Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter H

Hawaiian Skirt - Short with flowersview

Hawaiian Skirt - Short with flowers

Harry Potter Costume Kitview

Harry Potter Costume Kit

Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costumeview

Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costume

Pink Ladies Hippy Costume - 2 Sizesview

Pink Ladies Hippy Costume - 2 Sizes

Home Guard - 1940s Costumeview

Home Guard - 1940s Costume

Penguin - Lightweightview

Penguin - Lightweight


Costumes Ideas for Letter H

H Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities, but for which there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Prince Harry
  • Harry Hill
  • Holly Willoughby
  • Harry Hill

Hagar the Horrible Viking-based cartoon character, featuring ginger hair and a beard. No official costumes so far as we know.

Hamburger - One of the fast food novelty costumes on the market. Could be teamed with a hotdog.

Hamburglar – Companion/nemesis of Ronald MacDonald from the early hamburger adverts.

Hamlet – Lead character in Shakespeare’s play of the same name. Wear any medieval doublet and hose style costume, rapier and a skull.

Hamster - Although Hamster costumes as such are rare, costumes for Penfold, Dangermouses hamster assistant can be found. Alternatively, how about going as Richard Hammond (a cardboard maskis available) he is nicknamed The Hamster?

Han Solo – Star Wars Character played by Harrison Ford. Wear light brown trousers, tunic and dark brown hooded cape. Licensed costumes are available for this character.

Handyman Although there is no official Bob the Builder costume, there are some lookalikes featuring workmen of various trades who can pass as Handymen or just improvise with some overalls and appropriate equipment.

Hangman – Wear black tunic and trousers with a full face hood (with eye holes) or a mask to hide your identity. Accessorise with an axe.

Hannibal Lector – Character from ‘Silence of The Lambs’ starring Anthony Hopkins. Wear an orange boiler suit (prisoner uniform) and a mask with mouth guard. You can also use a strait jacket.

Handel, George Frederic Handel (1685 1759) – Wear a Georgian style costume, with wig

Hansel – Woodcutter’s son from the folk tale Hansel and Gretel. Wear a German or Austrian style costume consisting of shirt, lederhosen, long socks and a Bavarian hat for Hansel, and a continental style dress with patterned trim, hat (or plaited wig) and apron for Gretel).

Happy- One of Disneys Seven Dwarfs. The name is copyright but a child-size mask is available

Happy FeetName of an animated film about penguins and the nickname of a penguin rescued in New Zealand.

Harem Girl Wear a belly dancer costume, although you can wear more veils to look more alluring! Eyes should be dark and smouldering.

Harem Guard – Usually portrayed as Arabian men in costumes which can look very similar to male genie (waistcoat and harem pants). A turban can be worn and a sword can be carried.

Harlequin – Also known as Arlechinno. From the Italian Commedia D’ell Arte, he is the hero of the Harlequinade and lover of Columbine. Wear a one piece body suit decorated with a diamond pattern, a black bi-corn hat and black eye mask.

Harley Quinn - From the Batman cartoons. Ex-doctor converted by the Joker to become his partner and confidante. Wears a black/red jester style jumpsuit with matching headwear. Whitened face with black mask-style make-up

Harlot – Another name for a prostitute, usually associated with Biblical times.

Harpo Marx - One of the famous Marx Brothers (1930s family comedy group). Harpo was the silent one. Wear a long, light coloured coat, reddish-blonde curly hair, battered top hat and carry a motor horn.

Harry, HRH Prince -Brother to William. A cardboard celebrity mask is available. Can be worn with a German-style uniform!

Harry Potter – Famous junior wizard from Hogwarts. Wear black rimmed glasses, a lightening scar on the forehead and a black Gryffindor robe. Licensed robes, glasses, broomsticks, owls and wands are all available to purchase.

Hawaiian – Normally a summer theme in theUK in the everlasting hope that it may stay dry for an outside barbecue/party! An easy theme to put together as you can purchase garlands (leis), grass skirts, coconut bras etc., very cheaply. Costumes for both men and ladies are available on the market, but most people do tend to just accessorise their own beach/summer wear.

Hawaiian Chief – Use fake fur, bone necklaces, grass skirt and face paint to create a Hawaiian Chief/Witchdoctor type of character.

Hawaiian Tourist - Bad taste shirts and shorts, sunglasses, sunhat and camera. Using face paint create a ‘sun burnt’ look (don’t forget to leave the eyes white as if you have been wearing sunglasses).

Heart A novelty costume popular around February 14th (aka St Valentines Day).

Hearts, King & Queen of Two of the face cards found in a playing card pack, also characters in the book by Lewis Carroll Alices Adventures in Wonderland.

Hearts, Knave of Also known as the Jack of Hearts. One of the face cards found in a playing card pack., plus a character from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme, The Tarts. The rhyme also features the King and Queen of Hearts.

Heathcliffe – Character from Emily Bronte’s ‘WutheringHeights’. Dark, brooding, Gypsy look.

Heavy Metal Fan – Suitable for both men and women. Wear leathers, or black clothing, ripped jeans, spiked or gelled hair, eyeliner. Tattoos and instruments and optional extra.

Heavyweight Boxer Heaviest of the boxing weights, for a fighter weighing over 200lbs (14st 4lb).

Hedgehog - Popular wild animal but the only costumes currently available are in the larger mascot-style. Use a Sonic The Hedgehog costume instead

Heffner, Hugh Founder of the Playboy club. An official smoking jacket/dressing gown with playboy bunny motif is available. Can work as a couple/pair with a Bunny Girl.

Heidi - Alpine heroine from books by Johanna Spyri. Wear Bavarian style dress or short, gingham dress. Blonde hair in plaits.

Helen of Troy – Wife of King Menelaus, and reputed to be the most beautiful woman inGreece. She eloped with Paris, son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba ofTroy and this event caused the Trojan War. Wear any Grecian style dress. Many are available on the market to purchase.

Helga – Assistant/Secretary/Lover of Herr Flick, the Gestapo officer in the popularUK television series ‘Allo ‘Allo. Blonde hair rolled up in to side plaits and a German uniform.

Hello Kitty Popular Japanese cartoon character, a white bobtail cat with a red bow, created in 1974. Clothing and merchandise are already available and there may be costumes on the market soon.

Hells Angel - Either you can take the straight biker-based approach or create a devil/angel combination.

He-Man – Cartoon hero of the 1990s. He-Man is a very muscular chap with bulging biceps (a muscle chest is available to purchase if you are lacking in this department!). Red shorts and boots with a leather chest piece. Blonde bob hair.

Hen - Not dissimilar to a chicken, although most hens are typical brown and most chicken costumes are yellow!

Henny Penny – Character from children’s book who believed the sky was falling in. Chicken costume.

Henchman – Characters seen in Pantomime often in pairs. A medieval peasant or gangster costume could suffice.

Henry Cooper - English heavyweight boxer during the 1960s. Boxing gloves are available to purchase, just add a pair of over sized shorts.

Henry Ford – Inventor of the modern day motor car. Wear traditional Victorian costume.

Henry II (1133 -89) – Father of Richard I and King John. Brought about the murder of Thomas a Beckett in Canterbury Cathedral. Wear medieval costume.

Henry VII (1485-1509) – Wear typical Tudor style costume.

Henry VIII – Probably the most famous, or should that be infamous, English Monarch. Wear ornate tunic and over-robe, hat. Ginger beard.

Henry Higgins, Professor - Leading character in the musical/film, My Fair Lady. He undertakes a wager to be able to pass off a street-seller flower girl (Eliza Doolittle) as a socialite. Wears Edwardian frock suit.

Hepburn, Audrey - Belgium-born actress, best known for roles as Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffanys) and Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady film).

Hercules (Herecles) -Legendary character of Greek mythology famed for his strength and performance of twelve seemingly impossible iasks/labours. Costume consists a leopard or lion-skin tunic plus club.

Hermione Granger Female character from J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter books, etc.. Honey blonde wig, Gryffindor robe and wand.

Herr Flick - Another character from ‘Allo ‘Allo. Wear a long, black, trench coat, wire rimmed glasses and a trilby hat.

Hiawatha – Character from Longfellow’s romantic poem. Indian brave costume and headdress.

Highlander – Although there was a film series ‘Highlander’ this name usually associates with a Scotsman or the Mel Gibson character, Braveheart. Strictly speaking a Braveheart costume would not have had the traditional Scottish tartan as this was imposed by the English much later. A Braveheart ‘tartan’ should be more earthy tones.

Highwayman/woman – Dick Turpin is probably the most famous Highwayman. Trademark look is a frock coat, cape, jabot, shirt, tri-corn and pistol. You can also wear an eye mask or a handkerchief covering the lower part of your face. Highway robbing was also rife amongst the ladies of the day. These ladies would often have dressed as men as part of their disguise.

Hilda Ogden – Character from British Soap operaCoronation Street. Wear a housewife apron or overall and hair in curlers, covered with a headscarf or net. Licensed costume now available.

Hippo The River Horse isa creature that carries some weigh in the rivers of the jungle. Costumes are available.

Hippolyta – Queen of The Amazons from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummers Night Dream’. A Grecian style

Hippy – From the 60s and early 70s you can have a lot of fun with a hippy costume. There are many costumes on the market for both men and women, and a huge range of accessories to make your own outfit. Long hair, men wearing moustaches, CND medallions, Spliffs, wacky weed, beads, flares, kaftans and flowers are all suitable for a hippy costume.

Hitler (Adolf) – Grey or black German uniform, with slicked back hair and small moustache.

HitmanAssassin (e.g. Ninja outfit) or gangster can work here.

Hobbit – Character from JRR Tolkien’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’. Wear a basic Saxon/Medieval costume with a dark cloak. Hobbits had big hairy feet. Maybe use a pair of novelty slippers and cover them with theatrical hair to get the effect. There are some licensed feet and costumes available.

Holly Golightly - Character played by Audrey Hepburn in the 1962 film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Black beehive hairstyle, elegant black, gown, choker and a cigarette holder.

Hollywood Starlet/Film Star – Most people would tend to use a well known actor or actress in a famous film. Marilyn Monroe’s white halter-neck dress, or Richard Gere’s white Naval Officer.

Holmes, Sherlock Famous fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Deerstalker hat, short cape and meerschaum pipe create the stereotype.

Home Guard – Dad’s Army style 1940’s uniform.

Homer Simpson Dad from The Simpsons.

Horatio Nelson (1758 – 1805) – A costume you will probably need to hire. Frock coat, shirt, cravat, breeches and bi-corn hat.

Horse - A Pantomime horse costume may be a little impractical in some scenarios Single person horse outfits are available, although masks are available for the brave who want to make their own costume.

Horse Rider – Riding hat, jodhpurs, boots and optional jacket are required for this look. Jockey costumes are available to purchase.

Hot Dog – Great novelty foamed costume – will provide many laughs.

Hotlips -Nickname for Nurse Houlihan character in the MASH film and TV series, set in the Korean war.

Houdini, Harry Famous magician and escapologist of Victorian times. Wear a Victorian style tailcoat and carry (or have about your person) rope, blindfold, handcuffs etc. if necessary

Hubbard, Old MotherAged Nursery rhyme character who found herself unable to feed her pet dog.

Huggy Bear – Character from the 1970s television series, Starsky & Hutch. Often depicted wearing a purple, pimp style costume plus an afro hairstyle. In theory, any pimp costume will suffice.

Hula-Hula girl – FromHawaii. Grass skirts, garlands and bra tops are available to purchase, but novelty fat suits are also available to purchase.

Hulk (The) - Marvel comic character and alter-ego of scientist Bruce Banner. Basically comprises a green muscle suit. A licensed costumes is available..

Hulk Hogan Former American wrestler and current reality TV star famous for his uncompromising attitude!

Humphrey Bogart(1899-1957) – Famous film star in films such as ‘The African Queen’ and ‘Casablanca’. Wear a dinner suit or trench coat, with a fedora hat and a cigarette for an easy costume option.

Humpty Dumpty – Nursery rhyme character who also appears in the book Alice hrough The Looking Glass. Difficult costume to make as it will require a fair amount of padding to create the round egg shape.

Hunchback of Notre Dame.- Character also called Quasimodo. Wear a peasant costume with stuffing on the back to create the ‘hunchback’.

Hunter Wildlife enthusiast. Typically wears pith helmet, multi-pocket safari shirt/blouse, shorts and sensible shoes or boots. Whereas he/she might have once carried a gun, a camera or net may be more acceptable.