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1970’s Pop Star Costume Ideas

Music was particularly big in the seventies with many different styles around.  The era carried on the trend of the psychedelic fashions of the sixties and morphed into the Glam Rockers of the period. The futuristic fashions of the glam rock era offer plenty of scope, as do the retro Teddy Boy fashions that cropped up with various groups such as Mud and Showaddaywaddy. Then there was the teenybopper generation with boy bands such as the Osmonds (not a lot of costume opportunity as they were most famous for their brilliant white teeth) and the Bay City Rollers, decked out in their tartan trimmed stage outfits. Then came the diverse styles of Disco, Reggae, Punk and New Wave, interspersed with Progressive Rock.

Abba – Although Abba remained essentially the same throughout their time, Anna-frid had a habit of changing her hair length and colour. We stock some fantastic ladies 70s jumpsuits in varying colours, including the traditional white.

Alice Cooper – The classic Welcome to My Nightmare look – Black tailcoat, battered top hat, rubber chicken or snake as prop.  Black eye-make-up or Mask.

Bay City Rollers – White or denim trousers and jackets with tartan trim.

Bob Marley – Rastafarian Reggae singer. A dreadlocks wig with colourful hat. Jeans plus either denim jacket or brightly coloured top.

David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane were two of the main personas Bowie adopted in the ‘70s.

Elton John Outrageous stage suits and large glasses epitomise the look of Elton John (born Reginald Dwight). However for one of his earlier hits ‘Your Song’, he can be seen sporting a 1920s striped blazer and boater.

Elvis Presley – The 1970s Elvis look was the Las Vegas style jumpsuit. Although white may be the traditional look he also sported a range of other colour outfits.  We stock a wide range of Elvis hire costumes as well as Elvis outfits & accessories for sale.

Gary Glitter – now tends to be a look that only goes to Bad Taste parties.

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights star initially famed for her floaty dresses, but also noted or her warrior-like ‘Babushka’ video persona.

Leo Sayer – Best known for his Pierrot Clown look in debut single video for ‘I Won’t Let the Show Go On’.

Marc Bolan Founder of Tyrannosaurus Rex (later T Rex) and pioneer of the Glam Rock style. His trademark look black corkscrew curl hairstyle and use of glitter, furs and boas as part of his stage-wear.

Mud – Glam rock band formed in 1966, whose music and image were heavily influenced by 1950s rock and roll. Their most popular records were Tiger Feet and Lonely this Christmas.  Seventies wide-collared shirts and matching stage suits based on the Teddy Boy style.

Rod Stewart – The trademark shaggy blond hairstyle, tight leopard print trousers and black shirt, as depicted by Kenny Everett may be the look to go for. Although Rod Stewart was also seen sporting a blazer and boater on the cover of his 1976 album ‘A Night on the Town’.

Showaddywaddy – wear a Teddy Boy outfit

Sid Vicious (of the Sex Pistols) – Punk costumes & accessories

Slade – Noddy Holder was the frontman. His main look was the check trousers and matching waistcoat, curly hair, sideburns and glitter ball hat.

Suzy Quatro – Dimunitive black leather clad female star with a big voice.

Village People – a great costume idea for a group: American Indian, Cowboy, Construction Worker, Motorcycle Cop and Soldier/Sailor.

Wizzard – Group fronted by Roy Wood

The Wombles The Wombles was originally a kids TV show based on the books by Elisabeth Beresford. They formed a Novelty pop group in the mid-seventies who even played at Glastonbury in 2011. Costumes for the Wombles are still around although the choice may be limited to Madame Cholet, Uncle Bulgaria and lead singer Orinoco.

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