Colour Costume Ideas


Using a colour as a theme for your fancy dress party is an easy way of getting a diverse range of costumes. A coloured theme can be chosen for a special country day where it is usual for the colours of the country’s flag as the base for costumes, or it may just be a colour that is chosen at random.

Some costumes are obviously more suited to a certain colour, for example a ladybird , or devil costume for red, and an angel for white. Morphsuits are also ideal for this type of costume theme. These come in a range of colour options, as well as specific characters.

It is also possible to wear coloured wigs, eyemasks and hats to join in the chosen colour theme and it is ideal as it suits people with all budgets.

We have split the main colours into smaller sections so take a look at the various colours (in the left navigation) that we are looking at in more costuming detail