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Baddies & Goodies Costume Ideas

When it comes to dressing up as Baddies & Goodies, or Heroes & Villains, there are so many costume choices out there that it can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. Here at Props & Frocks we try to guide you through the costume choices by dividing the areas into what we hope will be helpful categories. There is some crossover between book characters and film characters and it is always worth checking these sections as well for additional ideas.

Book Days and Weeks are a common occurrence for children, and there is a growing supply of suitable outfits coming to the market, baddie and goodie book character costumes for adults are a little harder to come by. (Unless, of course, the book has been made into a film). As a general rule, most films/series’ and their source novels share the same characters, so even if you have not read the book, you can usually ‘cheat’ with the screen version. Beware though – sometimes the movie-makers have made changes – in the MGM Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s slippers are famously red, but in the book they are actually silver!

Another factor to bear in mind is that people’s perceptions of a character can be influenced either by their own image of the character, the illustrations which accompany the text (such as Tenniel’s pictures for ‘Alice in Wonderland’), or by more recent and/or popular incarnations, especially where the book has been turned into a film and the characters’ looks may have changed or developed.

Wizard Of Oz Costume Ideas

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Princess Ladies Costume


Wizard of Oz Costume Ideas

Frank L Baum created the land of Oz, and the books about it, the best known being The Wizard of Oz. Although almost everybody knows the 1939 film of the story, featuring Judy Garland, Baum was a prolific writer and amongst his many other works, there were in fact thirteen books written about Oz and its inhabitants. Baum even created his own film company to make movies of the books himself! The original film is, of course, a classic, but in recent years there have been other developments – not only the successful ‘Wicked’ musical featuring the ‘back-story’ of the witches of Oz, but also the new Andrew Lloyd Webber stage version of the tale.

A new big-budget prequel to the ‘main’ story – ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’  tells the story of how the Wizard came to arrive in Oz.  In the meantime, today you can celebrate the characters of Oz, the ones you know – Tin-Man, Scarecrow and Lion, and the ones you can perhaps create from your imagination – the Tik-tok Man, the Patchwork Girl and the Woggle-Bug!

Other Oz Characters for some Wizard of Oz Costume Ideas… (there are many more where these came from, but they should give you a start!)

  • Sea Serpent
  • Army of Oogaboo – Tik Tok is a Private in the army
  • Aunt Em – A farmer’s wife. Plain dress, you can also wear a pinny and hair pulled back into a bun
  • Uncle Henry – shirt, waistcoat, trousers, stetson style hat.
  • Betsy Bobbin – 1st appears in 1913. She was originally described as having blonde hair, although later adaptations show her as a brunette. Wear a white dress with a red bow and a white hat.
  • Glinda – wear a pink long dress
  • Guardian of The Gates – original illustrations show a green jacket over tight trousers, or tights with a pointy hat.
  • Hungry Tiger – look at our hire tiger costumes or Tiger masks
  • Cowardly Lion
  • Jack Pumpkinhead – wear a pumpkin mask
  • Tin Man – hire costumes available
  • Scarecrow
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Dorothy
  • John Dough – Gingerbread Man
  • Kabumpo – an elephant
  • Kalidah – body of a bear, head of a tiger – use one of our bear hire costumes with a tiger’s mask
  • King of Bunnybury – a rabbit king – wear a rabbit costume wearing a crown
  • Wicked Witch Of The West – wear a black witch costume
  • Wicked Witch of The North
  • Wise Donkey
  • Winged Monkey – wear a Monkey mask with wings – an easy costume to put together.
  • Shaggy Man
  • Boq – a Munchin. Munchins love the colour blue but people use Dwarf, or gnome style costumes for these characters.
  • Cap’n Bill – Sea Captain with a wooden leg
  • Ervic
  • Frogman – a man size frog, dress in Georgian style costume with a frog’s mask
  • Fyter The Tin Soldier