Disney Couple Costumes

Pirate Caribbean Captainview

Pirate Caribbean Captain

Kermit The Frog Muppet Costumeview

Kermit The Frog Muppet Costume

Indian - Ladies Costumeview

Indian - Ladies Costume

Mr Potato Head - Toy Story Costumeview

Mr Potato Head - Toy Story Costume

Robin Hood Adult Costumeview

Robin Hood Adult Costume


Disney Couples Costumes

Here we look at a selection of Couples (or Partners) options for a Disney theme event. Some of these couples are not necessarily romantic involved but may be in a ‘just good friends’ type of relationship!

Mickey & Minnie Mouse: Although an obvious starter when it comes to Disney, Mickey and Minnie pose a bit of a mystery. Are they actually married or just in a very long-term relationship? Their status need not necessarily concern us, and they are undoubtedly a fa-mouse couple. Unusually, Mickey has a wider range of potential looks available than Minnie: His initial ‘Red Shorts’ period (from his breakout film ‘Steamboat Willy’), his Sorcerer’s Apprentice robes (from Fantasia) and his later, more formal tail-coat MC look. Minnie meanwhile seems stuck with a red/white spotted dress and head-bow (although a black/white spotted variation has been marketed in the past). Although we do stock Mouse ears, you will need to look at our hire range to find costumes that you could wear for this famous duo.

Donald & Daisy Duck: Whilst Mickey and Minnie are well known, Donald and Daisy have taken a back seat in recent years, possibly because of Donald’s anger management issues. Furthermore, so far as we can tell, there are no official Disney standard outfits available (although some mascot-style outfits can be found). That said, there are a few lookalikes of Donald’s distinctive sailor-suit outfit available on the market, and the enterprising couple could probably improvise a suitable set of outfits.

Peter Pan & Wendy: Despite a misunderstanding in which Wendy asks for a kiss and gets an acorn, she and Peter develop a relationship throughout their adventures in Neverland. Leaving aside the fact that Peter is often played by a female for the purposes of panto, this can be a novel couple concept, especially with Wendy potentially wandering around in night-attire.

Peter Pan & Captain Hook are also another very popular couple with plenty of pirate accessories and superior quality outfits in our hire range for you to try on.

The Peter Pan story has so many characters, so why not pair up with one of these:

  • Tinkerbell
  • Smee
  • Mermaids
  • Tiger Lilly

Esmeralda & Quasimodo: Victor Hugo’s tale of two outcasts – Quasimodo, the Hunchback bell-ringer of Notre Dame and Esmeralda, the gypsy girl has been told in many ways and the relationship is such that it is not fated to end well. Nonetheless, Disney, as always, manages to accentuate the positive sides of the story- she helps him during the Festival of Fools and he rescues her from being burnt at the stake –  and this pairing can prove a prove a good contrasting couple. Hire costumes are available.

Jack Skellington & Sally: The unrequited love of Sally, the ragdoll, for Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown forms a backdrop to the action in Tim Burton’s classic ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Outfits for both characters are available in both standard and deluxe versions (ie with one Jack costume, you get a mask, with another you buy it separately) and your Sally will require an appropriate rag doll make-up, but these two can work as a great Disney couple, and not just for Halloween.

Robin Hood & Maid Marian: Whilst Disney did do a live action Robin Hood in 1952, arguably their better-known version is the animation in which Hood and his Merry Men are played by animals! Hence, for a slightly different angle, in which you can mix Disney animals with mainstream costume characters, you can choose these two. Both Robin and Marian are foxes (Marian perhaps more so – depends on the costume) and the only potential problem is the usual one with wearing fox masks and still being able to eat, drink and communicate in a party environment. Our male Robin Hood Costume is always popular and looks great with our Lady in Waiting Costume which is ideal to wear as a Maid Marion costume.

Woody & Bo-Peep (or Jessie): Woody the cowboy sheriff toy is one of the main men of the Toy Story films, but he is one of the few Disney heroes who is seen to change relationships over the course of his movies. For the first film, he definitely has a thing going with Bo-Peep and the rapport seems to grow over the course of the action. However she has disappeared by Toy Story 2 – possibly ‘moving on’ in the same yard-sale as the one from which Woody is abducted, and Woody finds himself in the company of a new partner (although possibly an ‘ex’) – Jessie, the yodelling cowgirl from Woody’s old Roundup gang. Costumes for Woody and Jess are available and Bo-Peep just requires a pink shepherdess outfit (perhaps for practical purposes, without the large wide crinoline), a crook and possibly a lamb-bag. We stock Bo Peep costumes and Woody Outfits.

Mr & Mrs Potato Head: Mr Potato Head had been a long-term favourite toy with children of all ages and nationalities well before Toy Story, but the award winning Pixar film (technically made before Pixar & Disney teamed) proved a breakthrough. After establishing his role in film one, his wish for a Mrs Potato Head is granted and she joins him for the other two films. These Potato Head costumes have the advantage of instant recognisability and an easiness to wear, being based on a tabard-style design.

Pocahontas & John Smith: The story of a Native American Indian girl and an English explorer, based on a true story as opposed to a fairy tale, is a popular if less mainstream Disney film. Costuming should pose no problem for the female (try to avoid using the Squaw word, which is considered derogatory) but Captain John may require a little more improvisation: Avoid the pirate look (which most costume search engines may throw up) and look for something based more on the Tudor/Stuart period.

Mary Poppins & Bert: The practically perfect nanny and her indubitably English ‘side-kick’ Bert the Sweep offer an interesting couple option. Mary is essentially a classic Edwardian nanny, our Blue Victorian Ladies Costume is ideal for this Disney Character. Options for Bert are either a Chimney Sweep outfit (with the brush being an optional extra), which is possibly the more recognisable look, or the Edwardian Blazer and Boater from the cartoon-based ‘Jolly Holiday’ fantasy sequence in which Bert shows he can scrub up nicely.

Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann: Given that Elizabeth weds another in the course of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, one might doubt that there was ever a ‘thing’ between Captain Sparrow and Miss Swann – as Jack says “It would never have worked out”. That aside, males generally don’t have as many qualms about dressing in a pirate costume as, say, a prince, especially for a Johnny Depp impression. As for the girls, they have a choice between Elizabeth in Georgian finery – see our hire range of Georgian Costumes (but go easy on the corsets) or disguised as a cabin-boy/pirate.

Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy: An ardent yet strange relationship, which has stood the test of time over many years of The Muppet Show, and several films. The availability of Muppet costumes and masks has varied, but with a second new Muppet movie adventure in the offing, now is as good a time as any to celebrate this novel pair.

Alice & The Mad Hatter. Alice in Wonderland has so many couple, or group, ideas you can decide on which character you really want to be. Alice Costumes are available to purchase in short and longer lengths, and we also stock a wide range in our hire costumes. We also have Mad Hatter costumes to hire as well as purchase.

Alice in Wonderland has so many characters you really are spoilt for choice. Other costumes you could use to make a pairing include:

  • Queen of Hearts
  • White Rabbit
  • Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee

Cinderella. Cinderella is another Disney character that has a choice of potential couple costumes including:

  • Prince Charming – look at our hire range of costumes
  • Ugly Sisters
  • Fairy Godmother

Snow White. A great option for couples, or groups. There are Snow White Costumes to purchase as well as hire. Couple this costume with:

  • Woodcutter – use our Robin Hood Costume for this character
  • Prince Charming
  • Wicked Queen – Ravenna from the recent Snow White & The Huntsmen is ideal for a Wicked Queen costume
  • Dwarves – look at our Gnome costumes

Princess Leia & Darth Vader. Although not strictly a couple in the film many people decide to wear these Star Wars Costumes. You could also chose from the following as well to make your partner:

  • Darth Maul – hire and purchase
  • Stormtrooper
  • Jedi Knights – hire only

Belle (Beauty & The Beast). Belle is best known for wearing a golden ball gown – we have costumes suitable for this character in our hire department. Official costumes are available for both these characters. Many of the other characters in this Fairytale are quite difficult to find and will require some home made inspiration.

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Couple Costume Ideas

Mr Incredible Costumeview

Mr Incredible Costume

Knight - Adult Costumeview

Knight - Adult Costume

Juliet - Medieval Costumeview

Juliet - Medieval Costume


Couples Costume Ideas

It can be nice to dress up with a partner, or friend or family member and go to a party dressed as a couple.

Its really a question of the relationship. In the true Mr & Mrs field, we have got The Flintstones and the Rubbles, Shrek and Fiona, Frankenstein and Bride (they were made for each other) and Dracula and his Bride (or consort) even Mr and Mrs Potato Head! If you are aiming for the just good friends approach, it is the complementary costumes that can be useful. Famous couples like Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, and Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney Sweep. There can also be less obvious matches such as Miss Muffet and a Spider, a Ringmaster/mistress and a Lion/Tiger and a Rabbit/Bunny Girl and a carrot!

You may need a same sex couple, so don’t forget Batman & Robin (or The Joker), Noddy & Big Ears to give you just a couple of ideas.

Here are some great couple costume ideas:

  • Captain & Sailor Male and female nautical costumes are available for both
  • Abba a great idea for two ladies
  • Silk Spectre & Rorschach, Night Owl (Watchmen Costumes)
  • Cruella & Dalmation – we stock a lovely dalmation overhead mask
  • Super Mario Brothers ideal for two men – our Plumber Mate costumes are ideal to use for these 80s characters
  • Sexy Referee & Footballer
  • Male & female Spanish Dancers
  • Scooby Doo & Daphne, Velma, Shaggy or Fred – we stock all the Scooby Doo costumes
  • Headteacher & Schoolgirl
  • Shrek & Princess Fiona, or one of the other many characters featured in the films
  • Columbia & Riff Raff, Magenta & Frank n Furta (Rocky Horror) – we stock all The Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes
  • Where’s Wally & Where’s Wanda Costumes
  • Teddy Boy & Teddy Girl
  • Austin Powers & Felicity Shagwell, Fat Barstead, Dr Evil
  • French Maid & French Tart, French Man – look at our range of French costume ideas
  • Indian Brave & Indian Squaw
  • Knight & Damsel – look at our medieval costumes
  • Vicky Pollard & Andy, Daffyd (Little Britain Costumes)
  • Cowboy & Saloon Girl costumes
  • Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Dinner suit and a long dress very glamorous!
  • Nun & Vicar, Pope, Cardinal, Monk – look at our range of religious costumes
  • Witch & Wizard costume
  • Bill, Ben (& weed) ideal unisex costumes
  • Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Mr Potato Head all the Toy Story Costumes
  • Laurel & Hardy
  • Blues Brothers – we stock some Blues Brothers Hatsand all the accessories youcould need to put this costume together
  • Cleopatra (see our Egyptian costumes) & Caesar or Mark Anthony – look at our range of Roman costumes
  • Gangster ( we stock Gangster costumes and a full range of gangster accessories) & Gangsters Moll (Flapper dress costume)
  • Sheriff, Outlaw, Southern Belle take a look at all of our western costumes
  • Romeo & Juliet – Medieval Costumes
  • Henry VIII & one of his wives – Hire costumes only
  • Fred & Wilma Flintstone – We stock the whole range of Flintstone costumes
  • Barney & Betty Rubble
  • Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Wednesday any of The Addams Family costumes
  • Police & Convict costume
  • Noddy & Big Ears
  • Freddy Krueger & Miss Krueger
  • Princess Leia & Darth Vader, and the other Star Wars costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland & Mad Hatter, March Hare, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts – See al of our Alice in Wonderland costumes
  • Red Riding Hood & Wolf
  • Snow White, 7 Dwarfs, Prince Charming, Wicked Queen
  • Cinderella, Prince Charming, Ugly Sisters
  • Batman & Robin, The Joker, Riddler
  • Supergirl & Superman
  • Andy Pandy & Loopy Lou
  • Neo & Trinity Matrix Costumes
  • Dorothy & Scarecrow, Wicked Witch of The West, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man – Wizard of Oz costumes
  • Sandy & Danny from Grease
  • Robin Hood & Maid Marion (& Friar Tuck, Merry Men etc)
  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell
  • Belly Dancer & Arab
  • Santa & Miss Christmas or Elf – Christmas costumes
  • Devil & Angel
  • Ringmaster & Clown
  • Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann
  • Dead Bride & Groom
  • Dracula & Draculas Bride
  • Penelope Pitstop & Dick Darstardly
  • Popeye & Olve Oyl
  • Arwen & Gandalf
  • King Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin
  • Minnie & Mickey Mouse
  • Beauty & The Beast
  • Mr & Mrs Incredible
  • Hansel & Gretel
  • Adam & Eve – wear a nude suit (if you are brave enough!)
  • George & The Dragon
  • Frankenstein & Frankenstein’s Bride
  • Horse & Rider – we have some great one man horse costumes to hire, so you can go as a double costume on your own!
  • 118 Marathon Runners
  • Gorilla & Banana