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About Us

Props & Frocks is the leading fancy dress shop in Essex. Established in 1998 we have been providing top quality fancy dress costumes and accessories to our customers ever since.

8 out of 10 of our new customers come from personal recommendation. Our reputation is very important to us and we aim to keep it.

So why use us?

We have the advantage over pure online shops in that we understand our customer needs as we see people in our costumes every single day. We know how each type of costume fits and who it will suit. This is much harder over the internet as you cannot see or touch the article. We have to be your eyes and you need to put your confidence in us. The costumes are taken from their packaging so we are able to check the quality of the costume. Costumes that do not come up to standard are removed from stock.

Our trained staff, all of whom work in the fancy dress shop, will be happy to double check measurements if you want them to. We would much rather spend some time with you establishing that the item is what you need than have it returned at a later date.

Got A Query?

We are open 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us if you have a question that the FAQ's do not answer or if you would rather pay over the telephone.

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From the Boss

We are positive that the majority of the British public are fed up with being treated like second class citizens by many internet firms promising the world and delivering nothing. We are an established shop, not based in a back yard shed!

Our reputation is high within our trade and 8 out of 10 of our new (shop) customers come from recommendations. Online customers are treated with the same respect that we treat our shop customers. Our service is based on good old fashioned values using up to the minute technology.'

Adele Wiseman Managing Director

Benefits of using Props & Frocks for your quality fancy dress & accessories

We have listened to people and their internet shopping experiences (on other sites) and the most common things that they complain about are:

So what will we do differently?

  1. Products will be sent out on the day of order (if received before 3.45pm) or the next working day.
  2. Because we have tried and tested the products in the shop already, we have filtered out the rubbish and the bad value items. However, it does remain to be said, if you are purchasing a low cost costume, the costume is not going to be as good quality as a higher priced one.
  3. We appreciate that some of the sizes on the packaged costumes are not very generous. We are happy to measure any costume that you are thinking of purchasing from us. We would far rather spend some time with you at this stage to make sure that the item is suitable for your needs. Our Full Money Back Guarantee means you can buy with confidence, but we would rather save you the hassle of sending the item back to us.
  4. If we have a problem with an item we will contact you immediately by your chosen contact method. We will offer you a suitable alternative or refund the full value back to you. If an order cannot be completed in full, we will contact you to see if you would like a part shipment, with the balance to follow.

What we ask of you

Props & Frocks also offer

British Costume Association

We are active members of the British Costume Association so you can be assured of the best service reliability and cleanliness all the time (all of our costumes are cleaned after every hire.)

Membership no: 096