Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter K

Face Bops - Kangarooview

Face Bops - Kangaroo

Freddy Kruegar Deluxe Sweaterview

Freddy Kruegar Deluxe Sweater

Neo - Matrix Costumeview

Neo - Matrix Costume

Gorilla Overhead Animal Maskview

Gorilla Overhead Animal Mask

Knight - Adult Costumeview

Knight - Adult Costume

Santa - Deluxe Costumeview

Santa - Deluxe Costume

Kermit The Frog Muppet Costumeview

Kermit The Frog Muppet Costume

Panda Overhead Animal Maskview

Panda Overhead Animal Mask


Costume Ideas for Letter K

K Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. Some of these may be featured in the list but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Katy Perry
  • Katy Price (Jordan)
  • Keira Knightley
  • Keith Lemon
  • Kelly Brook
  • Kelly Rowland
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Kate Middleton

Kaiser Bill – Nickname given to German Emperor, Wilhelm II. Use military uniform, spiked German hat and large handle-bar moustache.

Kaftan – Middle East/Oriental origin. Large shapeless gown with sleeves, can be simple or ornate. Was favoured in the 1960s/1970’s and sported by Demis Roussos.

Kaleidoscope – just wear a huge range of colours, and masses of jewellery

Kangaroo – Iconic symbol of Australia but possibly only hire costumes are available.

Karate Kid – Wear a judo, or Karate suit or a ninja cotume may suffice

Karen Carpenter – Female half of the popular 1970’s group ‘The Carpenters’.

Kate Beckinsale Actress who has appeared as both a Vampire (Underworld Black leather-style jumpsuit and boots) and a Vampire Slayer (Anna in Van Helsing corseted outfit in purple and black).

Kate Bush – Known for wearing gothic costumes in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kate Moss – You could pair up with a photographer here who follows you everywhere, taking pictures. Need to wear very trendy clothes and smoke a fake cigarette.

Kate Winslet - You will need to look at the films Kate has starred in and dress up in that character. For example, you could go as Rose from Titanic or Marianne from Sense and Sensibility.

Katy Perry – One of the new group of pop artists who have embraced the costume closet. As each new video and media ‘persona’ features different ‘looks’ and costumes, it may be difficult to define a single ‘signature’ outfit.

Katy Price (aka Jordan) – British model and celebrity who lives life in the media spotlight. Her look is extreme – she is almost always seen made-up, with heavy emphasis on the eyes, and in outfits which show off her enhanced figure. Alternatively, she is a keen horsewoman, so ‘hacking gear’ – blouse and jodhpurs may work just as well

Keanu Reeves – One half of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but now probably better known for playing ‘Neo’ in the Matrix trilogy of films.

Keira Knightley – British actress who has played the following roles (amongst others); Queen Amidala lookalike Sab (Star Wars;Phantom Menace); Tomboy female footballer (Bend It Like Beckham); Guinevere, war-painted tribal leader (King Arthur); Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean); Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) and Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (The Duchess).

Kelloggs Cereal what about going as the Kelloggs cockerel?

Ken – Long-time partner of the famous Barbie doll, who also appeared as a character in Toy Story 3.

Kenny – Kenny McCormick is the South Park kid with the hooded coat who keeps getting killed. Latex masks of this character have been available in the past.

Kenny Everett - Famous British radio DJ and television entertainer. Sid Snot, Cupid Stunt, The American General and Brother Lee Love were just a few characters seen in his TV series.

Kenobi, Obi-Wan – Leading Jedi knight seen in the Star Wars films. Official costumes are available.

Kermit -Sesame Street and Muppet Show superstar. A sell-through costume is available. Otherwise, masks and face bops available to help create the look.

Kevin Costner – Played major roles, several of which will give some easy costume options. Some examples are: Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves and a confederate soldier in Dances with Wolves.

Kewpie Doll – American doll typified by a kiss-curl on the top of the head.

Keystone Cop – Comic policemen seen in early silent movies. Uniform – navy blue, trimmed with gold braiding around cuffs and collar. Unusual dome-shaped hat. Police accessories such as large sliver badge and truncheons available to purchase.

Kid –  As in child.

Kid Creole – Pop star of the 1980/90s with his group The Coconuts. 1950’s American Zoot suit, long jacket with padded shoulders, baggy trousers with tapered hem and white or black fedora.

Killer Queen either to wear a Freddy Mercury costume, or a Queen intent on killing, use fake blood and carry a weapon with any standard queen like costume, or mask.

Killers choose from real or fictional killers (Jack the Ripper or Jason, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, etc.)

Kill Bill Bride – Beatrice The Bride Kiddo from the Quentin Tarantino films, seeks revenge when her former workmates ruin her wedding. Main costume available is based on the yellow cycle leathers outfit plus ninja sword.

Kindle – Someone’s going to suggest it! Not too difficult (if not necessarily the easiest item to wear) – white tablet costume with keyboard and words on a screen. For variations – the kindle with balloons and a hat – Birthday Kindle and Kindle with ‘Twas the Night before Christmas etc’ on the screen. – Christmas Kindle and ‘Kindle In The Wind’ also has possibilities.

King (The) – Who else can it be but Elvis! (Although those with a taste for the Thai may choose the King from The King and I musical/film) (see below).

King Alfred - Anglo-Saxon ruler (849-99AD), built the first English naval fleet. Anglo Saxon tunic and armour, available to hire or buy from fancy dress shops.

King Arthur – Legendary medieval King and husband to Queen Guinevere. Medieval robes and armour/crowns available to hire from fancy dress shops.

King John – Best known for his involvement in the signing of the Magna Carta (a document at the foundations of English democracy) in 1215. Royal Medieval costumes available to hire.

King Henry VIII – Infamous Tudor king (1491 – 1597) who had six wives, 2 of whom he had beheaded! Ornate Tudor costume with an auburn beard.

King Kong – Giant ape first seen in the 1933 of the same name. Gorilla suit, head and hands available to hire. Gorilla mask available to buy in fancy dress shops.

King Midas – Ancient king ofGreece who turned everything he touched into gold. Wear a Grecian robe and crown. Might work as a couple with someone who’s up for the Goldfinger Girl look!

King of Hearts – Aside from being a playing card, the King of Hearts is one of the characters from the book and films of Alices Adventures in Wonderland. Use a long red robe with white trimming and crown.

King of Siam – Principal character from ‘The King and I’. Wear ornate oriental trousers and waistcoat.

King of The Jews – Jesus costume available to purchase or make up your own with an old sheet.

King Rat – Arch-villain in the Dick Whittington pantomime.

King Richard I – Richard the Lion Heart. Red and white tabard, medieval armour and knight costume. To take it one step further a one man horse could be available to hire.

Kinky This outfit is open to your interpretation but can be devised from PVC, rubber, lycra or whatever takes your fancy.

Kirsten Dunst Wear a Marie Antoinette costume.

Kiss – The stadium rock group. Licensed costumes are available. Main feature are the mask-like predominantly black/white make-up designs the Demon, the Catman, the Spaceman and the Star Child.

Kite –  One you will have to make yourself at home with a bamboo (or something similar) frame and coloured paper just dont gout in high winds!

Kiwi – Mascot flightless bird ofNew Zealand. Costumes are fairly rare but aside from it also being the name of a green fruit, the name is also a nickname for a New Zealand rugby player.

KKK (Klu Klux Klan) - Not very politically correct but might work for a Bad Taste event. Main feature are the white conical hoods and robes.

Kitten – Use any cat kit or costume. Hello Kitty (Japanese white bobtail cat with a red ribbon) merchandise may also be useful.

Kleptomaniac – Wear clothing with several pockets and have various items stuffed in them (or have one or two suspicious bulges under the clothing). Wear a badge I used to be a Kleptomaniac but Ive taken something for it.

Klingon - Warrior/ Alien race in the fictional series ‘Star Trek’. Several official Klingon outfits (e.g. Worf from ST-The Next Generation) have been available but availability may be limited due to licensing issues.

Knave of Hearts – Character from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Wear black pantaloons, black tunic, red/yellow tights. Knave playing card tabard and tarts can also help create your look. Recently seen in a more macho central role in the 2010 Tim Burton ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Knight Warrior usually associated with King Arthur ofBritain and his Knights of the Round Table. Usually pictured wearing armour but this may not be a practical (or cost-effective) outfit. Many variations are available to purchase or hire.

Knocked Up Wear padding under your clothing, or how about our pregnant nun costume?

Koala Bear – Tree-dwelling bear (usually), native to Australia. Possibly only hire costumes available.

Kojak Bald head, rain coat and a lolly to suck are all essentials for this television character

Kris Kingle Dress up as Santa, or in a tennis outfit (from Wimbledon)

Kristen Stewart Actress famous for playing Bella in Twilight and soon to feature in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Kronos – The leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans. Use a Grecian robe.

Krusty The Clown – From the television series The Simpsons. Official costume is available to purchase.

Kung Fu – Black martial art tunic, trousers and headband. Black is the traditional colour, but others are available.

Kung Fu Panda Combine a panda outfit with King Fu accessories for Po, star of the eponymous film and its recent sequel.

Kurt Cobain He was the lead singer and guitarist with the band Nirvana. Wear a flannelette shirt, long hair, seedy beard, faded ripped jeans, trainers and a guitar.

Kurt Russell – Long term partner of Goldie Hawn. Played starring roles in many films. An easy option would be as Elvis in the film of the same name (1979).

Kylie Minogue – Australian pop star. Her outfits vary with videos and fashions. Also known for elaborate costumes (e.g. Showgirls) whilst on tour. Possibly best known for white ‘draped’ outfit worn in ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.