London Underground Songs to Play

Ghost Kids Costumeview

Ghost Kids Costume



As your guests arrive it would be a good idea to try and have music on that helps to create the mood and has a train / underground theme. Once the party gets underway, normal party music can continue.

Some musical ideas include:

  • Going Underground – The Jam
  • The Locomotion – Kylie Minogue
  • Waterloo – Abba
  • Blue Train – Johnny Cash
  • Downbound Train – Bruce Springsteen
  • Downtown Train – Rod Stewart
  • Friendship Train – The Temptations
  • Ghost Train – Bee Gees
  • Hear My train a Comin’ – Jimi Hendrix
  • I’m Leaving on a Goods Train
  • Locomotive – Motorhead
  • Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Knight & The Pips
  • Mystery Train – Elvis Presley
  • Runaway Train – Elton John
  • Runaway Train – Eric Clapton
  • Silver Train – Rolling Stones
  • Station to Station – David Bowie

We are pretty sure you can think of some more…

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London Underground Costume Ideas

Angel Ladies Light Up Costumeview

Angel Ladies Light Up Costume

Freddie Mercury Style Costume - PVC Jacket and White Trousersview

Freddie Mercury Style Costume - PVC Jacket and White Trousers

Victorian Adult Maid Costumeview

Victorian Adult Maid Costume

Teachers Gown - Adult Budget Costumeview

Teachers Gown - Adult Budget Costume

Georgian Boy Costumeview

Georgian Boy Costume

Rabbit Mascot Style Costumeview

Rabbit Mascot Style Costume

Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Hatview

Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Hat

Knight - Adult Costumeview

Knight - Adult Costume


The theme that has been chosen is The London Underground. Your guests have to dress up as one of the stations. It is a play on words and you need to think a bit outside the box! Some stations may be linked to something, Wembley for example is England’s home venue for football, so you could dress up as a footballer. Holloway has a large ladies prison, so you could wear a convict outfit. Hope you get the idea!

Although this page of costume ideas is based on the London Underground, there is no reason why you can’t take it as an idea and work out some what you could do in your local area.

Choosing ‘London Underground Stations’ for a fancy dress party theme is a great idea. Your guests however may not agree with you! They will receive an invitation and particularly, if they are not keen on dressing up, may not turn up at all, or turn up but refuse to wear a costume. Costume parties work best when all, or at least the majority of your guests are dressed up. So what can you do? Well, this information page, will help. We have listed lots of London Underground Stations below and given some costume ideas. You could print this list off or give your guests a link to this page so they can have a look.

There are currently around 250 different stations on the London Underground network – there have been more. At one time, in the 1880s, the ‘Underground’ stretched as far as Windsor (sharing a line with the Great Western Railway) and had 340 stations on the network.

Guests Who Just Don’t Want To Dress Up

No matter how much information you give there will still be a small percentage of people who just do not like dressing up. Fair enough, not everyone is the same. We have given some ideas of props or wigs that can be used for some Underground Stations. Most guests who do not dress up will often regret it once they have arrived as they feel like an outsider. We can’t have that, so It may be worth your while buying a few of these accessories that you can hand out to these guests as they arrive so they do not feel left out.

A beehive wig- High Barnet Monolopy Money – Pinned on to ‘normal’ clothes – Bank

Safety Pins – Pinner

Wings – Angel

Chef’s Hat – Baker Street

Dog Mask – Barking

Tennis racket – Wimbledon

Picture of Vauxhall car – Vauxhall

Bows – Pinned on for Bow

Cricket bat – Oval

Underground Stations – Costume Ideas

Okay, so now let us move on to all of those peole who will dress up and get into the spirit of the whole thing. Some of these require more work than others but hopefully they will give you a starting point.
North Wembley – Football kit

Wembley Central – Football kit

Queens Park – Queen costume with parking sign. You could always use a Freddie Mecury type of costume to make it more difficult to guess

Maida Vale – Maid costume wearing a veil

Paddington – Paddington Bear

Baker Street – Chef or Sherlock Holmes Costume

Oxford Circus – Clown costume wearing a mortar board or Oxford Dictionary. Or wear a headmaster gown, mortar board with a clown’s red nose and/or face paint.

Regent Park – Royal type of costume with a parking sign

Charing Cross – Maid (or Char) costume holding/wearing a cross

Waterloo – Abba Costume or Nelson or Napolean costume

Elephant & Castle – Elephant Costume maybe carrying a picture of a castle

Shepherds Bush – Sherpherd/Nativity costume with a large beard

Holland Park – Dutch costume with a parking sign

Notting Hill Gate -Carnival costume

Royal Oak – Brown trousers, green top, green wig and a crown

Bow Road – Covered with lots of various bows

Queensbury – Queen costume holding some berries

Bond Street – Dinner Suit / Tuxedo

Tottenham Court Road – Football kit with a court wig

St Pauls – Bishop or another religious costume

Kings Cross – Elvis costume with a cross

Cannon Street – Religious Costume

Blackfriars – Black Monk costume – or use a normal brown monk – just pain your face black

Victoria – Queen Victoria / Victorian costume

Sloane Square – Twin set and pearls, ‘la de da’ voice

Barons Court – Baron Costume, court wig

Earls Court – Georgian Costume with a court wig

West Ham – West Ham Football kit

Upton Park – West Ham Football kit

Barking – Dog costume

Hornchurch – Religious Costume with horns

Kingsbury- King (could use Elvis) costume holding some berries

Canary Wharf – Canary Costume or Use Tweety Pie instead!

North Greenwich – Watch or clock, arrow pointing north

Greenwich – wear a green witch costume (see it is easier than you probably first thought!)

Oval – Cricket gear

Angel Islington – Angel costume

South Wimbledon – Womble costume or tennis whites

Stratford – Tudor / Elizabethan costume (Shakespeare)

Knightsbridge – Knight costume, holding a picture of a bridge

Covent Garden – Vampire costume holding a bunch of flowers

Caledonian Road – Scottish Costume

Holloway – Convict

Canada Water – A Canadian Mountie with a watering can

Arsenal – Arsenal football kit or carrying loads of weapons

Cockfosters – Chicken costume holding a can of Fosters larger

Blackhorse – Black horse costume

Seven Sisters – Attach 6 blow up dolls to each other on a pole (+ you)

Warren Street, some kind of Rabbit costume, perhaps a Bunny Girl or the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or a rabbit mask

West India Quay – West Indian man or lady holding a key

Whitechapel – Jack the Ripper (Victorian costume)

New Cross – Large Cross

Couples Fancy Dress

For this theme, couples are a little difficult to cater for – perhaps a male in a James Bond tuxedo (Bond Street) could be teamed with a gold-painted girl (as in ‘Goldfinger’) in a green outfit (Golders Green – although she could also be green in a gold outfit!). Staying with the green option, a green face and/or body-paint can also give you Turnham Green, Greenwich North (Wicked Witch of the North from the Wizard of Oz, with a few icicles round the hat!) and Parsons Green (for the latter you can also have a vicar wearing a ‘golf-tee’ novelty hat).

What about using a Barbie & Ken outfit and going as a couple as the station Barbican! (okay, I can hear you groan but do you have any better ideas?)

More Fancy Dress Costume Ideas…

Tree costumes may not be the best idea if your venue is a little cramped, but if you’ve the opportunity to branch out (or you can even just find a tree mask), such an outfit can give you the basis of Kings Oak (Tree costume plus crown) or Gospel Oak (Tree plus (large) vicar’s dog-collar or one of those colourful gowns worn by gospel choirs!)
Males are notoriously reluctant to dress up, but most would probably be prepared to wear a pilot’s outfit (Airline or Air Ace) and this costume can represent either Heathrow or Hanger Lane (for females, the Stewardess is an alternate option here). For any others who don’t want to go for the fully costumed look, just a wig may be sufficient – a rasta/dreadlock wig can work for Brixton, a beehive for High Barnet and a schoolgirl’s boater and pigtails (or school cap for males) gives you Grange Hill.

Has that helped? Please let us know, we would really appreciate it. Why don’t you drop us a line on our blog if you have any other ideas?