Nativity Costumes

Shepherd Costume -Brownview

Shepherd Costume -Brown

Mary - Girls Costume Smallview

Mary - Girls Costume Small


Nativity Costumes

Although we do get asked for nativity costumes, and we do stock a ladies Mary Costume, and Arab costumes that would be ideal as shepherds, our Nativity range of outfits is based mainly around primary aged children.

The Nativity Play continues to be an essential part of Christmas for many children (and their parents). We can supply costumes for Mary, Joseph, the three Kings and other characters of the traditional Nativity including shepherds. We also stock a range of animal half-face masks (such as Donkeys and Cows) which are based on a headband format.  As communities are becoming more multi-cultural, the baby Jesus might also receive some less traditional visitors and animals these days! Some schools may also attempt alternative styles of seasonal production (we did hear of one enterprising school, which aside from the traditional angels and shepherds, also had children dressing-up as stars and planets!).  Subject to the CE regulations which cover children’s costumes, we are always willing to rise to the challenge – although the more warning we have, the better we may be able to help.

Nativity Costume Ideas

  • Angels – Angel outfits for adults and children (including an adult light-up angel). Accessory sets such as feather wings, wands and halo’s.
  • Shepherds – In the old, pre-Internet days, parents/schools used tea towels as improvised shepherds’ headgear. Times have moved on, and ‘instant shepherd’ kits can be found. Shepherd costumes based on Arab robes, (often striped) plus a ‘crook’ or ‘staff’ (some of which come in segments to be joined together)      help to complete the look.
  • Mary – Traditionally Mary wears blue and white robes.
  • Joseph – Rather like the shepherds, any plain mid-eastern robes, plus a beard will probably suffice.
  • Wise Men//Three Kings costumes – Gaspar (or Casper), Melchior, and Balthasar Kings’ robes & crowns are available to purchase. Remember you might also need to find the ‘gifts’; gold, frankincense and myrrh.
  • Donkey costumes for both adults and children, plus various other stable animals, such as cows, sheep and even the odd camel.

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