with ‘SWAG’ on the side. A great play on words.

Cat in the Hat - Popular lanky black cat character created by Dr Seuss, famous for his tall red/white striped hat and bow tie.

Catherine Howard – 5th Wife of Henry VIII who was beheaded. Wear a Tudor style costume.

Caterpillar - Aside from a standard creature, the Caterpillar features in Alice in Wonderland, sitting on a mushroom and smoking a hookah pipe not an easy effect to achieve in a practical costume.

Catherine of Aragon – 1st wife of Henry VIII, who was eventually divorced. Wear a Tudor style costume.

Catherine Parr – Sixth wife of Henry VIII, who outlived him but died in childbirth having remarried.

Catwoman Mk. 1 – Comic book foe of Batman (1960s). Costume was based around a standard black jumpsuit, eye-mask and cat ears on a headband.

Catwoman Mk. 2 – The 1992 film, ‘Batman Returns’ had Michelle Pfeiffer wearing a PVC style costume with white stitch marks and a matching half face mask. Heeled pixie boots, gloves and a long whip complete the look.

Catwoman Mk. 3 – Halle Berry then took Catwoman to another level with a black crop top urban street fighter (and some say bondage) look.

Catwoman Mk.4 – Anne Hathaway is taking the role of Catwoman in the 2012 Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Cavalier - Probably a costume you will need to hire as they tend to consist of rather ornate jackets, frilled shirts, pantaloons, overboots and a large hat. A ringlet wig will complete the outfit.

Cavalryman A costume ideally involving a horse (which might cause problems). Aside from that, the outfit will change depending on the era and country. You could use most military style costumes to suit this costume choice.

Caveman – Many caveman costumes are available to purchase and tend to be very reasonably priced. You could also go down the road of The Flintstones costumes.

Cavewoman - Costumes are available to purchase and tend to be on the sexy side (think Raquel Welch in the film ‘One Million Years BC’ – 1966). Or theres always Wilma and Betty!

Centrefold - A variation on the Covergirl (below). Go dressed (or undressed) to impress with a large false staple in your midriff area!

Centurion (Roman) – Roman Warrior. Use a standard Roman Gladiator costume and a short sword for close combat fighting.

Ceres – Roman Goddess of the Earth & Crops. (Also a character found in Morris Dancing and Mumming). Two potential costume choices: Either go for a Goddess style toga (normally white), holding seeds or flowers, or, wear green and brown clothes with matching face and hair (use face paint and hairspray) and a headdress of ivy.

Chaplain – Looks after the spiritual side of Prisoners, servicemen etc… A vicar’s costume would suffice.

Charles I - King during the Stuart period of British history. He opposed Parliament and, following the Civil War, was beheaded. You can use a Cavalier costume – although it is a little too early for this style of costume.

Charles II - The Cavalier style costume is ideal for this character, add a cape if at all possible. Famous for his ‘relationship’ with Nell Gwyn, an actress and orange seller.

Charles Dickens – Victorian author. Use any standard Victorian costume. Dickens bicentennial occurs in 2012.

Charleston - Also called Flappers, this style of costume was very popular during the roaring 20s. To be correct, hem should finish at the knee. Traditionally Charleston dresses would have fringing or beading to emphasise the dancing movements, the Charleston being a lively dance originating in that city of the USA.

Charlie Chaplin – (1889 – 1977). Comedy film star, very popular during the silent era of film history. Most commonly known for his black suit, tie, bowler hat, cane and thick black eyebrows and small moustache. An alternative dungarees outfit (Modern Times) or a Hitler spoof (The Great Dictator) are also possible.

Charlie’s Angels – Heroines of the cult television series (1970/80’s) and the recent films. The original ‘Angels’ would wear tight fitting cat suits with 70s style haircuts. A group of 3 girls could also dress as angels (from heaven) with a sign saying ‘Charlie’s – hands off!

Chauffeur – Smart looking suit with a peaked cap.

Cheerleader – Can easily be put together using a leotard or top, short shirt and pom poms. Complete costumes are available to hire or purchase.

Chef - Costumes are available top purchase or hats can be bought on their own for a very simple costume. ‘Bloody’ chef costumes are a big hit at Halloween.

Cher - Many hits with her husband and partner Sonny Bono in the 1960s, Cher had a distinctive look with straight dark hair (initially fringed) and a long Afghan coat. More recently, Cher was known for some very sexy clothes and changing her hairstyle (and colour) many times pre-dating Lady GaGa by many years.

Cheryl Cole – Although a celeb mask exists, enabling you to wear any current lookalike dress, there is an outfit on the market based on the red military uniform from Fight For This Love.

Chewbacca - Large furry Wookie character from Star Wars. Costumes available to hire and purchase.

Chick – Most people would make do with a fluffy chicken costume here. You could however, go down the Rock Chick route too.

Chick Magnet - A foam-based novelty costume comprising a giant magnet and some small chick accessories.

Chicken – Chicken costumes are available to hire or purchase. You can also purchase masks and face bops to help create your look.

Chilli Pepper - Foam costume available to purchase

Champagne Bottle – Foam costume available to purchase

Cheshire Cat - Character from Alice in Wonderland, famous for its grin. Technically complex as it spends much time disappearing and being a head without a body! A mascot version, based on the pink/purple cat in the Disney cartoon is available.

Chimney Sweep - Associated with the Victorian era, wishing brides luck at their wedding and Mary Poppins. Outfit comprises of black trousers, waistcoat, shirt and neckerchief. The formal ‘lucky’ sweep will also wear a top hat and tailcoat. All types should carry a sweep brush (although these are very rare).

ChimpMonkey face bops are available to purchase but you would normally have to hire this costume.

Chinese Coolie – Simple peasant style Chinese costume with cone style hat. Often seen in the pantomime Aladdin.

Chinese Dragon – A few brave souls may try and make their own version of this but it needs to be something of a team effort!

Chinese Emperor – Costumes are available to hire.

Chinese New Year Animal – There are 12 Chinese New Year animals although the cat may replace the rabbit in some cultures. They are: Dog, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Ox/Buffalo, Pig, Rabbit/Cat, Ram/sheep, Rat, Rooster, Snake and Tiger.

Chinese Lady – Traditional dresses, both long and short are available to hire or purchase. Wear a short, black bobbed wig.

Chippendale- Simple costume that you can make up yourself. Wear your own trousers and add a Chippendale set that you can purchase. The set includes: Cuffs and a bow tie. Fake chests are available if you have not spent enough hours in the gym! An alternative is the specially built break-away (ie. velcroed) outfits for easy removal.

Christmas Angel - Angel costumes can be hired or purchased. You can also make your own costume up using a white dress and buying some angel wings and a halo. A Christmas angel may feature gold and silver tinsel as part of the ensemble.

Christmas Pudding - Is available to purchase, as well as hire.

Christmas Tree – Available to hire

Christopher Columbus - Explorer of the New World in 1492. Use a Tudor / Elizabethan style costume (doublet and hose).

Chubby Brown – Raunchy British comedian. Known for his loud check suits and flying helmet.

Cigarette - Fun, foamed costume available to purchase.

Cilla Black - 1960s singer and recent TV personality. Use a 60’s style ‘mod’ style costume with beehive wig.

Cinderella – You have 2 choices with this character, rags or riches? You can use a wench style costume that is tatty looking for doing menial labour, or an ornate ball gown for the palace ball where she meets her Prince Charming.

Circus Performer – Choose from the following:

  • Acrobat – Leotard and fishnets
  • Clown – many available to hire or purchase or make up your own using clown noses, clown wigs, make up, over sized ties
  • Ringmaster – Tailcoat, top hat and whip
  • Strongman – Use a Caveman outfit
  • Knife Thrower and assistant Can be done conventionally or perhaps as an American Indian

Cleopatra – (69-30 BC) legendary Queen of Egypt although she was actually Greek.. There are several styles of outfit on the market. Wear a gown that can be plain, if you so wish and add elaborate jewellery like necklaces and headpieces. Wear a black, bobbed wig and have very pale skin with elaborate dark make up. Check out Elizabeth Taylor’s interpretation (1963) for a reference.

Clint Eastwood – Hollywood actor first seen in TV series Rawhide and famous for his portrayal of many western characters. You can use a standard cowboy costume or a Mexican style poncho with a cowboy hat (Stetson) if you prefer. Also known for his Dirty Harry persona.

Clown – Many varieties of clown costume are available on the market but it is also a costume that can be put together quite easily if you have some colourful clothing. Accessories that are available to purchase include: wigs, noses, ties, braces, shoes. If you wish to create a convincing clown make up, invest in a proper clown white for the base water-based white can give disappointing results.

Clone Trooper Costume From Star Wars. Licensed costumes are available

Clyde Barrow - One half of the notorious 1930’s Bonnie & Clyde bank robbers. The film (1967) starred Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.

Coach - Track-suit based sports character found in films/series such as Grease and Glee

Colonial Lady – Open to interpretation as it covers genteel ladies during the last days of the Raj in India, through to an early American pioneer.

Columbia Main character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Licensed costumes are available

Commando – Military uniform featuring all black or camouflage clothing and weapons.

Conan the Barbarian - Hero of the Dark Ages, originally played in the 1982 film by Arnold Schwarzenegger. A new version is scheduled for August 2011.

Conehead – Originally created for an American TV sketch show by Dan Ackroyd and later spawning a film (1993), the Coneheads were humanoid aliens. Masks and headpieces can still be found from some outlets.

Confederate Soldier – Southern soldier of the US during the American Civil War. Led by General Robert E Lee

Convict – The traditional cartoon convict depicts a black and white stripped top and trousers with a matching hat. More modern designs comprise of an orange jumpsuit. Add a ball and chain for comedy value.

Count Dracula – Still the most popular of vampire outfits. Costumes are available to purchase, but it is very easy to put your own costume together with the many accessories that are available to buy.

Comic Strip Character See Cartoon Characters above

Condom Costume - Yes, it is true! You can purchase a condom packet costume. A Captain Condom is also available.

Cop - Choose from an American cop, such as the New York cop costume worn by one of the members of YMCA; Keystone Kops, a sexy policewoman or a standard UK police officer. You could also make up a costume fairly easily using the accessories that are available to buy. Technically it is an offence to impersonate a Police Officer so use the costume carefully!

Corpse - As a variation on the zombie as a living corpse, a recent addition to the Halloween costume market has been a Corpse and Body Bag costume, but its not the most practical of party outfits.

Corpse Bride - Leading character in the animated film of the same name by Tim Burton (2005). Emily wears a brides outfit but has a bluish skin hue.

Cossack - Russian Slovac warrior (peasant) horsemen. Male and female versions of the traditional red jacket and trousers (or skirt) with fur hat are available.

Country & Western Singer - Use a cowgirl outfit or just accessorise your own clothing to create a Dolly Parton/Shania Twain or Tammy Wynette. For men, just wear blue jeans and a check shirt, a cowboy hat will just finish off the look.

Court Jester – Traditional jester costumes comprise of a multi coloured jacket and pantaloons or tights and a three pointed hat, normally with bells. A mask is available

Covergirl/star - A new range of outfits are based on magazine covers with a strategic hole for the face through which the wearer appears to be the cover star!

Cow – Most cow outfits will be hired, but there is a budget, one man cow now available to purchase. You can also purchase cow face bops for an easy cow costume.

Cowboy - One of the most popular fancy dress costumes ever. Costumes are available to purchase, but you can easily make up your own costume. Accessories that you can purchase include: Spurs, Hats (Stetsons), Cowboy Ties, Guns, Rifles, Sheriff Badges, Ponchos (Clint Eastwood) and Bandanas.

Cowgirl - Cowgirls did not exist in the ‘real’ wild west. If a young lady worked as a cowboy, she would have worn men’s clothing. However, there are lots of cowgirl costumes on the market to purchase and a large range of cowgirl accessories are now available in pink.

Crab - Potentially popular for a sea-side event , a red King Crab costume is available on the market.

Crayon – Some costumes based on the Crayola-style crayons have recently come onto the market.

Cricketer – White shirt and flannel trousers immediately suggest cricket. Add some pads, a bat a jumper and cap and the look is complete.

Criminal – Anyone from a Bank Robber to a Batman Villain!

Criminologist, The – The narrator from The Rocky Horror Show. Wear a suit jacket, shirt and tie with fishnets and suspenders on your legs. Go on I dare you!

Crocodile – Nemesis of Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Costumes are available to hire.

Crocodile Dundee – Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee (Paul Hogan) starred in the 1986 film. You will need a buckskin style battered jacket, jeans and a bush hat. A large toy knife and a blow up crocodile will complete the look.

Credit Card - A fun foamed costume is available to purchase.

Croupier - Found in a casino (and therefore possibly useful for a James Bond theme), the croupier is smartly dressed and both male and females usually wear a waistcoat (vest in American) and bow tie.

Cruella De Vil - Villainess with a fondness for little spotty dogs! The character is originally from the 1950s book ‘101 Dalmatians’ by Dodie Smith but she has since starred in a few films. Versions of the costume are available, as are black and white wigs, cigarette holders and gloves.

Crusader – Any knight costume will be suitable for this character, although one featuring a red/white George Cross tabard work best. Many are available to purchase.

Cupid - Winged harbinger of Love, he carries a small bow and quiver of arrows.

Cyndi Lauper – Popular singer first finding fame in the 1980s with the single Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Her look was eccentric with colourfully clashing separates.