Costume Ideas For The Letter P

Tudor Peasant Girls Deluxe Costumeview

Tudor Peasant Girls Deluxe Costume

Penguin - Lightweightview

Penguin - Lightweight

Phantom of the Opera Budget Maskview

Phantom of the Opera Budget Mask

Pirate Caribbean Captainview

Pirate Caribbean Captain

Popeye - Mens Fancy Dress Costumeview

Popeye - Mens Fancy Dress Costume

Indian - Ladies Costumeview

Indian - Ladies Costume

Buzz Lightyear Costume Standardview

Buzz Lightyear Costume Standard

Robin Hood Adult Costumeview

Robin Hood Adult Costume

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Cat Child Costume


Costume Ideas for Letter P

P Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. Some of these may be featured in the list but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Pattinson, Robert (Twilight)
  • Perry, Katy
  • Price, Katy (aka Jordan)
  • Prince Andrew
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince Phillip
  • Prince William
  • Prince Harry
  • Princess Catherine (nee Kate Middleton)
  • Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham)
  • Putin, Vladmir (Russian President)
  • Pitt, Brad

Pacman – Round yellow character with an insatiable appetite from the early days of video games. One or two American costumes exist but a determined potential pacman could probably make one from card.

Paddington Bear - Leading character in the books by Michael Bond. A bear dressed in a blue duffle coat,Wellington boots and red floppy hat. Found at Paddington station carrying a suitcase, containing (amongst other things) marmalade.

Padme Amidala Following her reign as queen of Naboo in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Amidala adopts a more militaristic jumpsuit look for Attack of the Clones

Painter Wear white overalls, covered in paint and carry a paintbrush

Panda bear- A large black and white bear, native to central and south western China. One of a number of endangered species, it is easily recognised by its large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Recently a popular request thanks to the Po character in the Kung Fu Panda films.

Palm Tree - Although there are inflatable and cardboard palm trees on the market, a costume might consist of beige tube for the trunk and green crepe/material for leaves, plus coconuts.

Pansy – Flower-based costume offering face-paint opportunities.

Pansy Potter The Strongmans Daughter. Popular character from the Beano and Sparky comics. She inherited her muscular physique and skills from her father!

Pantaloon - A Character found in Italian commedia dell arte of the sixteenth century (predecessor to British pantomime). A fool character who wears a loose top, baggy trousers and slippers.

Paparazzi Italian-derived word for journalists (usually photographers) who follow celebrities. Potential couple where the other partner is going as someone famous!

Paramedic - Often an alternative name for a mobile doctor, first on the scene of an accident

Paris – The capital of France (Find a model of the Eiffel Tower and use it as headgear). Also the name of the man, who eloped with Helen of Troy, causing the Trojan War. Or you could go as Paris Hilton, the well-known socialite, in a skimpy dress, with long blonde hair. A small toy dog in the handbag is a useful prop.

Parisian -Dress in the stereotype stripe jumper and beret or choose some Paris fashion chic.

Parliamentarian - Participant in the English Civil War of Stuart times. Similar to a Cavalier in style, but in sombre colours, with no decoration or lace trim, plus plain collar and cuffs. Hair should be worn short with a ‘Sugarloaf’ style hat. Alternatively, wear a mask to become a member of parliament from today, or recent history.

Parrot- Can be used as a standalone or, for variety, can be teamed with a pirate costume e.g. ‘Parrots of the Caribbean.

Parson - Similar to Vicar. Often shown with round brimmed hat and pince-nez glasses.

Patsy - Character from the 1990s TV comedy ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. Played by Joanna Lumley. Fashionably dressed with beehive hairstyle and accessories showing love of booze, fags and champagne.

Paul Revere- American Patriot who took part in the ‘Boston Tea Party’ protest and rode through the night to warn New Englanders of the movement of the English Troops. American Colonial outfit.

Pavarotti- Italian opera singer, usually seen in black evening wear tailcoat and trousers. A jolly wobbly style costume can work.

Pawn Lowly chess piece. Costume can be devised from hoops and a ball for the head.

Peasant- A skirt and blouse (sometimes with a mop cap and shawl) for females and trousers/breeches and shirts for males.

Pantomime Characters -

An essentially British theatrical tradition, Pantomime gives you a wide scope of costumes to wear that will suit all sizes of both men and women (Oh no, it doesn’t, Oh yes it does!)

  • Dame normally portrayed by a man
  • Horse – single and double person costumes are available
  • Cow – single and double person costumes are available
  • Cat
  • Ugly Sisters – normally portrayed by men
  • Principal boys often played by women (see later entry)
  • Heroine – depends on which panto character you are going to go as.
  • Witches
  • Wizards
  • Fairies

Peasblossom- From Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. A supernatural fairy being who is an attendant of Titania, Queen of the Fairies. Costume uses shades of blue and green, in ethereal tones.

Pegasus- Winged horse from Greek myths and legends. Few off-the-peg outfits available, but may be an opportunity for some ingenuity.

Penelope Pitstop – Character from the TV cartoon series ‘Wacky Races’. She drove the number 5 ‘Pink Compact’ car, spoke with a US Southern Belle accent, and wore a pink driving suit, scarf and goggles. She could be teamed with other racers such as Dick Dastardly & Mutley.

Penguin A flightless inhabitant of the South Pole. An alternative popular image of the creature features a bobble hat and scarf.

Penguin (2) – Major villain from the Batman comics and films. Also known as Oscar Cobblepot, this rotund character in a black top hat and tail-suit has a penchant for novelty umbrellas.

Pennywise- Horror clown and antihero of the Stephen King book/TV film ‘IT’. Bright coloured clown suit, full clown make-up and bald cap with tufted hair.

Pensioner Dress up as an older person complete with grey wigs, glasses etc…

Pepper Pot Novelty foam costume available to purchase

Peppa Pig Kids UK Television character.

Perry, Katy Popular American female singer, very keen on costume and changes of look. Stage and video outfits have included Snow White and the Wicked Queen and a Space Alien. A sweet-themed outfit from the California Gurls video is available from some outlets.

Peter Pan - The Boy Who Never Grew Up – a popular book character and Disney film. Often portrayed by a female in panto versions. His outfit consists of green or olive point-edged tunic, matching pixie-style hat, shorts or tights, hessian belt and rubber knife. Green pixie over boots or shoes may also be used.

Phantom of the Opera – Anti-hero of the Paris Opera-house underworld and mentor to chorus girl-cum-opera star Christine Day Costume consists of. Tailed evening suit, top-hat, gloves, half-cape and white diagonal half-face mask.

Pharaoh - Kings of ancient Egypt. Nowadays the best known is probably Tutankhamen. Aside from his death-mask, his costume consists of lightweight blue, white and gold robes, often with an elaborate headdress.

Picard, Jean Luc- Captain of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, the Next Generation. There are official Star Trek outfits available.

Pied Piper – Oddly garbed musician of 13th century Germany who ‘stole’ the children of the town ofHamelin when he was not paid for ridding the town of rats. His multicoloured outfit is similar to that of a jester but without the bells!

Pierrot - White-faced character in a clown bodysuit, which can be either black or white. (Or half and half). Make-up is white face, red or black lips, black accentuated eyebrows and the trademark tear.

Pig Popular farmyard animal and character found in a number of different nursery rhymes and stories such as the ‘Three Little Pigs’. Could also be used for one of the Chinese Zodiac signs.

Piggy, Miss – Muppet megastar and fashion icon. May gain even more popularity with the release of the new Muppet Movie, although the pig look is not one every girl can carry off.

Pigsy Pig-faced companion to Monkey the disgraced God in the popular Chinese TV series of the 1970s and the anime series of the 1990s, Monkey (or Monkey Magic) based on the oriental legend Monkey Voyage to the West.

Pilot Unless you go for the ‘Biggles’ look, the most popular version might be the RAF pilot. Either uniform based, or with goggles, flying helmet and leather jacket. Alternatively you could go for an airline pilot with peaked cap, blazer, shirt, trousers and tie.

Pimp Suit A popular look for a 1970’s event. The Pimp Suit consists of an unusual coloured suit, quite often in a bright colour, normally made out of velvet or similar material. It is trimmed with an animal faux-fur (or material) collar, plus matching wide-brimmed hat. Frilly shirt, gold ‘dollar’ medallion and silver-top cane complete the look.

Pink Lady Female gang member from the film ‘Grease’. Costume consists of a jacket embroidered ‘Pink Ladies’, worn over black pedal pushers, or a skirt with white or coloured top. Scarf and 1950’s style sunglasses can also be worn.

Pink Panther – Originally the lanky cartoon character used in the ‘Pink Panther’ film titles and credit but he took on a life of his own. Outfit involves a full pink bodysuit with cartoon-style mask.

Pinocchio Traditional story-book character and hero of a popular Disney film. Outfit consists of shoes, socks, alpine-style shorts, shirt, Italian peasant-style hat and a long-nose. See also Puppet.

Pin-up Girl The heyday of the pin-up girl was the 1950s/60s, but the concept is an opportunity for stylised glamour and fashion (or beachwear!).

Pip Character from the novel ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. He is a working-class Victorian boy who has a secret benefactor and is hence able to better himself.

Pippi Longstocking - Childrens book character of Swedish origin. She is notable for her striped tights and long hair-plaits. Also a derogatory nickname used for Lizbeth Salander, the cybergoth of the Millennium book/film trilogy.

Range of costumes available here to denote all manner of famous sea-dogs:

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Bluebeard
  • Captain Morgan
  • Captain Kidd
  • Captain Pugwash or his enemy, Black Jake

Or, mix and match your own outfit from accessories using just a shirt/blouse and cut-down jeans.

Pixie A fairy/sprite. Many fairy costumes could be used in a range of light colours.

Pixie Lott – One of the new generation of female singing stars but with no distinctive set style yet!

Playing cards – Numbered cards with various suits, i.e. clubs, hearts diamonds, spades) or the face-cards.

Playing card gardeners - From ‘Alice in Wonderland’. These playing cards (the Two, Five and Seven of Spades) carry pots of red paint. ‘Cards’, can be made from just cardboard. Black shoes, gloves and balaclavas with face-paint markings, may complete the costumes.

Plastic Toy Go as Buzz Lightyear, Mr Potato Head, Barbie, or Ken

Plumber Wear overalls and carry a plug plunger. You could also wear a Super Mario costume

Pocahontas - Native American female who married an English explorer John Smith. Her story was popularised by Disney. Indian Native American costume with feather headdress.

Poseidon - The Greek God of the Sea. Like his brother,Zeus, he is depicted as wearing classic Greek robes and carrying a trident, although in deference to his dominion over the sea, his costume may feature blues and greens and have fish-orientated elements such a cod cape (cape-cod)!

Poison Ivy Originally a juvenile delinquent in the early Batman comics, More recently, a bio-ecologist (played by Uma Thurman) out for revenge in the film ‘Batman and Robin’. Her costume is green and red, with copious leaves or foliage motifs and she has auburn/red hair.

Polar Bear Occupant of the North Pole, but also found advertising Coca-Cola, Cresta and Birds-Eye foods.

Poker Face - Card-based concept costume, based on outfit(s) worn by Lady Gaga, in the video for the song of the same name.

Pole Dancer – An increasingly popular modern pastime for some, either as spectator or participant. The pole accessory may prove a challenge, but although the outfit may be leotard based it is more likely to be more minimalist and exotic!

Pompadour, Madame – Famous French socialite of the 1700s, famous for her elaborate high hairstyles.

Pooh, Winnie the – Famous tatty teddy childrens character created by AA Milne, now rather replaced by the Disney version of a small tubby bear in a red jacket.

Potato Head, Mr & Mrs – Despite having been favourite childrens toys for years, their appearance in the Toy Story movies has ensured renewed popularity.

Pokemon - Small yellow creature from video games and collecting cards.

Pollyanna – Eternally cheerful country-girl character and heroine of a childrens novel, brought to wider public attention by a Disney film of 1960, featuring Haley Mills.

Powers, Austin – International Man of Mystery, Photographer and Super-spy, the creation of comedian Mike Myers and hero of three films. Tom Cruise played him in the trailer for a fourth Austinpussy. Official costumes are available.

Policeman Technically it is an offence to impersonate a police officer (even just by costume) but a ‘jolly wobbly’, (laughing policeman), or a Gilbert & Sullivan constable could be suitable.

Poodle Canine often found as a fashion accessory. Novelty costume can be created with pink/white lycra bodysuit plus fur-fabric collar, cuffs and tail. Complete with appropriate make-up.

Pope - Surprisingly popular outfit with several uses!

Pop/Rock Idol The success of any pop/rock group depends on any fan-base, and that means marketing a well-known image. Examples might be Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne (of Black Sabbath).

Pop Star They should be instantly recognisable as the character, either through mannerisms, props or costume style. A number of cardboard celebrity masks are available to help you get the look.

Popeye Highly popular cartoon sailor character of the 1950s and 1960s, but still widely recognised and remembered today. White American sailor uniform, bulging biceps with anchor tattoos, and of course, a can of spinach!

Postman Pat Royal Mail star of a Childrens TV programme, with Jess, his cat, they make a dynamo duo of mail delivery in Greendale.

Prince (Various)

    • Several English pantomimes feature a Prince, notably Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Alternatively you could portray a member of the current Royal family celebrity cardboard masks are available for Princes Philip, Charles, William and Andrew.
    • Pop star from the 1980’s. Purple velvet suit or long coat. Has black hair and sports a small moustache.
    • Prince Caspian - Character from the ‘Narnia’ books. Outfit consists of jerkin, cross-gartered trousers, boots, patterned cloak and sword.
    • Prince Charming - Character from the Pantomime ‘Cinderella’. Ornate jacket, tights and boots. Carrying a silver/glass slipper.
    • Prince Valiant - He woke ‘Sleeping Beauty’, after 100 years of sleep in the Disney film of that name. Costume similar to Prince Charming.


  • Princess – An elaborate ballgown would create the perfect look for any Princess.
  • Princess Jasmine - Character from the Disney version of the Aladdin Story, Arabic princess costume.
  • Princess Leia - Character from the ‘Star Wars’ films.
  • Princess Fiona – Character from Shrek.

There are many characters that turn into a Princess (or Queen) at the end of the story including:

  • Belle (as in Beauty & the Beast)
  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty

The Disney Princesses are:

  • Cinderella
  • Ariel
  • Jasmine
  • Snow White
  • Aurora
  • Belle
  • Pocahontas
  • Mulan
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel

Principal Boy Leading female actor from the English Pantomime tradition. In this, a girl plays a male role (Dick Whittington, Aladdin, etc.) in an outfit which does little to disguise her femininity. Could be teamed as a panto couple, with a Principal Girl (who is actually played by a girl!).

Pris Replicant android character from the film ‘Bladerunner’. Fur coat over grunge dress, or white catsuit with blue punk hair and ‘raccoon’ mask-like eye make-up.

Prisoner Male & female costumes are available. Or just wear apair of handcuffs for a very easy prisoner costume idea

Professor Dumbledore Character from the ‘Harry Potter’ books. Flowing silver-hair, beard, and moustache. Half-moon glasses. Wizarding robes.

Prophet – Very popular in the Old Testament! An easy costume to make yourself, using robes and a suitable staff. A long beard may also be useful.

Priest – Available in different colours, the Priest costume will have people praying to you all night long!

Pregnant Nun – Thank you Father. A popular Bad Taste/Non-PC costume.

Prospero Magician character in Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’. May wear robes similar to those for, say, Gandalf or Dumbledore.

Pudsey Bear Used regularly for Children in Need charity, this outfit consists of a yellow fur jumpsuit with black circles on the front, attached hands. Head-piece has a detachable bandage.

Pumpkin This orange circular foam costume and hat creates the perfect Halloween character. An orange pumpkin wig may also be available.

Punjabi Person coming from the Indian region of Punjab. Robes or sari-style outfits may be used.

Puppy Popular mascot-style outfit based on a St Bernard. Fur jumpsuit with white belly & attached hands.

Puck Character from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, also known as Robin Goodfellow. He is often modelled as an imp or a little devil, but the characters look is open to interpretation.

Pugsley Addams - Son of Gomez and Morticia Adams. Normally seen wearing a striped jumper and dark trousers.

Punch Hook-nosed puppet from the sea-side show Punch & Judy. Outfit is in red and yellow with a tall curved cap. Not so PC these days, due to his aggressive behaviour and wife-beating tendencies.

Puppet - Can be created using a Doll or Jester outfit and a painted doll or clown face. If practical, can be teamed with a ‘Puppet Master/Mistress’ ‘controlling the puppet through a wood cross-piece and strings. A version of the Thunderbird Pilot using this concept has been available in the past.

Puss in Boots Traditional story book and pantomime character who bettered his masters lot with his boldness and trickery. Although he is usually played by a female in pantomime, he has been made more famous in recent years by appearances in the ‘Shrek’ films and his own spin-off movie of his adventures before he met Shrek. Outfit consists a fur suit or lycra cat-suit. Cavalier-style hat and boots. Cat mask or make-up.

Pussy Galore – Character played by Honor Blackman in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. She is the owner of a flying circus, which consists of a troupe of females clad in leather jumpsuits.

Pussycat From ‘The Owl & the Pussycat’. The nature of the rhyme suggests this is a cat of style and sophistication.

Punk – An anti-establishment music and fashion trend started in the mid-late 1970s. Punk clothing involved tartans, leathers and tattered clothing held together with safety pins. There were also colourful unconventional hair-styles such as spiked hair and Mohicans and make-up designs featuring heavy lined and solid colour eye make-up

Psycho- 1960s horror film of the same name. Official Granny costume is available