Let Me Entertain You Costume Ideas


Freddie Mercury Style Costume - PVC Jacket and White Trousersview

Freddie Mercury Style Costume - PVC Jacket and White Trousers


Let Me Entertain You Costume Ideas

This is a huge theme, and rather than repeating a lot of our costume ideas, this page will provide the links you need to the main costume ideas page for each main section.

You have so many options open to you, just look at whatever you class as entertainment and for each individual that will be completely different. For example, if you find Formula 1 boring, you would not choose a racing driver as your costume option unless you were desperate!.

Take your costume inspiration from:

  • Theatre Shows: Use a Freddie Mercury costume for Well Rock You! We have a huge amount of Musical Costume ideas, but don’t stop at musical theatre, you can also look at plays including all of the ones written by Shakespeare. We have a page full of Shakespeare costume ideas.
  • Television offers a wide range of opportunity. How about the Scooby Doo gang or Only Fools & Horses? We stock a Del Boy and Rodney Masks. For lots more Television costume ideas, click the link.
  • Films provide a huge selection: Freddy Krueger, Wizard of Oz, Twilight Saga we stock a great range of werewolf and vampire costumes and accessories. Films are one of our largest section of costume ideas, our main film section splits down even further to certain film genres including Carry On… & Horror.
  • Pop / Rock Stars: Michael Jackson costumes, Abba outfits, Amy Winehouse etc/etc. another large theme, check out our pop star costume ideas here.
  • Sporting Events – Football, Rugby, Showjumping etc You may feel that this is a little limiting but look at the Sport Costume ideas page
  • Magicians
  • Circus: Our information page is full of Circus costume ideas
  • Colosseum in Rome: Roman Gladiators & lions

Entertainment you can use for your party could include:

  • Karaoke

Songs to play during your Let Me Entertain You fancy dress party…

  • Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams
  • The Entertainer  – Scott Joplin
  • Send In The Clowns  – Barbara Streisand
  • That’s Entertainment from the film ‘The Band Wagon’
  • Entertain Me  – Blue
  • Tears Of a Clown  – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  • Death Of a Clown The Kinks
  • Ha Ha Said The Clown – Manfred Mann
  • Entrance Of The Gladiators (Traditiona ‘circus’ music)  – Julius Fucik
  • It’s a Kind Of Magic – Queen
  • Do You Believe In Magic? – The Lovin Spoonful
  • Magic Moment – The Drifters
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police
  • Black Magic Woman – Santana
  • Rockstar  – R Kelly
  • Rockstar – Nickleback
  • Thank You for The Music  – Abba
  • The Entertainer Billy – Joel

Shakespearian Costume Ideas

Juliet - Medieval Costumeview

Juliet - Medieval Costume

Medieval / Tudor Girl Costumeview

Medieval / Tudor Girl Costume

Tudor Boy Costume - Largeview

Tudor Boy Costume - Large

Fairy Wings Adult - Assorted Coloursview

Fairy Wings Adult - Assorted Colours


Shakespearian Character costume Ideas

A Shakespearian fancy dress theme is more popular around April 23rd (as well as being St, Georges Day), others will commemorate the date as marking the birth and death of one of the World’s great playwrights. He wrote thirty-seven plays in all, although about half of them are rarely performed (e.g. Henry VI and Henry VIII), and the practicality of performing several others is limited either by the subject matter (Violence and cannibalism in Titus Andronicus), or the number of persons required for the cast: A modern play usually works with a cast of six to eight, whereas many of Shakespeare’s works are looking for fifteen to twenty – he likes his fairies, rude mechanicals and extras! This latter point explains why his plays are often done by schools, and some students are then put off Shakespeare for life!

That said, a core of plays remain popular and in frequent performance. The success of films such as Shakespeare in Love and the all-star ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ featuring Michelle Pfeiffer, Anna Friel and Calista Flockhart, plus the recent production of Hamlet featuring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart, (given a wider audience through being broadcast on TV), continue to maintain interest in the Bard and his works.

As most people know, female actors were not allowed in Shakespeare’s time, so female roles were usually played by boys.  On the other hand, if we are to believe the events depicted in ‘Shakespeare in Love’, females disguised themselves as males to be able to join the cast and act as females! Also some of the plays have ‘females’ disguising themselves as males (Rosalind – All’s Well..; Viola – Twelfth Night), so there are opportunities for cross-dressing in both directions.

At the end of our Character Suggestions, we also feature a list of Shakespeares plays.

Antony (Antony and Cleopatra):-.A military man manipulated by Cleopatra. Look at Roman male costumes including warriors and togas

Caliban, a savage and deformed Slave (The Tempest):- Caliban is a wild man (or sometimes half man, half beast). It is said he is the son of the witch Sycorax, (a native of the island upon which Prospero and his family are marooned) and a devil. The name is thought to play on the word Cannibal, of Spanish derivation. With such a character description, the costume is open to wide interpretation, from the Quasimodo-style outcast, to something more creature-based. For ‘Forbidden Planet’, the ‘Caliban’ role was played by Robbie the Robot, later seen in the TV series Lost in Space!

Cleopatra (Antony and Cleopatra):- Shakespeares Cleopatra is manipulative beguiling Antony to have him declare he and she rulers of Egypt (and a third of the Roman Empire), abandoning him to defeat and pretending to commit suicide. When she does kill herself, it is to avoid being paraded in Rome, as a trophy of war. One of the best strongest female parts in English drama. The 1963 Elizabeth Taylor film interpretation overshadows the image painted by Shakespeare’s words. We stock some lovely Egyptian accessories that you could use to make up your own costume, and we also have some lovely Cleopatra style costumes

Clown/Fool / Jester – All’s Well that ends well; Measure For Measure; Twelfth Night; Touchstone – As You Like It.Fool – King Lear; Costard- Love’s Labour’s Lost. Most Shakespearean ‘clowns’ are not a bundle of laughs (he gets more humour from drunkards and racial stereotypes), but they are usually servants intended to bring light relief (or naive wisdom) in the heat of the main plot.The majority of his non-historical plays have at least one, as Fools (or ‘Patches’, from the Italian for fool), were a part of Elizabethan life.The cap & bells jester approach is the most obvious, but it all depends on the play in question.

Fairies – Cobweb, Moth, Peasblossom & Mustard Seed (Midsummer ND) Also in Merry Wives of Windsor. Supernatural cohorts who attend the transformed Bottom, whilst Titania is in love with him. Whatever angle is taken may have to match the concepts for Oberon & Titania. For alternatives, note that the Merry Wives of Windsor also disguise themselves as fairies in the latter stages of that play. To get away from the standard fancy-frock and fairy-wing approach, a number of alternative costume concepts can be tried – Superheroes (Cobweb as Spiderman/woman, Peas-blossom as Poison Ivy, etc.),

or Nymph-like Spirits in earthy costume and body colour.

Falstaff (Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, Merry Wives of Windsor):- One of the few characters to appear in more than one play, Sir John Falstaff is often portrayed as a portly gent, frequenter of taverns and a bit of a buffoon. In Henry IV he is initially a bad influence on young Prince Hal, who in Part 2 rejects him to take a more responsible role. In the other play, the ‘Merry Wives’ run rings around him in his attempts at amorous deceit. Although the jolly wobbly is a popular costume-style, the Sir John Falstaff outfit has been strangely overlooked. A stereotypical tubby barfly, this at least is one costume where a plus-size historical outfit can be most useful.

Friar (Monk costume) (Romeo & Juliet):- Aside from being a man of the cloth, the Friar is also something of a medicine man, concocting the potion with which to simulate Juliets death-like state.Standard cleric with a sideline in interesting potions. A friar/monk’s costume should suffice, along with accessories of a few small bottles of interesting liquids

Henry VIII (Henry VIII)The play is not often performed and covers the period of Henry’s life involving his divorce of Queen Katherine, his subsequent marriage to Anne Bullen (rather than Boleyn) and the birth of Elizabeth. Notwithstanding the setting of the play in the early part of Henrys reign (when, by all accounts, he was a skilled athlete and horseman), most costumes for Henry will take his portrait by Holbein as their model.

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (MSND) Amazons are usually female warriors but not so here – just a bride-to-be who appears only in the early scenes and latter stages of the play (She is also an established character in Greek mythology). In most productions, the actress playing Hippolyta usually doubles as Titania, Queen of Fairies, so one costuming approach is a bridal outfit attempting to hide a fairy costume (or vice versa for Titania (below)!

Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar) The play relates more to Julius Caesar in Rome, than on the battlefield.The toga and laurels approach to costume is probably more appropriate (and recognisable), than the military armour option, but other possibilities are discussed below in the Character of the Month. Nurse (Romeo & Juliet)

Nurse-maid/nanny and close confidante of Juliet with her problem of preferring Romeo to Paris. In this context the nurse is usually portrayed in the long dress, long apron and hat (similar to a housemaid) of the period in question.

Oberon & Titania, King & Queen of the Fairies (MSND) Oberon and Titania are the supernatural counterparts to King Theseus of Athens and his intended, Hyppolyta. The play centres around their dispute over a foundling child. The opportunity for creativity is boundless – Peter Brook had them in hammocks, they were down and dirty in a mud-bath at the National Theatre, and a supernatural/sci-fi approach allows for spectacular effects with metallic and U-V make-up.

Prospero (Tempest) Deposed Duke of Milan stranded on an island following a shipwreck, and also a bit of a sorcerer. He uses his magic to befuddle others on the island and protect his daughter Miranda. A Gandalf-style wizard costume may be preferable as a role model – see Peter Greenaway’s film ‘Prospero’s Books’ for further reference.

Puck (MSND):- Also known as Robin Goodfellow, he’s a cut above the standard fairy in Titania’s court and allies himself with Oberon. Puck has a mischievous-cum-cruel aspect and thus is often modelled on an imp or little devil, rather than a fairy.

Romeo & Juliet (Romeo & Juliet):- The star-crossed lovers whose tale has been told in many ways and in many types of costumes. Nonetheless, an ideal couple for a Shakespearean event.These star-crossed lovers have been portrayed over the years in various ways Their portrayal in Baz Luhrmanns LA-set Romeo + Juliet (him in armour, her in angel wings at her parents fancy-dress party) can prove a popular alternative to the Medieval costume period style.

Rosalind (As You Like It) Daughter of a banished Duke, Rosalind flees to the Forest of Arden and disguises herself as a boy, Ganymede, in order to avoid getting attacked. The costume description of Rosalind/Ganymede notes a curtle-axe and a boar spear, so the outfit would seem to combine elements of a Principal Boy and Robin Hood.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Hamlet et al.) Ostensibly a couple of minor characters in Hamlet: Old school friends-cum-courtiers and turncoats in the pay of King Claudius. However the pair have lived in other guises in a 1870s comedy by WS Gilbert and in Tom Stoppards 1966 play. As minor characters, they can sport the classic courtiers doublet and hose but other double-act outfits may be possible.

Shepherdess (Mopsa & Dorcas – The Winter’s Tale; Phebe and ‘Aliena’ – As You Like It):- ‘Aliena’ is the disguised Celia, Rosalind’s companion, and she chooses a shepherdess so as not to be set upon in Arden Forest – so the pastorals must be a rough bunch in that particular neck of those woods. These are rustic representatives, though in this case the costumes are probably not in cute Bo-Peep mode although of course in a modern dress production anything is possible.

Tamora, Queen of the Goths (Titus Andronicus):Tamora is a barbarian warrior queen captured by Titus and brought back to Rome as a trophy. Despite a cinema version, Titus is not often performed, having an unusually high level of gruesome acts of tit-for-tat revenge. A costume based on Boadicia or Xena with shades of the more modern Siouxsie Sioux is possible. Also following ‘modern’ trends, this character offers an opportunity for woad/tattoo body art if desired.

Witches (Macbeth, the Tempest (unseen character mother of Caliban) – although not authentic to the era you could wear a modern day witch costume.

Shakespeare’s plays (In alphabetical order)
All’s Well That End’s Well
Antony & Cleopatra
As You Like It
Comedy of Errors,
Prince of Denmark
Julius Caesar
King Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2
King Henry V
King Henry VI, Parts 1, 2 & 3
King Henry VIII
King John
King Lear
Life and Death of King Richard II
Life and Death of King Richard III
Love’s Labour’s Lost
Measure For Measure
Merchant of Venice, The
Merry Wives of Windsor
Midsummer Night’s Dream, A
Much Ado About Nothing
The Moor of Venice
Prince of Tyre
Romeo & Juliet
Taming of the Shrew, The
Tempest, The
Timon of Athens
Titus Andronicus
Troilus and Cressida
Twelfth Night or What You Will
Two Gentlemen of Verona
Winters Tale, The

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It’s Magic! Costume Ideas

Wizard Costumeview

Wizard Costume

Charm School Witchview

Charm School Witch


It’s Magic Fancy dress Theme Costume Ideas

This fancy dress theme may seem limited initially but hopefully we will give you enough costume inspiration to enjoy this fancy dress theme. It is also a great theme to set your room to as you can purchase large playing cards, top hats, magic wands to help you to create the effect.So let’s have a look at various Magical Costume Ideas

  • Harry Potter Costumes
  • Magician – wear a black tailcoat, white gloves and a top hat
  • Magicians Glamorous Assistant
  • Freddy Mercury Its a Kind Of Magic
  • Card Costumes from the deck of cards – our Queen of Hearts costumes would be ideal
  • White Rabbit costume
  • Fairy Costumes
  • Wizard Costumes
  • Witch Costumes
  • Genie Costumes
  • Dragon Puff the Magic Dragon
  • Dinner Suit Black Magic Man
  • Voodoo Man
  • Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles
  • Magic Mushroom dress up as a Hippy
  • The Magic Kingdom this gives you a huge range of Disney costumes to chose from

Some examples of songs to play during your Magical Event…

  • Its A Kind Of Magic
  • Do You Believe In Magic The Lovin spoonful
  • Magic Pilot
  • Magic Bus The Who
  • Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles
  • Every Thing She Does Is Magic The Police
  • This Magic Moment The Drifters
  • Black Magic Woman Santana
  • Strange Magic ELO
  • Could It Be Magic Barry Manilow
  • Magic Man Heart
  • Magic Time Van Morrison
  • Abracadabra Steve Miller Band
  • I Put a Spell On You Screamin Jay Hawkins
  • Love Potion Number Nine The Searchers
  • Pinball Wizard The Who
  • Spellbound Siouxsie & The Banshees
  • Spellbinder – Foreigner
  • Magic The Tempations
  • You Made Me Believe In Magic Bay City Rollers
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Circus Costume Ideas

Tailcoat - Ladies Deluxe - Pink & Blackview

Tailcoat - Ladies Deluxe - Pink & Black

Indian - Ladies Costumeview

Indian - Ladies Costume

Top Hat - Glitter - Assorted Coloursview

Top Hat - Glitter - Assorted Colours


Circus Costume Ideas

The Circus has undergone a number of changes over the years, having to move with the times. The legendary names of Billy Smart and Bertram Mills are in the past and there has been a move away from animal-based acts, thanks to Animal Rights organisations. Touring circus’, albeit on a smaller scale, still exist and internationally, the art of circus has been redefined by the likes of the Chinese State Circus and Cirque du Soleil, who produce an entertainment that combines aspects of gymnastics and ballet, with circus skills, extravagant costumes and make-up (hitherto just the province of the clowns).

Circus as we know it can be traced back to 1778, when one Charles Dibdin used the word to describe an entertainment devised by Sergeant-Major Philip Astley: He had discovered that standing on the back of a moving horse was easier if it was travelling in a circle, so he created a 42-foot diameter ‘ring’ for it to do just that, and filled this space with all types of street entertainers in between his displays of horsemanship. On the other side of the Atlantic, the names Barnum & Bailey (P.T. Barnum founded ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ in 1871) and the Ringling Brothers were the major forces, especially as, being American, they had to do everything bigger and better. At their height, they featured the all-singing/dancing non-stop entertainment of a four-ring circus Big Top with a capacity of 10,000. 1,400 people were employed (plus hundreds of animals) and the circuses travelled to venues in trains totaling over a hundred carriages.

One might expect Circus to suggest itself as a theme for a children’s party, but the Circus is not as mainstream an entertainment as it once was and there are more hi-tech amusements available to distract the Small Set. Also, clowns are not always a sure-fire entertainment, with some children (and adults) finding them quite scary or grotesque. However a more general Circus theme offering opportunities for circus-skills can prove to be quite popular. Obviously depending upon the age of the participants and the activities involved, there could be need for extra supervision, but items such as juggling, plate spinning and balance skill activities such as unicycling could add amusement. A face painter or two could also add to the fun by turning the participants into circus performers or animals, or showing them how to do it themselves.

At Props & Frocks we have a wide range of costumes which can work for a Circus theme. Not only that, but were in a good position to help with ancillary matters such as wigs and make-up essential for many a circus performer! Despite the earlier comments, when thinking of circus, wigs and make-up, most people will inevitably think of clowns, so we might as well deal with them first. (If you are a coulrophobic (person with a fear of clowns), you might want to skip the next paragraph).

Clown Costumes
For most, the white-face clown is the stereotype in that if the make-up is done well, no-one will recognize you: It is felt by some its the very fact that you start with a blank canvas white face and draw on a new one that is the basis of much of the concern about clowns the make-up blocks the usual visual signals. Anyway, enough of the psychology. To get a decent white base, for an adult, youre best working with either a crme or grease-based make-up this is one area where water-base products might not work so well. Obviously for sensitive skin or delicate child faces, different considerations may apply but were happy to advise you on the options. We would also say its a good idea to have worked out your clown-face design beforehand and even have a dress rehearsal to make sure the look works, rather than throwing it together at the last minute it takes practice to look effectively chaotic! And if the idea of covering your face in white gunk does not appeal, there are plenty of minimalist make-up designs possible. The same is true of the costumes; jumpsuit, two-piece, hooped, tailcoat, etc., and the wigs and the accessories shoes, boots, squirty flower, hooter – the opportunities to mix and match are endless.

More Circus Costume Ideas

And so to the other circus characters: At the centre (almost literally) of the action is the Ringmaster/mistress. The costume here usually echoes the equine-based origins of circus, with a dressage-style top hat, tailcoat (usually red or black, but glitter is not unknown), breeches, boots and perhaps a bull whip. The ringmaster acts as the MC, announcer and controller of the supposed mayhem and thus may be a suitable role for the

host(ess), although in many of todays smaller circuses, most performers multi-task so the MC could just as well be any other circus character.

We have mentioned that animals do not have so much of a role to play in circus nowadays, but in the circus party environment, this may not be such a problem: There are an impressive range of animal costumes on the market and its really a choice of whether you want to go fake fur or cat-suit-based. Chances are most males would opt for the fur option, if only for reasons of appearance and practicality, in which case the second decision is the usual one between overhead animal mask or balaclava and face-paint. Regardless of the comments about the ringmaster as central character, weve found the animal and trainer combination can prove quite popular a choice for couples, but who is who is down to you. Of course another type of couple animal costume is the pantomime horse (or camel or zebra) but that brings about a whole different discussion on who does what! Finally we could perhaps also mention the novelty costumes involving animals. The ride-on emu (or ostrich) has been a firm costume favourite for years, but also available are ride-on horses (saves the above problem!) and gorillas, the latter being a popular choice.

For males, if the macho ringmaster role is taken, the alternative might be the traditional circus strongman with leopard-print leotard and curly moustache. If your six-pack isnt quite up to standard, we have Chippendale cheststo amaze your fellow party-goers, and

that is before you demonstrate your pick-up technique!

If the animal option is not for you, then it is down to the other circus skill characters acrobats, jugglers, stilt-walkers and so on. Obviously some of these are skills cannot just be picked up overnight, but it is an opportunity to show-off (or discover) hidden talents, and if all else fails, cheat (screw the plate to the top of the stick, put the juggling balls on a wire arc).

Other Circus costumes include:

  • Knife Thrower – normally portrayed as an Indian Chief (throwing the knives) and a Squaw (knives thrown at) – we have some lovely American Indian costumes to buy and hire.
  • Horse Trainer – Can be portrayed wearing a cowboy / cowgirl costume
  • Bearded Lady – Ideal if you do not want to do too much. Ideal for males and females as a jokey costume ideas
  • Acrobats – wear a leotard with a cape

If you want to stretch the boundaries even further why not look to the Cirque de Soliel for more costume inspiration? Characters include:

  • Zebras
  • Baron
  • Bride
  • Firebird
  • Ballerina
  • Pierrott
  • Cleaning Woman
  • White Rabbit
  • Victorian Nobel
  • Elvis

Finally, for females who like the glitter option, showgirls might be a possibility. These are obviously not seen as often as they used to be in the heyday of the big circuses, where they would be either part of the parade of artistes, or as riders of everything from elephants to liberty horses, but they can definitely add a touch of glamour to a circus theme evening. Roll up and come and see what we can offer at Props & Frocks.

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Fun & Games Costume Ideas

Sonic The Hedgehog Adult Costumeview

Sonic The Hedgehog Adult Costume

Knight - Adult Costumeview

Knight - Adult Costume


Fun & Games Fancy Dress Theme

Those who have their own sports kit, might decide this costume theme is the easy option. But if you want to be more creative, why not consider looking at the theme from a different angle?Characters from Cluedo, playing cards (Ace of Spades, Queen or King of Hearts, etc.), chess pieces (e.g. knight, bishop, queen, king), Trivial Pursuit categories, computer games (Mario Brothers, Lara Croft, Sonic The Hedgehog), Dungeons and Dragons, war games, etc., are just some of the many avenues to explore with this theme.

Think about other famous board games like Monopoly, you could even dress up in a convict costume and say you are in jail. All you need is a little bit of lateral thinking.

Think about what other countries class as a sport, for example, bull fighting in Spain and Rodeo in America.

Our costume ideas contain links to relevant parts of this website, but you willalso have hire costume options as well, just ask a member of staff if you need to findout where a particular costume can be found.

Fun & Games costume examples below:

  • Jockey Costume
  • Matador Costume okay, not to everyones taste
  • Cheerleader costume
  • Twister and yes, a costume is available!
  • Ninja Warrior use for Martial arts
  • Referee Costume
  • Lara Croft
  • Scuba diver Wear a wetsuit and a snorkel
  • Archery what about a Robin Hood Costume?
  • Runner 118 style vest and shorts
  • Gladiator Roman style sport, we stock a great range of Roman costumes
  • Synchronised Swimmer great for a group. Wear matching swim suits and turn up wearing a peg on your nose
  • Cowboy Rodeo Rider
  • Zombies many options here but House Of the Dead is my personal favourite
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Bingo check out our page full of Bingo costume ideas
  • Mario brothers we stock a great Plumber costume ideal for these 2 characters
  • Operation wear a bloody surgeons costume
  • Dominoes wear a spotty costume
  • Chess Board characters
    King – many hire costumes available
    Bishop – hire costume available
  • Check Morphsuit go as a Chess or Draughts board
  • Sleeping Lions Wear a lion mask or costume, and have a snooze
  • Snap wear a crocodile costume, or go as a twin
  • Battleship Captain
  • Snakes & Ladders ladder some old tights and wear 2 snakes around your neck
  • Monopoly characters / ideas standard UK version
    Convict In Jail
    Yuppie the banker
    Whitechapel dress up as Jack The Ripper – hire costumes available
    Trafalgar Square wear a Nelson costume – hire costumes available
    Racing Car Wear a racing drivers costume
  • Cluedo Characters standard UK version
    Miss Scarlet dress all in red. Vamp like is the best way
    Colonel Mustard military style
    Mrs White dress all in white
    Reverend Green Vicar costume
    Mrs Peacock dress with peacock feathers
    Professor Plum wear a doctors white lab coat
    Dr. Black wear a Doctors coat with a Dr. Black name badge, or a dapper suit with stethoscope around the neck
  • British Bulldog wear a bulldog costume
  • Hangman Hangman costume
  • Treasure Hunt Pirate costume
  • Football Kit
  • Rugby Kit
  • I Spy turn up with a large magnifying glass, or as a Detective
  • Skipping wear a kangaroo costume
  • Leapfrog wear a frog costume and jump around
  • Postmans Knock (knock down ginger) Postie costume
  • Hopscotch arrive hopping, carrying a whiskey bottle

Why not set some of these up for entertainment throughout the night?

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Pass the parcel
  • Tug of War (probably best done outside!)
  • Sack Race
  • Limbo
  • Musical chairs / statues

And, here are some Fun & Games songs to play

  • Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel
  • Head Games Foreigner
  • We are The Champions Queen
  • Winner Takes It All Abba
  • You Win The Bee Gees
  • You Win Again Jerry Lee Lewis / Hot Chocolate
  • You Win My Love Shania Twain
  • Everyones a Winner Hot Chocolate
  • Three Lions Baddiel & Skinner & Lightning Seeds
  • Vindaloo Fat Les
  • World in Motion New Order
  • Eye of The Tiger – Survivor
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Fictional Detectives Costume Ideas

Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Hatview

Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Hat

Scooby Doo Adult Costumeview

Scooby Doo Adult Costume


Fictional Detectives Costume Ideas

Fictional Detective Costume Suggestions For You

  • Quincy ME Pathologist from the television series of the same name that run from 1976 1983. wear a white lab / doctor Coat
  • Miss Marple / Jessica fletcher wear an older womans style of clothing
  • Kojak Wear a bald head and suck on a lollipop
  • The Professionals Bodie needs a slick 70s style suit, Doyle needs a brown afro style wig
  • Jonathan Creek wear a magician’s costume with wild curly hair
  • Morse Maybe wear clothing with Morse Code?
  • Dick Tracy Wear a yellow overcoat ( a mask style jacket could suffice) and fedora
  • Father Cadfael wear a Monks costume
  • Simon Templar -the Saint, just wear normal clothes and a halo
  • Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine Gang
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Hercule Poitot
  • Tin Tin
  • Magnum PI an easy costume to put together, just wear an Hawaiian shirt, curly 70s hair and a brown moustache
  • Crockett & Tubbs Miami Vice 80s shiny suits
  • Brother William of Baskerville monk costume
  • Inspector Clouseau
  • Sister Fidelma Nun, who solved mysteries in the 7th century
  • Batman more the later films, but Batman does solve many crimes in Gotham. Batmans first appearance was in Detective Comics Magazine!
  • Columbo scruffy looking mac and a cigar
  • Bond James has to solve who is the brains behind the criminal operation, although, he is not strictly a detective

Now, youve got to get your own thinking caps on and work out which Fictional Detective you can track down to wear for the evening.