New Year Parties Costume Ideas

New Year Parties Costume Ideas

Choosing a fancy dress theme for New Year can be an interesting challenge. Although Christmas itself is seen as very much family orientated, the New Year sees parties for friends and families, often crossing over many generations.

Over recent years, here at Props and Frocks we have found that people want to keep the theme fairly expansive, in order to include as many different options as possible. Aside from general fancy dress parties, where anything goes, the most popular themes for New Year tend to be:-

  • Alphabet Parties – Come as something beginning with the letter of your host(s) first name.
  • Decades – Come as someone or something from the year or decade you were born.
  • Famous People – Come as someone famous who people will recognise. Check out our range of celebrity masks.
  • Films – Come as a film star or character from a film.
  • Pop Stars – Come as any Pop Star from the past fifty odd years.
  • Baddies and Goodies – Come as a hero or villain from history, or from a book, cartoon, film, game, TV, etc..
  • Cartoon –  Come as a Disney or comic book or cartoon character.


Welcome To Our Decades Costume Ideas Section


Teddy Boy Blue Jacketview

Teddy Boy Blue Jacket


Decades as a fancy dress theme covers the eras from the 1900’s right up to the 00s’. It is such a vast theme so we have split it into 10 years sections, and these sections may also split down into further costume.

Take a look at the list,on the left, to get your costume inspiration

Our aim is to provide you with all the information that you will ever need to host,or attend, a themed fancy dress party. For some themes we may even provide you ideas of songs to play, entertainment to use, and food to provide, as well as costume ideas.

As ever, we are on hand 7 days a week for any questions that you may have.