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Western Costumes


Here in Essex, the Western theme is a popular one and we stock a great range of western costumes for all the family.  Western/Wild West/Cowboys & Indians (or whatever you like to call it) and its offshoots such as Country & Western and Line Dancing all comprise one great theme which is often relatively easy to do.

There are many great Western costumes on the market available to purchase, including this men’s cowboy costume and this ladies Indian Squaw Costume and we also have some excellent costumes for hire.  However, this is one theme (Pirates is another) where there are so many western accessories available to purchase, that you may be able to put together a costume at home relatively cheaply.

How do you do this? Well, you may already have items in your wardrobe that will work and all you need do is add a western accessory or two. For example, a cowboy or cowgirl could just use a pair of jeans and a check shirt. Then cowboy accessories such as a Stetson hat, bandana (or neckerchief), guns, spurs etc., can be added to create your own unique look.

But, what if you do not happen to possess a check shirt? Or, perhaps rather than just a standard cowboy/girl you want to be a bit more adventurous with your western look? What else can we suggest?

Well, Western Costume Ideas mainly fall into the following groups:

  • American Pioneers – Frontiersmen & Women, Little House on the Prairie type costumes
  • Bandits & Outlaws
  • Cavalrymen
  • Cowboys or Cowgirls
  • Indians or rather the more politically correct Native Americans
  • Law Enforcers – Marshalls & Sheriffs
  • Saloon Bar Personnel – including Saloon Girls and Bordello Madames
  • Wild West Show Personnel
  • Wild West Other Character Costume Ideas

THE WILD, WILD WEST – The Steampunk Crossover

Those with an eye to current costuming trends will be aware of Steampunk, a costuming style involving a mixture of the fashions of the 1900s with elements of science fiction and clockwork engineering as exemplified in the novels of Jules Verne. Looking at some of the multitude of Steampunk inspired designs coming to the market, there is a crossover into elements of Western wear, notably the long frock-coat styles and female corsets. Although a little ahead of its time (the term had not been created then), the film ‘The Wild Wild West’ (1999) featuring Will Smith and Kenneth Branagh, offers an example of Western Steampunk, featuring a giant mechanical spider-cum-battlewagon and futuristic ‘Victorian’ weaponry.

For those wanting to push the envelope in Western wear, these styles may be well worth seeking out.