1990 Costume Ideas


Sonic The Hedgehog Adult Costumeview

Sonic The Hedgehog Adult Costume

Cruella Style Costumeview

Cruella Style Costume


90s Costume Ideas

When it comes to dressing up, the 1990s may not be the most popular theme at present, but we are certainly being asked for it more than ever before. For those who want to celebrate the era (perhaps you were born in the 1990s?), here are a few 90s Costume Ideas.

As costume suggestions for the decade can be extremely diverse, as with other featured decades, we have divided our 90s costume ideas into specific categories, such as fashion, leisure, movies, pop stars, TV, etc. It is not an exhaustive list and can no doubt be added to, but here at Props & Frocks, we hope to give you plenty of food for thought. Where possible, we have included dates – certain eras (or people) do not fit comfortably into ten year chunks. This means that costumes & accessories from previous decades, particularly the 1980s, can also feature in the early 1990s. The list is also designed primarily for our British readers but, of course, were happy to help anyone. So look at the left navigation for the various sections to take you back down the 1990’s memory lane.

Leisure activities of the 1990s

Lara Croft – Before the Angelina Jolie films in the 21st century, there was the highly popular video game introduced in 1996. Official costumes are based on this original look.

Millennium Bug Because most computers worked on a dual digit date format, it was thought that the turn of the century to 2000 would create a major computer-crash crisis. It never happened, but perhaps you can create an entity to symbolize this feature of the late 1990s.

Mr Blobby – Originally a character associated with the highly popular Noels House Party TV show, the larger-than-life pink entity took on a stardom of his own.

Sonic the Hedgehog The flagship character of the Sega video gaming system, (counterpart to Nintendos Mario the Plumber).

The Macarena – Knowing the dance moves was the ‘it’ dance craze of the decade