Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter M

MarshMellow Mens Costume - Ghostbustersview

MarshMellow Mens Costume - Ghostbusters

Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costumeview

Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costume

Medieval / Tudor Girl Costumeview

Medieval / Tudor Girl Costume

Juliet - Medieval Costumeview

Juliet - Medieval Costume

Poncho - Mexican / Cowboy Adult Costumeview

Poncho - Mexican / Cowboy Adult Costume

Miss Elf - Fever Ladies Costumeview

Miss Elf - Fever Ladies Costume

Morticia Addamsview

Morticia Addams

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumeview

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

Wizard Costumeview

Wizard Costume

Naval Officer - Mens Costumeview

Naval Officer - Mens Costume

Saloon Girl Ladies Costume - Red & Blackview

Saloon Girl Ladies Costume - Red & Black

Gangster Man Costumeview

Gangster Man Costume

Indian - Ladies Costumeview

Indian - Ladies Costume


Costume Ideas for Letter M

M Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. Some of these may be featured in the list but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Madonna
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • James May
  • Michael McIntyre
  • Victor Meldrew
  • Minogues (Kylie or Dannii)
  • Helen Mirren
  • Mr Bean
  • Roger Moore
  • Piers Morgan
  • Carey Mulligan
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Al Murray
  • Andrew Murray
  • Ollie Murs
  • Kate Middleton

MC Hammer - This famous American rapper originated from the late 1980s and mid-1990s. M C Hammer’s trademark outfit is either a black shell-suit or baggy trousers and shirt, with black round-rim glasses.

Macbeth - Macbeth was a real Scottish King who was made famous in the play by William Shakespeare. Macbeth became King of Scotland in 1040, taking over from King Duncan the First. A male medieval costume would be suitable for this character.

Mad Hatter – Popular children’s character from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ stories. The signature costume for the Mad Hatter is a tail or frock coat, checked waistcoat and trousers and large top hat (with a white In this style10/6′ label tucked inside the hat-band). Following the recent Tim Burton film, a new version of The Mad Hatter has become popular.

Mad March Hare Counterpart to the Mad Hatter and Dormouse at the Tea Party, in Alice in Wonderland.

Madame Butterfly - Tragic heroine of the opera by Puccini, Madame Butterfly is a Japanese lady abandoned by her lover, an American Naval officer, Lt. Pinkerton at the end of the Second World War.

Madame Pompadour –  Mistress of Louis XV ofFrance and fashion icon of the eighteenth century, she introduced elegance and luxury style of clothing to this century. Possibly best known for her elaborate high wigs, Georgian style costumes would be suitable.

Madonna – This famous Pop-star rose to fame in the 1980s and is still popular today. Throughout these years Madonna’s style of fashion has changed.

Starting with the 80’s look such as:

      • black or white netted tops and skirts
      • footless tights
      • crop tops
      • laced tops
      • crucifix or beads

Moving on through the years, the Jean Gaultier famous conical basques with fishnet tights is a popular raunchy image. Madonna then changed to a more elegant look with 1940s style evening gowns.

The white cowgirl (Music) and S&M fencing instructor fashion of Madonna’s is more recent and can be found in films such as James Bond (where she made an uncredited appearance) and music videos.

Moving into 2008 and Madonna has adapted her S&M fencing instructor look in her recent album ‘Hard Candy’ which is simply tight leggings with boots and various strappy tops. For all the brave ladies out there, you could always wear a high-cut leotard! Personally, if I turned up to a party wearing just a leotard, the place would empty before you could say ‘Madonna’!!!

Mae West – Suitable costumes for Mae West could be Saloon Girls or 1940s elegant evening gowns. She is known for her trademark films as a sexy seductress and double-entendres.

Mafia Man/Woman - (Gangsters) Suitable clothing for these characters could be pinstriped suit for the man and for the woman but with a pencil skirt both these outfits could have a Trilby hat, cigar/cigarette and Tommy gun to accessorise it.

Magda - Featured in the James Bond film ‘Octopussy’, Magda was the ring mistress in Octopussy’s circus. All you need is a black top hat, and a glitter tailcoat with a leotard and fishnet tights.

Magenta- Magenta is the maid in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and her main costume was simply a black dress with a white apron and headdress. (She has a futuristic, space-style costume later) A French maid costume will be suitable for this character. Magenta’s hair is red or ginger and frizzy looking, she also has dark eye make-up with a pale face. An official wig and costume are available to buy (see picture).

Magician- A magician can have the modern look which would consist of:

        • Tailcoat
        • Top Hat
        • Bow tie
        • Waistcoat
        • White gloves
        • White rabbit
        • Playing cards
        • Hankies tied together
        • A bunch of plastic flowers

For the more medieval look, a simple pointed hat and cloak would be ideal. A magician could also be coupled up with either a magician’s assistant who can wear a leotard and tights or be a white rabbit!

Magistrate – These days, magistrates have no special uniform but in literature they are equated to judges. A black long cloak (a teachers gown), Peri-wig and gavel would be ideal for this character. A magistrate appeared in Kenneth Grahame’s story ‘Toad of Toad Hall’ and there are magistrate characters in some of the Dickens novels and the 1999 film, Sleepy Hollow starring Johnny Depp.

Abel Magwitch (“The Convict”) - A Convict from ‘Great Expectations’ a novel written by Charles Dickens. A classic black and white striped convict costume with ball and chain could work.

Magnum PI – Character from American TV series of the same name that run 1980 1988. Wear an Hawaiian shirt, brown moustache and brown wavy hair.

Maharajah - Red and gold colours was a meaning of wealth, so any clothing or accessories like this would be ideal for this character. Also elegant and wealthy Indian outfits would have worn large ornate turbans. Lots of jewellery was worn round the neck and on the fingers.

Mahatma Gandhi - (1869-1948) To make this costume up you could use round wired glasses with a staff (easily made by a long branch or walking stick) and a loincloth. For a cheaper option, a bed sheet might be suitable.

Maid - A traditional costume for a maid is Black dress or skirt and top with a pinafore and headdress you could accessorise with a feather duster. Traditionally, a French Maid costume offers a sexy option.

Maid Marion – MaidMarion is a character from the Robin Hood stories. Robin Hood and Maid Marion could go as a couple to themed parties or you could have Maid Marion with Friar Tuck or The Sheriff of Nottingham. Any medieval costume would be suitable, Green or brown would be an ideal colour as this is how people pinpoint this character.

Majorette-These costumes are similar to cheerleaders. Use a smart pleated skirt, long or short sleeved top, pill box style hat and a baton.

Maleficent – Disney character from the film Sleeping Beauty. She was a wicked fairy-cum-witch who wore a black and purple outfit with a large collar and a large horned hat. Make-up is green with arched villainess eyebrows and very dark eyes. She seems to share ancestry with Cruella de Vil!

Mama Cass – Singer with The Mamas & The Papas. She had long dark hair and is known for wearing kaftans and flowing clothes.

Mandarin – A mandarin is a senior bureaucrat within the Chinese empire.. An ornate oriental robe with a long black droopy moustache and tied back pig-tailed black plait would be ideal for this costume.

Marathon Man/Woman – Running shorts with vest top and a number on a piece of paper pinned on or written on. The popular 118 runner outfits might be useful here.

Marc Bolan- (1947-1977) Lead singer of a band called T-Rex. Marc Bolan was known as the ‘God’ of glam rock. His style was flamboyant clothing with long curly hair and accessorised a lot with feather boas.

Marcel Marceau – Famous French mime artist, best known for Bop, a mime in a tailcoat and battered top hat.

March Hare - Character from Alice in Wonderland, mainly wore a brown jacket and trousers, White shirt and a large bow tie. Disney’s take on the March Hare was with yellow hair, long pointy ears, a red jacket with brown trousers and large orange bow tie. A rabbit/hare mask, face-bob or face paint would be suitable.

This costume could also be used for couple themed parties with other characters such as the Mad Hatter, Alice, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit.

Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady is best known for her blue two-piece suit and pearls.

Maria (Sound Of Music) – A novice nun who becomes a nanny for a musical Austrian family, the Von Trapps. This film was a musical romance. A typical costume for this character could be a nun which is simply a black dress, white wimple and collar with a cross to accessorise, later on in the musical and film Maria does change her outfit to a long black dress and apron, a Victorian maid costume will be suitable for this.

Maria (West Side Story) - Created by Arthur Laurents, this story is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet. Set inManhattan, Maria was a fashionable 50’s Puerto Rican teenager, who wore halter neck and vest dresses with petticoats and flat pump shoes. A perfect wig for Maria could be a black short flick out with one layer tied up and one layer down.

Marie Antoinette - Wife of Louise XVI. Famous for her over indulgence, elaborate style of living and arrogance. Any extravagant Georgian dresses could make up this character. Her most famous saying was “Let Them Eat Cake”, when advised that the peasants outside, had no food.

Marilyn Monroe – (1926-62) The famous signature outfit of Marilyn Monroe’s was the white pleated dress over the Subway vent seen in The Seven Year Itch. Also popular is the pink gown with a large bow from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Costumes are available to buy and to hire. There is an official wig, but any platinum blonde, short, curly wig will do.

Mark Antony – Famous lover of Cleopatra, Mark Antony was a Roman politician and a General. His outfit would have been based on a typical Roman Centurion and you could wear a toga or Gladiator clothing which would have consisted of:

        • breastplate
        • shields
        • helmets
        • tabards
        • arm and leg protectors
        • sandals

Mark Antony Costumes are available to hire and buy, but if you are looking for a cheaper option, a simple bed sheet will do the trick!!

Marlene Dietrich – German-born American film actress and cabaret performer. She is possibly best known for her cross-dressing tuxedo and top hat role in ‘The Blue Angel’. In most of her roles she dressed glamorously. Evening gowns will fit perfectly with this character, You could also accessorise with some feather boas, cigarette holders or fur shawls.

Marlon Brando – Marlon Brando is usually associated with The Godfather because of the instant popularity the film brought him. His first role was as Stanley Kowalski in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. In this film he simply wore a white t-shirt tucked into Jeans. After that, he starred as Terry Malloy in ‘On the Waterfront’ wearing a bomber jacket with a fur collar and dark trousers.

Moving more into the years of ‘The Godfather'; the costume worn by Marlon Brando was a tuxedo and bow tie with a red rose pinned to the jacket. The majority of people who come into the shop to look for a costume for The Godfather, however, tend to choose a standard gangster costume.

Mars – The Roman God of War, wearing gold, silver or red armour. He was said to have been the guardian of Rome and was well honoured. Other Mars options of course are the red planet and the chocolate bar snack costumes for these may be non-existent but putting your own together can mean a unique take on the theme.

Marshal – Another term for a Wild West Sheriff, Marshals are upholders of the American law system. A typical outfit could be a white shirt and smart black trousers with a bootlace tie, cowboy hat and marshal badge. A more original look could be a long trench coat with waistcoat and white shirt, accessorised with a cowboy hat, neckerchief, badge and gun holster.

Martial Arts Girl – White karate suit and belt. Martial arts girls appeared in the Bond film ‘Man with the Golden Gun’ and ‘Rush Hour 1 & 2′ starring Jackie Chan.

Martial Arts Man An outfit for a Martial arts man could be a plain black or white ninja outfit with a face mask that only shows the eyes. Ninjas appear in films such as James Bond ‘You Only Live Twice’ and ‘Moonraker’. Accessories you could use include swords, bandanas or face paint.

Martian – Alien from the planet Mars. In the TV sitcom of the 1950s My Favourite Martian the look was humanoid with small antennae. The Martians seen in Tim Burtons Mars Attacks were the stereotypical little green men with large eyes and brains (masks were available but are now difficult to find). There is also the Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes character Marvin the Martian who looks a bit like a Roman soldier but with a black void where his face should be.

Marx Brothers – Brothers who performed comedy acts in films, television and stage plays. In their heyday, around the 1930s and 1940s, the many costumes they wore were simple and easy. Possibly the most famous Brother was Groucho – thick moustache and eyebrows, smoked a cigar, wore a tail-suit. Harpo (the silent one) had a long coat and an old top hat on a strawberry blond afro-style hairdo and carried a motor horn.

Mary Hopkins – A Welsh Folk singer from the 1960s and 1970s. An Ideal costume for Mary Hopkins could be any A-Line dresses and black wedge shoes. A long blonde wig would also need to be worn.

Mary Poppins – The practically perfect nanny.A Victorian or Edwardian outfit will work for this or, a tailored jacket with a black long skirt, white blouse, small hat with flowers, Carpet bag and umbrella. If youre looking for a wig then any dark short haired or a bun wig will do.

Mary Tudor (1516-58) – The Queen of England and Ireland, she is famous for restoring England to Roman Catholicism. Any Tudor dress will be suitable, these are available to hire or purchase.

MASH Personnel – A 1970s film and subsequent TV series about medical personnel stationed at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the Korean War in the 1950s. You could wear Khaki uniform or a surgeon’s gown/military nurse uniform.

Mask, The –  A film from 1994 starring Jim Carrey. The story features Stanley Ipkiss, a mild-mannered bank clerk, who wears an office suit and looks very plain. The alter-ego/flipside of Stanley is ‘The Mask’, an exuberant extrovert who takes over when Stanley dons a mystical mask. The Mask outfit is a yellow zoot suit and a yellow fedora hat. For the green face you could use either make-up or a latex mask.

Mata Hari – A classic Femme Fatale. Spy Mata Hari was an exotic Dutch dancer who began her career in Paris in the 1900s. A Belly dancer or slinky vamp-dress would be ideal.

Matador – A person who is involved in bullfighting, a Matador stands in front of the bull encouraging its anger. A traditional look of a Matador is an elaborately decorated black bolero jacket and trousers. To accessorise this costume you could add a red cummerbund and red cloth/cape. Outfits for both male and females are available.

Material Girl (Madonna)

Matilda – Schoolgirl heroine of the Roald Dahl book of the same name. Interest in the character may be stimulated by the forthcoming West End musical as well as Roald Dahl school dress-up days.

Maul, Darth – Sith agent sent to investigate the young Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace. Has a distinctive look with red and black facial tattoo designs and vestigial horns. He wears black robes and, of course, has a light-sabre.

Max Miller –  A 1930s music hall star known for outrageous, colourful checkered suits and cheeky humour.

Max Wall – A comedian and funny looking person from the 1930s. His outfit consisted of a tailcoat with jack-up black trousers, bow tie and receding black long hair.

Maximus (Gladiator) – Popular film of 2000. A huge amount of Roman soldier costumes are available on the market to purchase or hire. Roman accessories are also easy to obtain and include: Helmets, arm guards, swords, breast plates and skirts which can be worn over a toga (or, if desperate, adapted bed-sheet).

McDonald, Ronald-  Mascot of the McDonalds fast food chain. Official costumes do not exist as such, but the look can be improvised, although may be subject to copyright.

Meatloaf - Rock star famous for both his drama-epic songs, such as Bat out of Hell and his appearance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Medhbh – Known as a Divine sorceress and queen in Irish folklore. A sorceress or witch outfit, with a crown, will be suitable for this character or, a version of Disney’s Maleficent witch with horned headdress can work

Medieval Costumes – The Medieval era is often referred to as The Middle Ages (and Americans sometimes use the term ‘Renaissance’ for costumes included in this period). This was quite a long period of time, from the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, up to the beginning of the 16th century and the era called The Early Modern Period. A lot of people do get confused between Medieval and Tudor, Medieval being earlier than Tudor. Most people think of Medieval as ladies wearing pointed hats, Robin Hood and Knights. Towards the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Tudor era wealthy men started to wear jackets and short trousers (doublet and hose).<

Medusa – From Greek Mythology, Medusa was a gorgon whose look would turn you to stone. There are several off-the-peg outfits on the market, but for the DIY approach, take a wig and wrap snakes in and around it. You can go for the cold, beautiful look, (greens, purples and blacks) or a green/grey make-up style. You can either use an old bed sheet, or a purchased toga or Greek dress to complete your look.

Mechanic – An easy costume to do, just wear overalls and carry a spanner!

Meerkat – Popular character due to the efforts of Aleksandr Orlov, the meerkat in a smoking jacket who fronts the Compare the Market/Meeerkat TV adverts. Costumes are available.

Men in Black – To fight the ‘scum’ of the universe you will need a smart black suit with a pair of black wraparound sun-glasses.

Menace – This can refer to Dennis the Menace, the famous Beano comic character, or Darth Maul, who featured in the Star Wars prequel, The Phantom Menace.

Merchant of Venice – Shylock, the Jewish merchant from the William Shakespeare play. A standard Venetian costume of the Tudor period will suffice.

Merlin-  Legendary Wizard from King Arthur’s court. Normally portrayed wearing a full length robe, with over sized sleeves, long beard and hat.

Mermaid – Half human, half fish from seafaring legend. The conventional mermaid has long blonde or green hair, sea shell bra and a scaled fish tail. Famous mermaids include: Disney’s Ariel (red haired), Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, and Madison, played by Daryl Hannah in the 1984 film ‘Splash’. Mermen (male version), are also available and tend to comprise long floaty robes or cloaks.

Mexican - An easy costume to put together. Ponchos and sombreros are both available to purchase at cost effective prices. Moustaches, guns and bullet belts are also available.

Michaelangelo - On the one hand, one of the major Renaissance artists, noted for his work on the ceiling in the Vaticans Sistine Chapel, for instance, on the other, one of the four Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Michael Jackson - As with most pop stars, Michael Jackson has encountered many ‘looks’ during his career. In the 1970’s he. wore white suits with a black shirt. A red/black leather jacket for ‘Thriller’, a black suit and fedora (red bow tie) for ‘Bad’ and a military styled jacket with sequined glove for ‘His-tory’.

Mickey Mouse – A licensed character costume is available, but you could create a lookalike yourself. You will need a white waistcoat, yellow bow tail, black tailcoat and red trousers (and do not forget the ears!)

Milkmaid – A dairy figure made popular in the romantic era of the late 1700s/early 1800s. Many costumes are available and a wench costume can be adapted.

Military – A huge range of costumes are available for all areas of the military including:
RAF, Army, Navy. Take a look at 1940s uniforms and our ladies sexy military uniforms as well.

Mime ArtistMade popular by Marcel Marceau. You will need a white face, black beret, striped top and black trousers to get the look. A horror-based manic mime is also available.

Miner – Aside from one of the Seven Dwarves, the normal kit comprises overalls and a helmet plus light. As for accessory equipment, take your pick.

Minnehaha – Character from Henry Longfellow’s famous poem Hiawatha about a Native American and his love for this lady. Use a standard American Indian costume (the term squaw is not used).

Minnie Mouse – Female counterpart and long-time friend of Mickey Mouse. An official costume is available.

Minnie the Minx –  Female counterpart to Dennis the Menace with the same red/black stripe jumper, plus a black skirt and black beret with a red bobble.

Ming the Merciless - Villainous despot who seeks to destroy the Earth for sport in Flash Gordon. An official costume is available.

Minstrel – A Medieval character usually playing an instrument. You could possibly use a Jester costume instead. You could also go as a ‘Black & White Minstrel’ from the hit 1960s television show. Not very PC in this day and age, but may be suitable for a ‘bad taste’ party.

Minelli, Liza – Daughter of Judy Garland, possibly best known for her roles in Cabaret , New York, New York and the original Arthur (with Dudley Moore). The Sally Bowles character from Cabaret probably offers the best costume opportunities.


…AmericaSometimes also known as Miss (or Lady) Liberty, a smart outfit in red, white and blue or based around a Stars & Stripes motif.

…Autumn - Any outfit with a leaf theme and different Autumnal shades will work. Make up and a wig will complete the look. Add leaves and twigs to the wig to create your own look.

…Haversham - A character from Charles Dickens story ‘Great Expectations’. An old looking white dress will be good or any white Victorian/Edwardian petticoat dress. A white face and cobwebs will complete the outfit.

…Holly – Red and green are the colours of holly so a dress or top and skirt will be suitable with red boots. A good alternative would be the Poison Ivy, the villainess from Batman.

…Liberty – A variation based on the iconic Statue of Liberty. The symbolic headdress, torch and book in one hand should be fairly easy to get hold of. Use a green sheet to use as a toga.

..Marple – Mature female detective created by Agatha Christie. Costume can consist of twin-set and pearls style outfit.

…Moneypenny – The secretary from the famous James Bond films. James Bond had a bit of a teasing interest in Miss Moneypenny. You could use two piece suit with skirt and reading glasses. The wig that would be ideal is dark and a bob.

…Mistletoe – Mistletoe has green leaves with white berries so a light green dress with white polka dots will be suitable. Or a green dress with mistletoe attached to your toes or climbing up your arms. You may spend the entire evening kissing all the eligible bachelors!

…Muffet – A traditional nursery rhyme character. A floral petticoat dress with a mop cap will be suitable and to accessorise you could have a dish and spoon plus a spider (or person in a spider costume as a couple).

Piggy – Legendary Muppet superstar. An official costume is available.

…Santa – Similar colours to Santa Claus. Miss Xmas costumes come in all styles from super sexy to more traditional dress with boots. Easy to purchase in the lead up to Christmas.

…Snowflake – An all over white outfit with pale blue wig and glitter. To make it more effective, wear white gloves and shoes.

…Whiplash – An S&M-style character. Outfits usually comprise black high knee or thigh length boots, basques or cat-suits and an eye-mask. A leather bull whip or love whip (small cat-o-nine-tails) might also be useful.

World - The swimsuit and sash look is the obvious one, although these days contestants dress up in costumes relating to aspects of their country for one round of the competition.


…Bigglesworth - The hairless cat belonging to Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers films. A mascot cat costume or a face bob would be suitable.

…Darcy – Character from the Jane Austen novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ based in the 1800s. Any Regency styled suits will be suitable for example, breeches (tight trousers), high collared shirt, cravat, waistcoat and frock coat.

…Gumby - The Star of ‘Monty Python’ shows. His usual ‘look’ was rolled trousers, shirt and waistcoat, round-frame glasses and a knotted handkerchief ‘hat’.

…Jinks - A grey cartoon cat from the Hanna and Barbera stable of characters. He was in constant conflict with two street-wise mice, Pixie and Dixie. His catch-phrase I hate those meeces to pieces.

…Pickwick – Character from the novel written by Charles Dickens called the ‘Pickwick Papers’. To set this character off you could use a Victorian style frock suit, pince-nez reading glasses and a skin head (rubber or latex versions are available to purchase).

…Smee - Right-hand man to Captain Hook. You could use Disney’s version of the pirate with a striped jumper, pince nez glasses, tatty, half cut trousers and old buckled shoes with socks. His hat looks like a red sock. Another option is a cabin boy/girl seeing as these have the same elements.

Universe - Rambo-style muscle chest shirt and swim-shorts.

Mission Impossible Operative – These characters are secretive and remain unidentified, so one idea you may want to use is that you could have a couple of face masks hidden away. Change your ‘face’ throughout the party. This is just what Tom Cruise achieved in some of the ‘Mission Impossible’ films.

Mississippi Gambler – This could comprise a three-piece suit, which includes a frock coat, elaborate waistcoat and black trousers with either a stetso.. Don’t forget your pack of cards or dice.

Mod 1960’s was the era of the ‘mod’. The ‘Scooter’ look included: Parka jacket and suits which had to have straight legged trousers and jacket. Lots of ‘mod’ clothing had a bulls-eye design. Ladies took to wearing black and white A-line dresses with either a hat or headband.

Moby Dick - Famous white whale from the novel by Herman Melville. Off-the-peg whale outfits are hard to come by (especially in white) but it might form the basis of a creative project.

Model - Be as glamorous or as outrageous as you wish high hair and heels, mad make-up, clashing colours. Just dont smile!

Mohawk / Mohican Dress as a punk with a large Mohican / Mohawk wig, or style your own hair.

Mole – Has two meanings: The animal Mole from the book ‘Wind in the Willows’ – a very hard costume to get hold off. If you find one then perfect – but if you struggle you might have to make one up. The second meaning is a subversive traitor within an organisation (see Mission Impossible above).

Moll The female assistant/companion to a gangster. You could just use a 1920s flapper dress. Alternatively ladies gangster costumes are available to hire and to buy. You can also purchase accessories such as guns, trilby’s or fedoras (hats), to make up your own costume.

Moll Cutpurse – Real name Mary Frith. Mary was the first woman highwayman ,a female version of Dick Turpin, even though she pre-dated him by 50 years. She wore men’s clothing when she raided horse and carts.

Moll Flanders – Daniel Defoe’s Georgian heroine. A lady of dubious morals. Use any Georgian style costume, but preferably one that shows off the dcolletage to advantage!

Mona Lisa – A novelty costume in which the wearer puts their face into a lightweight, framed reprint of the famous painting by Leonardo de Vinci.

Monk – There are many standard monk costumes (they do tend to be brown) available to purchase. Most costumes include a long hooded robe, or a robe with a separate cowl hood. Add a monk’s wig (tonsure wig) and a cross to complete the look.

Monkees – 1960s pop group. They wore red shirts with black trousers (Mike Nesmith also wore a striped woolly hat)

Monkey(or Chimp) – Monkey masks are available to purchase and costumes can be either hired or purchased. A monkey has a tail, a chimp does not.

Monkey Most Famous Monkey) – From the Tea bag advert on the television. A ‘celebrity’ mask is available for this character

Monkey (Chinese TV series) – Popular series based on the Chinese legend of Monkeys Journey to the West in which the mischievous Monkey God is thrown out of heaven and has to redeem himself.

Moon - Although Moon costumes are a little rare, there are several very attractive Venetian and overhead masks based on the Moon motif.

Mork the Ork – Extra-terrestrial spin-off character from the TV series Happy Days, which gave Robin Williams his big break. As an Ork, wear a striped top, dungarees and use the catch-phrases Na-nu, na-nu as greeting and Shazbatt (an orkan swear-word) from time to time.

Morph – Character from Take Heart Television show. Use a Morphsuit costume to get this costume look.

Morpheus – Leading character in the Matrix trilogy of films. An official costume is available.

Morphsuit – Very popular costume trend, especially with young men. Costumes come in all colours and designs.

Morris Dancer – Some Morris Men black out their faces (this was originally to stop them being recognized). Costume usually comprises white, long sleeved top and trousers with a black waistcoat. A blue strap is crossed across the chest and the wearer has bells tied on their ankles. A straw hat can also be worn. Lady versions are now available, although purists oppose females being involved in the morris. Costumes currently tend to be only for hire.

Moroccan – Native of Morocco, usual wears a long tunic and fez.

Morocco Mole- Sidekick assistant to Secret Squirrel in the cartoon series of the same name. Mole outfit, tunic as above plus dark glasses!

Morticia Addams – Matriarch of the horror cartoon family, The Addams. Popular costume all year round and not just at Halloween. Costumes are available to purchase but any tight fitting black dress, accessorised with a long black wig will be suitable.

Moth – Can be difficult to find as a costume. Butterfly costumes are more popular. If you can find a purple butterfly, you could call it a mauve moth, and at Halloween, with a skull mask or face make-up you can be a Deaths Head Moth. Some moths are quite pretty – you just need to improvise a little!


Mother Hubbard – You will need an over the top pantomime style costume to create this character.

Mother Goose - Hard to make yourself, hire versions are available.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta – Most people would wear a standard nun costume, although Mother Teresa’s habit was a white robe with light blue edging.

Mother Christmas – Normally portrayed wearing a longer length red dress (trimmed with white fur) and black belt. Most add a grey bun wig and small round glasses.

Motown Star – Men can go in a group, all wearing matching suits and afro wigs. Ladies can go as Diana Ross, Gladys Knight or The Supremes, in tight fitting dresses and afro wigs.

Moulin Rouge – A major entertainment venue in Montmatre, Paris, started in the 1890s and still in existence today. Best known for its dancers in can-can dresses, featuring frilled underskirts.

Mouse – Aside from Mickey, there are many other mice for which a mouse outfit can be useful: Nursey rhyme theme, criminal mousetermind or just counterpart to a cat as a couple pairing.

Mouseketeer - Name given to the presenters of Disney TV shows for children, they wore standard casual gear but also mouse-ear hats! Famous mouseketeers were Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera.

Movie Star –  Is this the character or the person playing the character?This is a theme in itself, and the problem is getting the likeness on many occasions the star is defined by an iconic outfit from a particular film.: A couple of suggestions would be: Marilyn Monroe (White pleated skirt or Pink Gown), and Richard Gere (US Naval Officer An Officer and a Gentleman),

Mozart (1756 1791) – The 1984 film called Amadeus, about Mozarts early life starred Tom Hulce. Wear a 18th Century frock coat with lace jabot and cuffs, breeches and white judges wig.

Mulan – A Chinese girl, who in place of her elderly father, disguised herself as a male and went to serve in the army. The story was dramatised by Disney.

Mummy - Costumes for both males and females are available to purchase or hire, but do be careful if you are planning to make your own version. Wrapping yourself in crepe bandages or toilet rolls is a potential fire risk and safety hazard. If you do want to make your own, use an old long sleeved top and trousers and sew tatty bandages on to it.

Munchkins- From the Wizard of Oz (created by Frank L Baum). Use a gnome or dwarf costume as a base. Munchkins wear large hats and striped socks with a generally blue colour scheme.

Munsters – Comedy horror TV show of the 1960s (counterpart to the Addams Family). Herman Munster uses a Frankenstein style costume, Lily, his wife, a similar costume to Frankenstein’s Bride but with long black hair (with a white stripe). Grandpa is based on a Dracula style character, whilst Eddie is a young werewolf and cousin Marilyn, the only ‘normal’ looking one of the lot.

Mushroom Mushroom costumes are not that easy to find, although they can be improvised with an umbrella and material. Be a fungii to be with!

Musketeer - These usually go out in threes (Athos, Porthos and Aramis). D’Artagnan makes up the would-be fourth! Costumes are available to hire and purchase. A musketeer will wear a shirt with large collar and cuffs, tabard, breeches, long socks, plumed hat, moustache, long hair and a sword.

Mutant Ninja Turtle Consists of 4 members, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo. Official costumes are available