Costume Ideas For The Letter T

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumeview

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

Aviator - Top Gun Male Costumeview

Aviator - Top Gun Male Costume

Trinity - The Matrix Adult Costumeview

Trinity - The Matrix Adult Costume

Teachers Gown - Adult Budget Costumeview

Teachers Gown - Adult Budget Costume

Teddy Boy Red Jacketview

Teddy Boy Red Jacket

Batman - The Dark Knight Costume Muscleview

Batman - The Dark Knight Costume Muscle

Tiger Overhead Animal Maskview

Tiger Overhead Animal Mask

Tailcoat - Ladies Deluxe - Pink & Blackview

Tailcoat - Ladies Deluxe - Pink & Black

Wilma Flintstone Costumeview

Wilma Flintstone Costume

Tartan Miss Christmas Ladies Costumeview

Tartan Miss Christmas Ladies Costume

Flapper 1920s - Black -Ladies Costumeview

Flapper 1920s - Black -Ladies Costume


Costume Ideas the Letter T

T Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. Some of these may be featured in the list, but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Tendulkar, Sachin
  • Tess Daley
  • Tommy Cooper
  • Travolta, John
  • Tulisa Contostavlos

Mr T – Popular character from the 80s TV series (and recent film) The A Team. Heavy-set coloured ex-boxer with a mohican hairstyle and loads of bling.

T Bird – From the musical Grease. Official jackets are available to purchase or, get an old black bomber jacket and using fabric paint write T Bird across the back.

Tamora – Queen of the Goths in the Shakespeare play ‘Titus Andronicus’. You could use a costume based on Boudicca (an early English tribal queen) or Xena the Warrior Princess for queen Tamora. Bolder party-goers may care to add some tattoos or tribal body-art.

Tap Dancer – Variation on the Top Hat n Tails look, although many musicals feature tap-dance routines in other costumes. Potential novel variation for the hero plumber Mario character.

Tardis – Dr. Who’s Time Machine. Not a standard off-the-peg costume, although we have come across some female fans who have built corsets based on the Tardis Larger inside than they seem from outside.

Tart  –  Alternative name for a hooker or French sex worker, although might prove a glamorous companion to a Jack of Hearts as a couple costume.

Tartan Wearer Scottish or punk costume

Tarzan - Character from the book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, made famous by the film. Brought up by apes, this character’s costume includes fake-fur trunks or a tunic, and can be teamed with accessories. Tarzan could be partnered with Jane from the film.

Tasmanian Devil – Endangered rodent from Australasian continent. Best known from the Warner Bros. cartoon character Taz. Official costume is available to purchase.

Teacher - Male or female, the Teacher can be teamed in a group with schoolgirls and schoolboys, or just as successfully on its own. Accessories like a cane are perfect for this character. A teacher’s gown is relatively cheap to purchase, or you can just purchase a cane, mortar board hat. A moustache (for men) and small rimmed glasses would help to complete the look.

Tea Gown - A popular at-home gown from the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras. Consisting of full length dress and sleeves with a fitted yoke, usually a quality lace fabric. During the War years, a young lady would go out to a dance in a Tea Dress.

Teddy Bear – Childhood companion. Costumes for Winnie the Pooh or Rupert the Bear could be used. Similarly, a plain bear in a range of shades of brown can be worn, or, if portraying a much-loved bear, very worn.

Teddy Boy - A fashion statement from the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. Drainpipe trousers, draped jacket with black collar and cuffs. Suit jackets come in a range of popular colours from the era. Shoes are also available, ‘Brother Creepers’ or ‘Winkle Pickers’.

Teddy Boy Image - This look was adopted by many artists such as Cliff Richard, Buddy Holly and Shaking Stevens. The same outfits would be used. You could also get a group of lads to go as Showaddywaddy who adopted the Teddy Boy style in the 1970s but added a glitter sheen to the jackets!

Teddy Girl – From the same era as the Teddy Boys. The two can be partnered together, with the lady in a full ‘Poodle skirt’, petticoats, off-the-shoulder tops and a neck scarf. Many different hairstyles were worn, popularly a pony tail (wigs available) teamed with many accessories such as glasses. You may see some 50’s style costumes also called ‘Teeny Bopper’.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – a licensed version is now available to purchase. To put this costume together at home you will need to find green trousers and long sleeved top. You may be able to make the turtle shell from cardboard, or from a padded fabric. You will also need an eye mask in the chosen colour of your favourite turtle character.

  • Donatello – Purple eye mask
  • Michaelangelo -Orangeeye mask
  • Leonardo – Blue eye mask
  • Raphael – Red eye mask

Teletubby – Tubby characters with TVs in their chests from British childrens TV. Tinky-Winky (Purple with triangular antenna), Dipsy (Green with dipstick shaped antenna)), Laa-laa (Yellow with curly antenna) and Po (Red with a round-ended antenna)

Temple Dancer - Exotic dancers found in countries such as Cambodia and Thailand. Ornate decorated Eastern dresses with elaborate Eastern make-up, headdresses and jewellery.

Tennis Player - Tennis ‘whites’ for men or women. For women short skirts and blouses, and for the men, shorts and shirt. Accessories for both consist of headbands, wristbands, racquet, ball and towel.

Tequila Bottle – Novelty foam costume available from some suppliers. Add a Sombrero for that extra Mexican look!

Teresa, Mother – Living saint and nun who died the same day as Princess Diana. White robes with a blue/white headdress.

Terminator - Character from the future in three Arnold Schwarzenegger films. A cyborg mask is combined with combat gear and weaponry to suit.

Texan – Either a large, brash American in loud suit, wearing a Stetson hat and smoking a large cigar (as in the popular soap Dallas) or Jerry Hall, the model and ex-wife of Mick Jagger.

Texmex – A mix of the above and a Mexican or a novelty Taco costume.

Thatcher, Margaret - Major Conservative/Tory leader of the Twentieth Century and Britains first female PM. Noted for her blue two-piece suit and uncompromising attitude.

The Avengers characters - The indomitable Mr. Steed and the sexy but deadly Mrs. Peel, The Avengers combines a duo of sophistication, ruthlessness and grit with a healthy dose of humour.

The Beatles - The Fab Four, either in grey ‘Beatle suits’ or Sgt. Pepper uniforms

The Dark Knight – Latest version from Batman – Official costume available to purchase.

The Cat in the Hat - The Cat in the Hat is a children’s book by Dr. Seuss and perhaps the most famous, featuring a tall, mischievous cat, wearing a tall, red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie. He also carries an umbrella.

The Cowardly Lion – see The wizard of Oz. Lion face masks and costumes are available

The Flintstones - Get a group of 4 and go as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and Barney & Betty Rubble.  For a group of 6, add the children Pebbles and Bam-bam.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – How about this for a ‘thinking outside the box’ idea? Ideal for a group of 3 people. You could use an angel costume for good, a devil costume for bad and a whole number of things for ugly! You may have a spirited debate deciding who will be ‘ugly’ but it is guaranteed to get you a laugh!

The Joker - Batman Villain – Official costume available to purchase. You do not need to do your make up very well as throughout the film The Joker’s make up deteriorates

The Lord Of The Rings - Again, a great theme for a group of people. You will need people for Arwen, Frodo, Gandalf at least.

The Pink Panther – Pink jumpsuit with attached head is available to purchase.

The Vamp/Torch Singer - Slinky and smouldering, in the style of Marlene Dietrich.

The Wizard of Oz – A great theme for a group of people. You will need someone for Dorothy, The Tinman, The Scarecrow, The Wicked Witch Of the West, The Cowardly Lion, Glinda.

Theatrical Performer – This allows use of any of your historical costumes, or just mix and match for an over-the-top performer

Thief of Baghdad - The Arabian Nights story. Harem trousers and matching waistcoat, with or without a turban is the main look.

Thomas Telford - A Scottish civil engineer. Typical Victorian costume could be worn.

Thor - God of thunder. Also a popular Marvel comic character recently seen in a major movie. Winged Helmet and war-hammer are costume key points. If you cannot get the Official costume, use any Viking costume for this character.

Three Blind Mice - Nursery rhyme characters also recently seen in the Shrek movies.

Three Degrees – A British female soul and disco group (our answer to the Supremes) formed in 1963

Three Little Pigs The three little pigs each set out to build a house but only one, the one built of brick, withstood the efforts (and blowing power) of the Big Bad Wolf. Pigs in workman-like clothing.

Thriller - Celebrated single and video from Michael Jackson. Red PVC top and trousers with an afro wig, or mix with a werewolf mask!

Thunderbirds - Blue jacket with matching trousers. Coloured sash with matching hat

  • Scott (Thunderbird 1)
  • Virgil (Thunderbird 2)
  • Gordon (Thunderbird 3)
  • Alan (Thunderbird 4)
  • John (Thunderbird 5)

Tiger - Tiger striped fur jumpsuit with attached hands and feet. Full oversized mask. Also, printed unitards/catsuits can be found allowing for face/body-paint alternatives to masks.

Tiger Lily - Young American Indian female encountered by Peter Pan in Never-never Land.

Tigger - The super-energetic friend of Winnie the Pooh, also using a striped fur jumpsuit. Licensed costumes are available.

Tiki-Man - Character associated with the Pacific Islands. Grass skirt, fur tunic/waistcoat, teamed with face make-up.

Tiller-girl – Similar to a show girl. The Tiller Girls were among the most popular dance troupes of the 1900’s, famed for their synchronised precision dancing.

Tina Turner - Leather/suede mini skirt or short gold sequinned dress. Wig available.

Tinkerbell - Made famous by the much loved Peter Pan film. Tinkerbell is a small blonde haired fairy who wears a short green dress. Extra accessories could be a wand, wings and bells.

Tin Man - From the Wizard of Oz. The character wears a silver suit (either padded or not), a funnel hat, and a silver mask. A female Tin Girl/Woman costume is available from some suppliers.

Tin-tin Daughter of house-servant Kyrano on Tracy Island in Thunderbirds.

Tintin – Famous comic-strip boy detective. Noted for his jumper and slacks with a quaffed hairstyle.

Toad – Leading character from The Wind and The Willows. Toad mask/make-up available. Wears a tweed jacket or county squire outfit.

Toadstool –  Not necessarily an off-the-peg costume, but can be improvised. Be a Fungi to be with. Some costumes involving a pixie/elf sitting on a toadstool can also be found.

Toddler – Large baby outfit or alternatively Stewie from the Family Guy cartoon series.

Toilet – Yes, there is a costume now available that you can buy!

Tomato - Novelty foam-based costume.

Tom Cruise - Maverick (Top Gun) US Naval flying suit with decals: David Aames (Vanilla Sky) Smart dressed but spends much of the movie wearing a white plain-face mask!

Tom Jones – Tight-fitting black leather trousers with open neck white shirt.

Tom the Cabin Boy - From the children’s books ‘Captain Pugwash’. Red/white striped t-shirt with white breeches.

Tommy – British Army Uniform – World War One or Two.

Tony Blair – Wear normal smart clothes and purchase a Tony Blair overhead mask.

Tooth Fairy – Although there is an off-the-peg Tooth Fairy, its designed as a male drag costume, but a female version could easily be devised.

Top Gun – Popular film of 1986 featuring Tom Cruise as ‘Maverick’. Costume consists of a jumpsuit. Can be teamed with glasses and a helmet. Tom Cruise also wear a white Naval Officer style costume, so this is another option for this character.

Top Hat & Tails – Black top hat, black tailcoat and trousers, white waistcoat and bow tie. Accessorise with flower or white handkerchief. Ladies can ‘sex’ this costume up by wearing fishnets instead of trousers.

Top Hat & Tails performer – This can be used for a cabaret dancer.

Toreador – Spanish fighter. Wear a short jacket and pantaloon style trousers (tuck socks into long trousers to get the same effect), black shoes, white shirt and a cape. Costumes are available to purchase.

Toucan – Exotic tropical bird achieved either by fur and fabric or body and face make-up and hairspray colour. Basic black bodysuit with added blue (material) flashes. Use with balaclava and face decoration.

Toulouse-Lautrec – French Artist of the late nineteenth century, famous patron of the Moulin Rouge. Use any Victorian Gentleman costume to create this character and add a beard and moustache.

Tourist – Wear brightly coloured clothes (men should wear socks with shoes and sandals). Sunglasses, camera, hat and of course a bum bag.

Toy Soldier Several variations are possible here: The Guardsman – bearskin hat, red jacket and black trousers. The Nutcracker-style or an American version, based on a GI in green, which can be seen in the Toy Story movies. A costume for the latter is available.

Tradesman - often crop up in nursery rhymes.

  • Butcher
  • Baker
  • Candle-stick maker
  • Farmer (and wife)
  • Plumber – use our Super Mario plumber mate costumes

Transformer Some costumes based on the popular toys (robots which transform into vehicles), also seen in a TV series and recent films are available for children.

Transvestite A drag costume rather than the cross-dress style of, say, the Principal Boy of Pantomime.

Trinity - Leading female character from ‘The Matrix’ films. A black PVC cat suit with sunglasses and short, slicked black hair.

Troll - Found guarding the bridge of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Long haired, bug-eyed trolls were a favourite toy of the 1960s/70s.

Trooper – American cop.

Truly Scrumptious - Leading character in Ian Fleming’s book ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. An Edwardian style lace blouse with a long white and red striped skirt. Alternatively, later in the story she disguises herself as a wind-up doll.

Turkey - Brown/grey feather costume with crested headpiece and mask.

Tweedledum & Tweedledee - Fictional Characters from Lewis Carroll’s – Through the Looking Glass and again from the Disney 1951 film ‘Alice in Wonderland’ plus the remake of 2010.

Twenties Lady – First time ladies dresses were knee length and hair was cut fashionably short. Plenty of 20s flapper and Charleston dresses available to purchase. You can always purchase the items you need and make up your own costume at home.

Twenties Man – Choose from a striped blazer and Oxford bag trousers, straw boater and moustache, or use a top hat and tail to get the required look.

Tweety - A yellow canary – can be teamed with Sylvester the cat. A canary body and head, yellow tights and overshoes.

Twiggy – An English Model named ‘The Face of 1966′ by the Daily Express. A ‘dolly bird’ combined with the wild excesses of sixties fashion. There are lots of mod style A line dresses available to purchase to suit all sizes and budgets.

Twister –  A novelty costume based on this poplar floor-mat game is now available.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – A few dinosaur costumes are available, although most are for children. If you can find one in adult size, add a sombrero for a Tyrannosaurus Mex variation!