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Darth Vader Adult Costume

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There is a new Star Wars film ‘The Force Awakens’ in the offing December 2015, and some of its secrets were ‘leaked’ by Vanity Fair magazine on May 4th (geddit?). Meanwhile, in London, the Secret Cinema organisation is creating a stir between June and September with its immersive version screenings of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, even bringing the film back into the popularity charts. It is time for Props & Frocks to look at Star Wars and its characters.

A quick note: The Star Wars universe, like Space itself, is vast, with a great many more characters than are listed here. Even within the Props & Frocksiverse, we cannot necessarily hope to have all characters listed here in stock (some of them you can create yourself and others are not available on the mass-production market). On the flipside, other characters not listed here, notably the leading female character Rey, a scavenger of planet Jakku, may become available and in stock as more about the new Force Awakens film is revealed. We will try to keep you updated.

Anakin Skywalker – Anakin is key to the whole Star Wars saga in ways you can only envisage if you have seen the films. Suffice to say, costume versions of both the young Anakin and his later Jedi persona are generally available.

Asajj Ventress – An evil female sith from the Clone Wars era who clashed many times with the likes of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. An official costume was produced but can probably now only be found on specialist sites.

Ashoka Ta –  A character seen in the earlier Clone Wars animated episodes. She was a young Jedi padwan (apprentice), hence only childrens’ outfits were/are available. She is notable for distinctive white facial markings.

Aurra Sing - Female albino bounty hunter who trained Boba Fett following the death of his father. Seen briefly in Phantom Menace and may reappear in a future movie.

Boba Fett - Bounty hunter and son of Jango Fett, has made regular appearances throughout the Star Wars story.

Cad Ban   – A ruthless bounty hunter ‘gun for hire’ seen in the Clone Wars series. Wears a distinctive wide brimmed hat. Child costumes only available.

Chewbacca – The Wookiee warrior and co-pilot on Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon starship. The trailer for the new film confirms the return of this popular character.

Commander Cody – (Clone Trooper) A character derived from the Clone Wars series, and currently one of the few adult outfits on the market from that series. (Must be the Stormtrooper thing).

Darth Maul – The villainous Sith of the Phantom Menace prequel film. Most notable for his red/black facial tattoos and small head horns – masks are available.

Darth Vader - Supreme leader of any best film villain poll ever conducted, and menacing even down to his breathing technique. The costume comes in a range of complexities, but the helmet is iconic and usually essential, except in the somewhat lightweight skirt-based female version available!

Emperor Palpatine - A pivotal character in the prequel films yet no dedicated outfit was mass-produced. There is/was, however, a character mask. Specialist contact lenses, plus a black hooded robe can create the Palpatine look.

Han Solo – Pilot of the Millennium Falcon and mercenary fighter. Was a leading character in the original films and is set to return (along with Chewbacca) in the new films. Costumes in various formats are available.

Imperial Guard – With their distinctive crimson robes and helmets (which have been available as masks in the past), an undoubtedly striking visual addition at any Star Wars event, but probably not the most practical outfit for a party.

Jabba the Hutt - An intergalactic gangster and racketeer who resembles a giant slug. For the enthusiast there is actually an inflatable outfit available for those wanting to portray this character.

Jango Fett – A bounty hunter seen in Attack of the Clones, and actually the template for the clones in question, one of which was his ‘son’ Boba Fett. His costume is a blue/silver variation on the trooper outfit with a more distinctive helmet.

Jar Jar Binks – A love/hate alien character from the prequel films. At the time of the movies’ releases, masks were available but despite the divided opinion about Mr Binks, there is rumour he may return in some form in the new film.

Jedi Knights - The Goodies of the Star Wars saga (unless they turn to the Dark Side) come in all shapes, sizes and alien species. Some characters such as Anakin, Luke and Obi-Wan have their own outfits available, others such as Mace Windu have part-costumes (tunic, belt) on the market, but for the custom cosplayers you can buy your own Jedi Robes in Light Brown, Dark Brown or Black and create your own character.

Kylo Rent - One of the new characters, and an apparent villain at that. Seen in the teaser trailer wielding a cross-guarded light sabre (expect those to be a popular accessory), he is one to watch, but may be fronting for a more evil as yet unrevealed master.

Luke Skywalker – The original Star Wars hero, with a range of outfits virtually continuously available since that film. The new movie is set 35 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, so he returns, although one might expect the focus to be on the newer characters.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – He is, of course, the iconic Jedi master of the original Star Wars films. For all his status, he wears the simple dark brown robes of the Jedi and is, of course, armed with a light sabre.

Padme Amidala  – Once Queen Amidala gave up the trappings of royalty, she became a Padme and Ambassador and pivotal to the whole Star Wars saga. It says much for her that her feisty padme fighter outfit is still on the market, whilst her royal persona has been written out of the catalogues apparently.

Pio Koon – An alien Jedi master from the Clone Wars series and a mentor to Ashoka Tano. As with most of the Clone Wars series costumes, outfits are only available in child sizes.

Princess Leia – Was about the only female in the original Star Wars films, so lucky she cut such an iconic figure with her long white robe and ‘danish pastry buns’ hairstyle. The look is still popular and the traditional costume remains available, along with a slightly sexier slit-skirted version. Leia is set to return, possibly with a more varied wardrobe now that she’s a ‘Disney Princess,’ in the new film.

Princess Leia as Slave to Jabba the Hutt in Empire Strikes Back created an iconic costume counterpoint with a metal bikini look. This costume is not as widely available as the traditional Leia outfits, but it’s a staple of many a Star Wars and Costume Convention.

Queen Amidala -The Queen of Naboo and central to the action (in various guises) in the three prequel films. The Phantom film had her in many elaborate gowns, with a symbolic face make-up, but only the ‘gown of lights’ was widely available on the market. Even this now seems deleted.

Rey - Scavenger of Jakku. A leading character of the new film but so far with little background info. Cosplayers have taken a photo from the Vanity Fair article, featuring her in a desert outfit, made mostly of cotton, hemp, and leather, (similar to Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine costume) as their lead.

Savage Opress – A warrior/fighter/assassin who was allied with the villainous Count Dooku. He is apparently the brother of the better known Darth Maul (seen in The Phantom Menace).

Stormtrooper – These outfits have had a long-lasting appeal to Star Wars fans (you can buy a ‘build your own’ kit for around £800, but not from us!). Aside from the standard stormtrooper outfits there are a couple of skirt-based ‘sexy’ variations on the stormtrooper available. The good news is that the new film brings some named Stormtrooper characters to the screen. The one causing the most speculation is Captain Phasma, a chrome-clad trooper played by the actress responsible for Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.

TIE Fighter Pilot - For a militaristic option, and less restrictive than a Stormtrooper, the TIE Fighter Pilot flightsuit might be a good choice. You might have to explain your character a few times though.

X-Wing Pilot – Like the TIE pilot, the orange flightsuits can add a colourful dimension to a Star Wars party.

Yoda – An undoubtedly well-known Star Wars character and this is one where, due to the jedi master’s small stature, he can be well portrayed by a child or young adult.

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