Alphabet Fancy Dress Theme


Letter Related Parties

Giving your guests a letter as a costume theme is quite common and can make for some very interesting ideas for costumes. You have a few options…

  • Allow guests to dress up in a costume related to their initials (or just first name if you want to narrow their choices)
  • Ask guests to dress up in costumes related to your initials
  • Choose 1 or 2 letters that they have to find a related costume for.

To be honest, when you first send out your invitations, many of your guests will be very confused as to what you are asking. We would suggest that in the invitation you do give them a good explanation. If your guests are confused, they may not even attempt to dress up, or worse, not bother to attend your party.

I would include some costume suggestions for various letters, just to get their brain cells working a bit. If you really want to help, why not print out this page, or share it with your friends on Twitter, or Facebook. so you have a complete A-Z list of possible costumes.

We have costume ideas for the entire alphabet, and think of new potential costumes all the time. We’d love to know what costume you would dress up as, or any other costume ideas you may have. Why not drop us a line?

Now, we are not saying that we stock everything on these lists,but we hope our information on all of these costume ideas for a letter fancy dress party will give you inspiration. We will provide links, where more detailed information may be available to help you even further.