Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter F

Factory Workerview

Factory Worker

Midnight Fairy Costumeview

Midnight Fairy Costume

Five Piece felt type Father Christmas Costumeview

Five Piece felt type Father Christmas Costume

Uncle Fester - Adult Halloween Costumeview

Uncle Fester - Adult Halloween Costume

Flamenco Spanish Girls Costumeview

Flamenco Spanish Girls Costume

Teddy Boy Red Jacketview

Teddy Boy Red Jacket


Costume Ideas for Letter F

F Personalities
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities but for which there are no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

Fabio Capello
Bruce Forsyth
Rio Ferdinand
Roger Federer
Colin Firth (Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice and George VI from The Kings Speech)
Frankie (of The Saturdays)

Factory Worker In theory you could just turn up in some work clothes dungarees, overalls, etc or you could be more specific as to the factory in question, such as an Oompah Loompah from Willy Wonkas chocolate emporium. Despite there being two versions of the O-L outfit, the one from the Gene Wilder film is easier to find on the market.

Fagin – Anti-hero of Charles Dickens ‘Oliver Twist’, pickpocket and ‘leader’ of the Thieves Kitchen. Wear a dark frock coat with multiple pockets inside and out. Fingerless woollen gloves, scraggy hair and beard.

Fairies- Fairies appear in many different films and books. This offers us a range of different costume selections. Below are listed a few fairy characters and where they come from.

  • Ariel – Shakespeare
  • Bad Fairy (Maleficent) – Sleeping Beauty
  • Blue Fairy – Pinocchio
  • Cosmo and Wanda – Fairly Odd Parents
  • Green Fairy – Moulin Rouge
  • Sugar Plum – The Nutcracker
  • The Fairy Godmother – Shrek 2, Cinderella
  • Tinkerbell – Peter Pan

Fairy Godmother - It is the job of the Fairy Godmother to make everything right. The Fairy Godmother usually wears a full-length white, silver or light pink dress, tiara and her all important wand. However, The Fairy Godmother has been known to dress as an old lady or Hag, to test the worthiness of those who seek her help! From granting your wish to go to the ball or, finding you Mr Right, the Fairy Godmother’s job is never done.

Fallen Angel – Black halos and wings are available, just distress an old white dress. Costumes are available to hire or purchase.

Falstaff – Character that appears in three Shakespeare’s plays (Merrie Wives of Windsor & Henry IV Parts 1 & 2). Often described as portly.

Fame – Leotards and leg warmers will bring the 1980s television (and theatre show) to life.

Fantastic Four Marvel Comic heroes Mr Fantastic, Invisible Girl, The Torch and The Thing. Official outfits are available.

Farmer’s Daughter/Farm Girl – Sometimes an alternative name for a Dorothy (of Oz) costume. Any gingham style dress will suffice for this costume, although a sexy version of the same name is available to purchase.

Fashionista - Gok Wan is famed for using this term and it can be portrayed by any over-the-top or extreme fashion look.

Fat B**stard – Character from Austin Powers films. A licensed costume is available, or use a padded suit and a Scottish kilt.

Fat Lady – Apparently many an event cannot finish until this character has performed. Possibly best portrayed in the best Wagnerian traditions with a Brunhilde/Valkyrie outfit horned helmet, Viking maiden ensemble and (optional) spear.

Father Christmas – (AKA Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus) The true look of Father Christmas is a dark red robe, trimmed in white fur, however over the years this has been overtaken and is now an Americanised version of a fat, bearded jolly man, who was developed by Coca-Cola in their corporate colours of bright red and white.

Father Time – Traditionally wearing a white robe with a scythe in one hand and an hourglass in the other. He may be coupled with a baby to represent a new year.

FBI Operative – TV and fiction are littered with various FBI operatives, notably Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of the X-Files and the agents from Without a Trace. Best go disguised as someone/thing else to maintain your cover.

Felicity Shagwell – Character from the 2nd Austin Powers film. Costume is available and comprises blue hot pants and over-boots. A blonde wig may also be required.

Feline A cat by any other name, and there are many cat outfits and variations available, including the feline felon Catwoman.

Fembot Scantily-clad female robots with a deadly dcolletage designed by Dr Evil in the first Austin Powers movie. An official costume exists.

Fester Addams – From The Addams Family, also known as Uncle Fester. Long grey robe, bald head and pale face with very dark eyes.

Fifties The styles of the late Fifties, especially those of the Teddy Boys and Girls in Britain continue to be popular, although dont forget the preppy American outfits poodle skirts and jeans/pedal-pushers as seen in Grease.

Figurine With appropriate costume and make-up (period outfit, ballerina, Pierrot, etc.). you can doll yourself up as a figurine.

Film Star The choice here is to decide whether to go for the celeb personality (there are a range of overhead and cardboard masks available) or the film character.

Fiona (Princess) – Character from Shrek. She wears a green, medieval style dress and brown, plaited wig with tiara and ogre ears (these are available to purchase).

Fireman – Costumes are usually available to hire. Sexy lady costume is now available to purchase.

Fir Tree – What do Christmas trees do for the rest of the year go plain-clothes! It may be possible to find some festive outfits from which the trappings can be removed (for cleaning & maintenance).

Fish Although a hard costume to find, there is a man eating shark available to purchase. Ladies could go as a Mermaid, who is half fish!

Fitness Instructor Once upon a time you could just use an aerobics outfit and/or tracksuit as worn by the likes of Jane Fonda, The Green Goddess and Mad Lizzie in the 1980s,. Recently the Sue Sylvester character from Glee, though a cheer leading coach, seems to have aroused interest in this look.

Flamenco Dancer – Dresses are normally elaborate for the ladies and are available to hire and purchase. Hair is normally dark, so a wig may be needed. Men can wear short bolero style jackets, with white or coloured frilled shirts and tight-fitting trousers..

Flamingo Character from the croquet match in Alice in Wonderland. Costume is available to purchase.

Flapper – Another name for a 1920s or Charleston dress. This is the era when females, especially the young adults, adopted the short bobbed hairstyle and overtly used make-up for the first time. Dresses often have tassels and a true Flapper dress should just touch the knee. Add cigarette holders, beads, headbands and elbow length gloves to complete the look.

Flash, The – A superhero from the DC comics stable. An official outfit, predominantly in red with yellow detailing, is available.

Flash Gordon The original series (1936) was a Saturday movie matinee cliffhanger, but most remember the 1980 film featuring the music of Queen. Official costumes for Flash and Dale Arden, the leading love interest, are available from some sites.

Flight Attendant – The alternative name for an Air Hostess (or steward, although costumes for them are a little thin on the ground).

The Flintstones – From the town of Bedrock, the Flintstones have stood the test of time very well. Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone along with their neighbours and friends, Barney, Betty and Bam-Bam Rubble was one of the first cartoon sitcoms to be shown. Licensed costumes are available to purchase

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) – A nurse during the Crimean war whose medical techniques were adopted and used throughout the world. Wear a Victorian style black/grey dress with white collar and cuffs, white apron and hat.

Flower Pot Men.- Bill & Ben, originally from ‘Watch With Mother’ but recently re-vamped. Costumes are available to hire or purchase.

Flower Seller - Traditional street seller costume, use any wench/peasant style costume.

Fly Catch the buzz with this character. Also useful for Movies (The Fly, Son of the Fly, etc.) and Halloween.

Flying Doctor – Wear a doctor’s costume and an Aussie hat. You could also wear some wings to complete this ‘tongue in cheek’ costume!

Footballer – Wear your favourite team’s kit. Nice and easy!

Footman – Uniformed character normally found in panto. Traditionally would wear a military style jacket, trousers (with side stripe) and a pill box hat. Also seen are period jacket with breeches and wig.

Fork You cant go far prong with this novelty costume. For couples, there is a complementary Spoon outfit also on the market.

Fortune Teller Perhaps you could see yourself wearing this outfit, given the right crystal ball.

Fox There are several fox outfits available but the higher quality mascot styles are normally hire only costumes.

Foxxy Cleopatra – Character in the Austin Powers Goldmember film played by Beyonce Knowles. Wear a gold crop top with matching hot pants and a large brown afro wig.

Frame – You could just go with a frame, or make use of one of the framed masterpiece novelty outfits available on the market. Designs include Mona Lisa, Whistlers Mother and American Gothic (the painting channelled in the early scenes of the Rocky Horror film.

Frank n Furter – Character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Licensed costumes and wig are available to purchase. Wear a basque, shorts, stockings and suspenders.

Frankenstein The scientist who built the odd monster or two in Mary Shelleys book (and subsequent films).

The mad doctor outfit, with optional body-part accessories can be quite effective.

Frankenstein’s Monster – The man-made Monster from the book and film of the same name. Wear an oversized green jacket and trousers, black boots and bolts through the neck. Green make-up will also be needed for your face.

Frankenstein’s Bride – Wear a distressed long, white dress. Wig is a black beehive style with a white stripe on either side. Make-up is blackened eyes and mouth on a pale base. Of course this and the previous entry are often a couple they were made for each other!

Fred – Character from Scooby Doo and the leader of the Mystery Machine investigative team. A licensed costume is available to purchase.

Fred Astaire – Famous dancer/film star of the 1930s – 50s and partner of Ginger Rogers. Tail suit, top hat and dance cane.

Freddie Mercury – Late singer of Queen. Costumes are normally only available to purchase. Freddie had many different ‘looks’ , from a yellow military style jacket with white trousers to a mini-skirted housewife in the video of ‘I Want To Break Free’.

Freddy Krueger – Character from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Licensed costumes, mask sand accessories are available to purchase. Wear a red and black striped top, battered fedora hat and bladed fright glove. Burns-victim facial make-up.

Frenchy – Character in Grease. Wear a Pink Lady costume or the official Frenchy Beauty School Drop-out costume with pink dress and wig.

French Maid – Lots of choice available to purchase or you can purchase some accessories to make your own.

French Gendarme – French policeman, normally only available to hire.

French Man – Striped top, black trousers, cravat, beret and small moustache. A string of onions will complete the look. Anyone French will dispute this look, and also The French Tart look!

French Tart – Wear a striped top, short or tight pencil skirt, cravat and beret. Wear a strong make-up. Add a cigarette holder and you are a French Tart.

French Foreign Legion – Normally only available to hire from a fancy dress shop.

Dawn French – The easiest and most recognisable option is of course a Vicars outfit for the Vicar of Dibley.

Frida Kahlo Mexican Painter, noted for her monobrow look. Why not wear a Mexican poncho & hat and carry a paintbrush?

Frieda The alternative name for the blonde, long-haired one from Abba.

Freya The Norse Goddess of love & fertility. You can start with a Viking maiden outfit or use one of the outfits from the Greek and Roman equivalents (Venus and Aphrodite) and wear a Viking helmet!

Friar Tuck – Rotund character from Robin Hood. Wear a medieval style monk’s robe and a monk wig.

Frodo Baggins - Hobbit hero from The Lord Of The Rings (J R R Tolkein). Wear a light brown tunic, shirt, leggings and a dark cloak. Hobbits had huge hairy feet. Maybe you could use novelty slippers and attach some theatrical hair.

Frog For such a popular animal amphibian, outfits in adult sizes are not always easy to find. Also a footman character in Alice in Wonderland.

Frontiersman – Usually associated with the pioneering days of The American Wild West. Davy Crockett with his raccoon skin hat and buck skin outfit is probably best used as a role-model.

Frosty the Snowman As featured in the popular festive tune, a standard snowman outfit should suffice.

Fruit - Chose any fruit that you fancy. Banana is probably the easiest to find.

Full Monty The derivation of this phrase is subject to debate, but in this context it usually refers to the 1997 film in which a group of unemployed workers in Sheffield find they can make money by stripping. The outfit involves a formal-looking uniform such as a traffic warden or policeman, velcroed for easy removal and as little or as much as you want to wear underneath.

Fu Manchu – Chinese villain first introduced in the books by Sax Rohmer and played by Christopher Lee in the various films. Wear ornate Chinese Mandarin costume with Chinese moustache and make up.

Fungi - If you are male, dress as a mushroom or toadstool and be a Fungi to be with!

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