Pop Stars Costume Ideas


80's Pop Star Ladies Costumeview

80's Pop Star Ladies Costume


Pop Stars Costume Ideas

The idea of impersonating Pop Stars is not a new one and there are now many different stars from various eras for you to choose from. Some of them may already be listed under specific decades, but in this section we have brought together a large number of the ideas to help you with your choice of character or star.

When hosting a Pop Stars theme party, some people will also decide it could be great fun to have a karaoke machine. So, if you are impersonating a particular star, it might not be about just achieving the iconic look with a suitable costume and/or accessories – it may also help if you can actually sing like the person, you are aiming to portray.

We have a fantastic array of costumes to help you with your chosen persona.  Even if you already have items in your own wardrobe that you can utilise, we have a great selection of wigs, hats and other accessories to help you create the right look.  We also stock a range of celebrity masks to help with your Pop Star image. Here are just some of our fabulous pop star costume ideas.