Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter N

Neo - Matrix Costumeview

Neo - Matrix Costume

Naval Officer - Mens Costumeview

Naval Officer - Mens Costume

New Romantic - 80s Costumeview

New Romantic - 80s Costume

Indian - Ladies Costumeview

Indian - Ladies Costume

Pirate Boy Tattoo Costumeview

Pirate Boy Tattoo Costume

Santa - Deluxe Costumeview

Santa - Deluxe Costume

Miss Krueger Ladies Halloween Costumeview

Miss Krueger Ladies Halloween Costume

Teddy Boy Blue Jacketview

Teddy Boy Blue Jacket


Costume Ideas for Letter N
N Personalities

There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. Some of these may be featured in the list, but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

  • Rafael Nadal
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • Noel Gallagher

Nacho Libre -Mexican masked wrestler (Luchador) character from the 2006 film of the same name. At least one licensed character costume is available.

Na-maka-o-Kahai – Hawaiian Goddess of the Sea. Her cruel tempestuous character can be reflected in a wild costume in blues and greens, with sea-orientated accessories. A tropical mermaid with attitude!

Nancy – Doomed lover of Bill Sykes in Charles Dickens book Oliver Twist, set in the streets of Victorian London. In Oliver, the musical based on the book, she is portrayed as a tart with a heart. Costume is similar to the tavern or serving wench, with mop cap, full skirt, blouse and shawl.

Nanny – A popular profession during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Whereas the Governess looked after the minds of the older children, the Nanny concentrated on the well-being of the infants and toddlers. The costume usually comprises a long dark dress, in blue or black, with white collars, cuffs and headpiece providing the nurse-like image. Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee may be well-known role-models.

Nantosuelta – Celtic Goddess of rivers, fertility and abundance and consort of Sucellos, the Hammer God:- The name means ‘Winding stream’, and her robes and skin are mottled dark blue (for water) and green (for fertility). In some manifestations, she can be seen carrying a representation of a house on a pole, highlighting her domestic aspects.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) – First Emperor following the French Revolution, and architect of many aspects of the laws and infrastructure of modernFrance. He is usually portrayed wearing the French military uniform of the late 18th, early 19th century. This consists of blue/white/gold jacket, white trousers, red sash, topped with a bicorn hat.

Napoleon Dynamite – Nerdy teenager character from a film of the same name (2004).

Narcissus – In Greek legend, a beautiful youth whom Echo, a nymph, loved. He did not return her love and she pined away, until only her voice was left. As punishment, the Gods caused him to fall in love with his own reflection in a pond, jump in and drown himself, his body being turned into a flower.

A Narcissus character can carry a mirror and be constantly admiring themselves or preening their appearance.

NASA Astronau – This is perhaps not the most slim-line costume choice, but symbolic of the American spirit of exploration into space. For a celebrities event, the outfit can depict another N – Neil Armstrong.

Native American Indian – Counterpart to the cowboy, the Native American Indian offers an ethnic alternative for both males and females, with brown buckskin style fabrics and feathered headdresses.

Nativity Play Character – Although evolving to meet the wider ethical population mix, the Nativity Play continues as a milestone of Early School days. Opportunities for improvisation (tea-towels for a shepherd headdress, coat-hanger and tinsel halos, cardboard animal masks) abound.

National Winner – The Grand National is one of the most famous horse-races on the British sporting calendar. Wear a Jockeys costume. There are also some Horse & Jockey combined outfits.

Naughty Professional - The recent trend towards short and skimpy female costumes has brought a wide range of work-outfits in which short skirt length equals naughty in the context of flirtatious or sexy. As they say, it is up to you to make it work!

Naughty Schoolgirl/Schoolboy – Associated with School Days retro discos, the naughty schoolgirl takes as its inspiration the St Trinians schoolgirls both ancient and modern, whilst the naughty schoolboy heroes are William Brown or Nigel Molesworth. An easy enough costume to put together at home with blouse/shirt, skirt/trousers & striped tie, but for that added authentic touch a school blazer and cap or boater are articles that can be found in many fancy dress shops.

Naval Officer – More up-to-date than sea heroes such as Nelson and Hornblower, this can cover everything from personnel on the Titanic, to James Bond, to the Richard Gere Officer and a Gentleman image.

Navi - A blue-skinned native of the planet Pandora in the film Avatar. See Neytiri.

Nearly Headless Nick - From the Harry Potter books by J K Rowling. Nick is a ghost who did not quite rise to the fame of being a Headless Ghost. Costume is similar to the Headless Ghost, although neck is still intact!

Ned Kelly – Australian outlaw, noted for his improvised metal helmet when under siege by police. He was hanged in 1880. A film about his life was made in 1980 and starred Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

Neferititi - The second most famous ancient Egyptian Queen. Her beauty was legendary, she and her husband, Amenhotep IV, were the Posh and Becks of their day! The essential difference between portraits of Neferititi and Cleopatra was that the formers headdress is depicted as tall, like an elongated pill-box. This is the Pschent, a crown incorporating the Red Crown of the Delta region and the White Mitre of South Egypt.

Neil Armstrong - See NASA Spaceman

Nelson, Horatio – Famous British naval hero of the Napoleonic wars who met his death at the moment of Britains victory in the Battle of Trafalgar. Several outfits are available.

Nephele – The Greek goddess of clouds. As clouds come in all shapes, sizes and colours, the costume is open to your own interpretation (but remember cotton wool is flammable!).

Nell Gwyn (c. 1650-1687) – Real name Eleanor but known as Nell. She was an English actress and mistress of Charles II. Before treading the boards at Drury Lane, she earned her living as an orange-seller girl. The costume for Nell Gwyn is based on the Restoration fashions of the late 17th Century. Lace was very much in evidence and the usual costume look is one of a buxom wench, wearing a two-toned dress, with elasticised sleeves. She may also wear a mop cap and carry a basket of oranges.

Neo - Hero of The Matrix trilogy of films. Costume usually consists of a long black coat and thin, wraparound glasses.

Neon Girl – One of the trends of the 1980s was for bright, fluorescent colours in clothing. These can still be found re-emerging in current fashion trends. Team it with some UV glow-in-the-dark make-up and some body lights and get yourself noticed!

Neptune - Roman God of the Undersea Realm. Depicted as a bearded elderly man with a trident, riding a dolphin or sea-horse. Floaty materials in greens, blues and other sea-colours. Use with a crown, beard and trident.

Nereid – A sea Nymph. Like a mermaid, wearing blues and greens, but not necessarily with a tail.

Neverland Character – Choose from any Neverland character, including Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell etc…

New Look – Phrase coined by Christian Dior in 1947. After years of austerity and rationing, the hourglass figure, with cinched waist, voluminous skirts and petticoats caused a sensation, although there were also many critics.

New Orleans - New Orleans is known as a birthplace of modern jazz music and a major centre of Mardi-Gras carnival. Costumes are flamboyant and colourful and may incorporate the Carnival colours of Gold, Green and Purple.

New Romantic – A look created by the likes of Adam Ant, Duran, Duran, Spandau Ballet during the early Nineteen-Eighties. Frilly shirts with lace cuffs, leather or baggy trousers, longish 1980s hair. The look was reminiscent of the late 18th, early 19th century Romantic era, hence the term.

New Year – At the turn of the year, there is a tradition still observed in some places, where two people dress-up as Old Father Time, representing the year past and a Baby, representing the New Year.

Newspaper-  Dress to impress with a costume fashioned from either genuine, or fake-fabric newsprint. Note that some newspapers ink may rub-off on your skin.

Neytiri - A leading character in the film Avatar. A Navi native of the planet Pandora, she has blue skin with symmetrical stripe markings, a tail and plaited hair. A costume and wig are available as an alternative to body-paint!

(St) Nicholas - The Patron Saint of Children and the continental equivalent of Father Christmas (hence Saint Nickclaus Santa Claus). Dressed in his red archbishop-style robes, Saint Nicholas arrives by ship in early December (his Saints Day is December 6th), accompanied by his servant (sometimes a female in black-face make-up) Black Peter, dressed in medieval courtier costume.

Nicole Kidman – Australian film actress who first came to the publics attention in the 1989 film Dead Calm. Since then she has been in a number of films, including Batman Forever, Billy Bathgate and Eyes Wide Shut. Probably her most significant role to date is that of Satine, the singer/courtesan in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge.

Nicotine Costume – Wear a cigarette costume.

Nigel Molesworth – Essentially the male counterpoint to the better-known St. Trinian’s girls created by cartoonist Ronald Searle, Molesworth was an anti-establishment icon, the costume being a thin and rather scruffy version of Billy Bunter. Alternatively, ask any public schoolboy for pointers.

Night – See Nut Egyptian Goddess of the Sky. (below).

Night Fairy - Sometimes also known as a Midnight Fairy, an outfit featuring a black velvet dress and black gothic-style wings.

Nightclub Singer – Liza Minellis character Sally Bowles in Cabaret may be a role model (bobbed hair, heavy eye make-up, strapped leotard, suspenders and fishnet stockings plus, occasionally, a bowler hat). Alternatively one can look to Las Vegas-style lounge singers or celebrities such as Shirley Bassey, Amy Winehouse or, for males, Frank Sinatra or Tom Jones.

Nightmare – You can either re-use something from your Halloween collection to create something scary or you can go as one of your nightmares the one where you found you had worn Odd Shoes, or you were dressed inappropriately for work or (using a nude body suit) the one where you were naked in public. There is also Freddy Krueger from (A) Nightmare on Elm Street.

Nightmare Before Christmas-  The Nightmare Before Christmas is a popular animated film by Tim Burton, which has claims to theme relevance for both Halloween and Christmas. Its leading characters are Jack Skellington and Sally, the Rag Doll (for which there are costumes and masks), but there are other characters, including Zero, the Skeletal Hound, which might be of interest.

Nightmare on Elm Street - Wear a Freddy Krueger costume

Nightmare Rock Singer – A musician following the Goth or Emo style, although the term was first associated with Alice Cooper.

Night Owl – Character in the graphic novel (and film) Watchmen. A licensed character costume is available.

Nightwing - In the DC comic book universe, a crime-fighter from the planet Krypton who inspires Dick Grayson/ Robin to change to an alternate identity! For the most part, it is Robin (and his uniform) under a different name Robin mentions Nightwing as an alternate identity in the film Batman Forever and the costume seen in Batman and Robin is similar to Nightwings in several respects.

NileQueen - Although the name Cleopatra is not copyright, some manufacturers have used this name as an alternative, so as to allow a choice between Cleo, Nefertiti or another Egyptian Pharaoh Queen/Ruler.

Ninepin – An alternate name for a skittle as used in Bowling. A skittle costume exists. If not being used for a specific N party, this costume can be partnered with a Bowling Ball costume.

Nineteen-Eighties Yuppie – Both in the City and in the ‘New Frontier’ of renovated London Docklands, this new breed of trader flourished. Trademark designer suit and shoes, braces (often red), loud tie (cartoon characters were popular) and with the tools of his/her trade – the Filofax and the Mobile Phone (the pre-miniaturisation house-brick variety!)

Nineteen-Fifties Alien – The effect here is the bug-eyed monster or giant brain look, favoured in the films of the 1950s such as This Island Earth. The look is best achieved with prosthetics and overhead masks (notably from the film ‘Mars Attacks’), though some may only be obtainable from specialist suppliers.

Nineteen-Fifties Boy (Grease) – Studded Leather jacket with T-Birds insignia, T-shirt and jeans.

Nineteen-Fifties Boy (Teddy-boy) – A long coloured frock-coat with velvet (or similar) facings in the Edwardian style (hence Teddy boy). Worn with drainpipe (narrow) black trousers, coloured socks, boot-lace tie and appropriate winkle-picker or brothel creeper shoes (if available).

Nineteen-Fifties Girl (Grease) – White blouse and pastel sweater. Poodle skirt. Hair in ponytail. See also Pink Ladies.

Nineteen-Fifties Girl (Teddy-girl) – Either two-piece blouse and full skirt worn with petticoats or a brightly coloured or patterned dress, again worn with petticoats.

Nineteen Seventies Glam Rock, Abba, Massive flares and collars

Nineteen-Sixties Wear Hippy, flower Power, or Mods & Rockers costumes.

Nineteen-Thirties Film Star - Full length backless gown cut on the bias, with gloves and costume jewellery.

Nineteen-Thirties Golfer – Plus fours made their first appearance in the 1930s, these were worn with long socks, shirt, ties & V-neck Pullover, or a Norfolk Jacket. A large flat golfing cap may also be worn.

Ninja – Black-clad oriental fighters. Usually carries weaponry, concealed or otherwise.

Ninja Turtles – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were comic book creations. They lived in theNew York sewers, were named after Renaissance artists Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael and starred in several TV series and films.

Nix (male) or Nixe/Nixie (female) – Germanic water-spirits or mermen/maids. The Rhine Maidens of Wagners The Ring Cycle are examples of Nixie.

Noah – Legendary biblical ark-builder and collector of animals. Grey long hair and beard, white/off-white robe.

Nocturnal Character – Vampire or owl would be a good costume choice here. Alternatively you could have a black cat or a burglar!

Noddy – Popular hero of childrens books written Enid Blyton. Noddy is a wooden toy who is befriended by a brownie, Big-Ears. He wears a red top, blue shorts and large red shoes and has a large blue pointed hat with a bell at the top.

Noddy Holder – Lead singer of the British glam-rock group Slade. Principally associated with the 1970s, their music endures (notably the perpetually perennial Merry Xmas Everybody).

Noel Coward – Actor, playwright and raconteur, best known for the play Blithe Spirit. He is usually depicted wearing a smoking jacket, with a loose cravat or silk scarf, slicked back hair and holding a cigarette holder.

Noggin the Nog – British Childrens TV cartoon character from the Nineteen-Fifties/Sixties. Essentially, he wears a Viking-style outfit.

Nordic Babe – An alternative name for a female Viking!

Norfolk Suit – A type of suit, usually in a loud check-fabric. Characterised by a jacket with a straight front, with or without a yoke, box pleats and a belt. Jacket is usually worn with knickerbockers/knee breeches.

Norma Jean The real name of Marilyn Monroe, so any of her iconic outfits pleated dress (Seven Year Itch) or pink gown (Gentlemen Prefer Blonds) can be used.

Norman Bates The motel keeper of Hitchcocks Psycho. As we know, a boys best friend is his mother and we have seen a modified version of the popular Granny carrying Baby costume used in this context.

Norrington - Commodore, later Admiral, featured in the Pirates of theCaribbean films. The Naval uniform is ornate and may only be available from specialist suppliers.

Nosferatu - Continental variation of Dracula, seen in a cult silent film of the 1920s.

Nudist – Nude coloured body-suits exist, or you might make use of the new all-in-one morph suits.

Nun – Nun’s garments can vary in colour, but the black and white ensemble seems a habitual favourite. A nun using a grey tabard over the black robe may offer a variation. Hair should be hidden by the wimple head-dress used by most nuns. Costume variations might include the Pregnant Nun and the Saucy Nun.

Nurse – There are a number of sexy nurses on the market, but conventional nurses are also available. The nurse was also a well-known character in four Carry-On films based in a hospital setting. Take your pick between the standard short-skirt Sexy Nurse as portrayed by Barbara Windsor and the Hattie Jacques battle-axe Matron.

Nursery Rhyme Character Wide range of choice here Miss Muffet, the Queen of Hearts, Little Bo Peep and Cats for the females, Boy Blue, Jack Horner and Simple Simon for the boys. Couples can include Jack and Jill (who went up a hill) and Jack Sprat and his wife. Also available are some horror-orientated versions.

Nut – Egyptian goddess of the Sky. Costume is dark blue or black cat-suit (or body-paint), with fairy-lights or U-V dots, to represent the stars in the heavens. Sometimes also depicted as a star-covered cow! A stylised Egyptian make-up and headdress may complete the ensemble.

Nut and Bolt One of a range of novelty complementary couples costumes available on the market (others include a Plug and Socket, Salt and Pepper, or the earlier mentioned Ninepin and Bowling Ball).

Nutcracker – The Christmas toy soldier which came to life to do battle against the forces of Evil (lead by the Mouse King), in Tchaikovsky’s ballet of the same name.

Nymph – Pastoral countryside spirits of Greek legend, there being different types: Dryads – Woods; Naiads – Fresh Water; Nereids – Sea Water: Oreads Mountains.

Nymphadora Tonks – A metamorphmegus with polychromatic hair (i.e. a shape-shifting wizardess whose hair changes colour) from the later Harry Potter novels (and films). Whilst there are not many wigs which can change colour, there is one that changes from white to pink in sunlight!

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