Christmas Costumes

Father Christmas Deluxe Costumeview

Father Christmas Deluxe Costume

Elf Ladies Christmas Outfitview

Elf Ladies Christmas Outfit


Christmas Costumes

Do you belong to the “Tis the season to be jolly” brigade, who start planning their Christmas as early as possible?

Or, are you more like Scrooge with his “Bah! Humbug!” outlook on Christmas fun, where everything gets left until the last minute?

Whatever your viewpoint, here at Props & Frocks we can make your Christmas festivities exceptional.

If you want more than just the traditional Christmas costumes for nativity plays or local events (perhaps you are going to an ‘office’ party or need a novelty Christmas costume) take a look at the list on the left for other ideas & suggestions.

Traditional Christmas Costumes
We have a range of traditional costumes for the festive season, from a diverse selection of Mother Christmas Costumes and Miss Santa outfits to an assorted range of products for Santa’s other helpers. Needless to say, we also have Father Christmas suits for those wishing to emulate the Great Man himself.

Father Christmas – We both sell and hire Father Christmas outfits. Whatever your budget we have a costume for you. If you already have a purchased costume why not check out our range of Father Christmas accessories, such as wigs, beards, eyebrows, belts, white gloves, bell? The person chosen to represent Father Christmas may not necessarily have the required girth – in which case we have the answer – the Santa belly. There are even Father Christmas costumes for the small set.

Mother Christmas – Not everyone wants to go short and sassy at Christmas. Our range of Mother Christmas and Miss Christmas outfits, offer a more modest length and also have long sleeves and capes to keep you warm on those chilly winter days and evenings.

Miss Santa – The short and sassy Miss Santa is a popular look for those with an inclination for festive fun, and needless to say, there are a wide range of styles and designs available, both for hire and retail.

Elves – We have got some great fun Elf costumes in stock, for males and females, adults and children. For a more impressive look, we have a Mascot-style Elf for sale (although be mindful of the limited vision and enclosure factors). If you want to improvise your own costume, we also have a range of elf accessories such as ears, hats, kits, shoes (some with bells on) and even half red/half green tights.

Fairies – Fairies and Fairy Godmothers are integral to both Christmas and to several major pantomimes (another popular Christmas theme). As a general rule, with godmothers being a little ‘older’, their outfits tend to be more like ballgowns, rather than the tutu-based outfits found with the younger, flightier fairies. Although white and silver may be the traditional look, the essential wings and wands sets are available in a variety of colours. Our selection of tiaras may prove useful.

Victorian Carol Singers – For a more historical/classic look to your festivities, the Carol Singer concept can be popular. Admittedly it works best for a group, but at least, if the weather is seasonably cold, if you are outdoors, you are warmer than those who have chosen the skimpier options.

When it comes to Nativity costumes, these are usually required for children rather than adults, although we have found ourselves occasionally providing some adult costumes such as Angels and Shepherds for the benefit of an office Christmas party or seasonal fund-raising event.   See our main Nativity Section.


Nativity Costumes

Shepherd Costume -Brownview

Shepherd Costume -Brown

Mary - Girls Costume Smallview

Mary - Girls Costume Small


Nativity Costumes

Although we do get asked for nativity costumes, and we do stock a ladies Mary Costume, and Arab costumes that would be ideal as shepherds, our Nativity range of outfits is based mainly around primary aged children.

The Nativity Play continues to be an essential part of Christmas for many children (and their parents). We can supply costumes for Mary, Joseph, the three Kings and other characters of the traditional Nativity including shepherds. We also stock a range of animal half-face masks (such as Donkeys and Cows) which are based on a headband format.  As communities are becoming more multi-cultural, the baby Jesus might also receive some less traditional visitors and animals these days! Some schools may also attempt alternative styles of seasonal production (we did hear of one enterprising school, which aside from the traditional angels and shepherds, also had children dressing-up as stars and planets!).  Subject to the CE regulations which cover children’s costumes, we are always willing to rise to the challenge – although the more warning we have, the better we may be able to help.

Nativity Costume Ideas

  • Angels – Angel outfits for adults and children (including an adult light-up angel). Accessory sets such as feather wings, wands and halo’s.
  • Shepherds – In the old, pre-Internet days, parents/schools used tea towels as improvised shepherds’ headgear. Times have moved on, and ‘instant shepherd’ kits can be found. Shepherd costumes based on Arab robes, (often striped) plus a ‘crook’ or ‘staff’ (some of which come in segments to be joined together)      help to complete the look.
  • Mary – Traditionally Mary wears blue and white robes.
  • Joseph – Rather like the shepherds, any plain mid-eastern robes, plus a beard will probably suffice.
  • Wise Men//Three Kings costumes – Gaspar (or Casper), Melchior, and Balthasar Kings’ robes & crowns are available to purchase. Remember you might also need to find the ‘gifts’; gold, frankincense and myrrh.
  • Donkey costumes for both adults and children, plus various other stable animals, such as cows, sheep and even the odd camel.