Themed Fancy Dress Weddings

Juliet - Medieval Costumeview

Juliet - Medieval Costume

Robin Hood Adult Costumeview

Robin Hood Adult Costume

Flapper 1920s - Black -Ladies Costumeview

Flapper 1920s - Black -Ladies Costume

Gangster Man Costumeview

Gangster Man Costume


Looking for costumes for a themed wedding?

If you are getting married, all of us at Props & Frocks say ‘congratulations’ and wish you well in the future. If you have been invited to a themed fancy dress wedding, we say ‘lucky you’, you will have a day to remember!

Why Have A Themed Wedding?

  • It’s different & unique to you and your partner
  • Pictures look fantastic
  • Guests do not need to spend a large amount on new clothes, shoes and hats, all of which cost a fortune
  • Breaks barriers down between the two sets of guests.

Things To Consider For Your Fancy Dress Wedding

Choose your theme carefully.Think about the ages of your guests Are there going to be many children? How far are you going to take your theme? For specific fancy dress themes, take a look at our costume theme advice in this section of the website, it will give you loads of potential costumes whatever your theme

What Theme Are You Going To Choose?

Medieval Weddings
Probably the most common theme for a wedding is medieval. However, because the majority of your guests will not know the difference between a medieval and a Tudor costume there will probably be a mixture of these periods. Is this going to worry you? If yes, we suggest that you provide your guests with a guide to the type of costume that you would like them to wear. Our range of medieval and Tudor costumes gives a broad range of costumes to purchase, and our hire quality medieval costumes really stand out from the crowd.

A Medieval / Tudor themed wedding is a good choice as it does allow for guests of all ages and sizes to feel included and comfortable. A good range of children’s costumes are readily available. A Medieval or Tudor wedding will suit a church wedding (if the church has suitable architecture) or a wedding in an appropriate era country house or venue.

The theming can continue to include goblets for drinking, hog roasts, the venue decorated with flags and banners, jesters and jousters for entertainment. The list goes on and on.

  • Plus points for a Medieval / Tudor Wedding
  • Good choice of costumes
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Suits many venues
  • Loads of scope to theme entire day
  • Minus points for a Medieval / Tudor wedding
  • Guests may get confused with costume eraHot in the summer
  • Men, who might not like to dress up at the best of times, may moan about tights!

1920s Wedding
This is a great theme for a wedding if you are looking for a Gangsters & Molls style of fancy dress celebration. With Charleston music, you are guaranteed to get your guests

dancing all night long.

Plus points for a 1920 Wedding

  • Men will not mind dressing up in a gangster costume as it is easy to do and very comfortable. They can even put their own costume together with a few of our gangster accessories
  • Ladies just love the Flapper dresses from the 20s era as they are flattering for most figures and ages.
  • The music is great

Minus points for a 1920’s wedding

  • There may not be that much variety of 1920s costumes

1940s Weddings
If you are looking for a nostalgic day, then a 1940s wedding may be for you.

We know of one 1940s themed wedding where the invitation was a copied ration card. Guests had to bring the card with them to get food from the buffet. This is one theme that will take a little research to get right, but blackouts at any windows and air raid sirens will all add to a brilliant wedding.

Plus points for a 1940s wedding

  • Your older guests will love it
  • Scope to theme to create the right look

Minus points for a 1940s wedding

  • Original clothing and uniforms tend to be very small, so larger sized guests may struggle to get costumes to fit. Our range of 1940s uniforms is growing all the time due to demand
  • Can be difficult to source children’s 1940s fancy dress suitable for the era

General Fancy Dress Weddings
Many of our customers chose to have a general fancy dress wedding, sometimes relating to a common interest or the means by which they met. Fancy dress seems to help break down barriers between your guests and the party starts from the word go. With no set theme, you could end up with a wild selection of costumes. One idea, is to say that all guests have to dress in a costume that is both of your first letters of your names. For example, my name is Adele, so costumes have to be something to do with A (Alpine Girl).

Plus points for a general fancy dress wedding

  • Huge selection for your guests
  • Every age and size will be able to find something
  • Guests do not need to hire, but may be able to produce their own costume with purchasing a few fancy dress accessories added to parts of their own wardrobe
  • Huge fun

Minus points of a general fancy dress wedding

  • Costumes may be a mishmash of styles with no cohesion

Whatever type of dress-up wedding you chose, you might need to factor the need for some changing facilities into your plans. Whilst it is true that most people dress-up for a wedding, whatever form it takes, there can be a difference between travelling in your ‘elegant outfit’ and doing the same in a costume. A little forward planning works wonders, and might even encourage people to participate more.