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Cruella Style Costumeview

Cruella Style Costume

Neo - Matrix Costumeview

Neo - Matrix Costume

Trinity - The Matrix Adult Costumeview

Trinity - The Matrix Adult Costume

Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story Costumeview

Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story Costume

Fred Flintstone Costume - Tunicview

Fred Flintstone Costume - Tunic

Scream Halloween Maskview

Scream Halloween Mask


Movies of the 1990s General Introduction

Looking at films released during the 90s will give you lots of costume inspiration, but don’t forget to check our other 90’s sections in the left navigation for even more 90’s costume ideas. The links will take you to the products we sell but if you are local, we will have a large selection of hire costumes as well.

There was an interesting assortment of themes running through the Movies of the 1990s. Animation was becoming increasingly sophisticated with movies such as Toy Story moving away from the traditional Walt Disney storybook style to a more modern one. Below is our list of some of the 1990s films which may inspire you. If we are missing some, it is possibly because they may not offer suitable costuming opportunities when it comes to a 1990s party.

Movie Genres

Dick Tracy (1990) The classic comic strip detective is played by Warren Beatty, with Madonna starring as Breathless Mahoney and Al Pacino as Big Boy Caprice. The double-breasted suit (in various colours), fedora and overcoat being essential fashion items.

Pulp Fiction (1994) One of Quentin Tarantinos two major hits of the 1990s, (the other being Reservoir Dogs in 1992). Outfits are available for the hit-men, Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield. Mia Wallace can be created with a blunt-cut page-boy/cheerleader wig, white blouse, black skirt (or Jack Rabbit Slims Diner T-Shirt).

Cartoon & Animation
Aladdin (1992) The classic story, but this time set in Arabia rather than China. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin costumes are available.

Beauty & the Beast (1991) – Disney retells the story old as time in animation. Look for costumes for Belle and The Beast.

The Lion King (1994) Just one of the many Disney films released during the 1990s. Various animal costumes are available.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – Halloween classic animation featuring Jack

Skellington, the Pumpkin King, and his companion, Sally the Ragdoll.

Toy Story 1 & 2 (1995 & 1999) – Retro Woody the Cowboy and new toy in town Buzz Lightyear are ever popular. A Bo-Peep (in pink/white) may also be created.

Chick Flicks/Romance
Pretty Woman (1990) – If you have the thigh-length boots (seen more on the poster than in the film) and the street gear, tart with a heart Vivian might be an interesting look, and with a Richard Gere lookalike, you have a potential couple.

Titanic (1997) – Recently re-released, the cross-class romance of Rose and Jack aboard the doomed ship.

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (1994) – Jim Carreys other major hit of the 90s besides The Mask. Ace Ventura wears Hawaiian style loud shirts, shorts and has a quiffed hairstyle.

Austin Powers movies (1997-1999) – There were three Austin Powers movies, two of them in the 90s. Costumes are available for Austin, Doctor Evil, Vanessa Kensington and Felicity Shagwell.

Full Monty (1997) Velcroed trousers, collars and cuffs is the basic costume for this comedic film about steelworkers who form a striptease act.

Sister Act (1992) Whoopi Goldberg stars in this comedy tale, which transferred onto the stage. Time to break out the nuns habits.

The Mask (1994) – Jim Carey as Stanley Ipkiss aka The Mask dons the yellow zoot suit ensemble with smokin effect.

Wayne’s World (1992) – Mike Myers, pre-Austin Powers, with Dana Carvey, in this comedic send-up of TV stardom, with cameo appearances from Alice Cooper and Meat Loaf.

A Few Good Men (1992) – US Naval courtroom drama featuring Lt. Kafee (Tom Cruise), Col. Jessup (Jack Nicholson) and Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore). Suitable uniforms are available, as are some for Demi Moores less successful 1990s movie, G I Jane.

Apollo 13 (1995) – US Astronaut drama. NASA-style spacesuits are impressive but not necessarily party-friendly.

101 Dalmatians (1996) – Remake of the classic cartoon with Glenn Close as everyones favourite villainess. Only essential difference is a more disheveled black/white hairstyle for Cruella de Vil.

Cool Runnings (1993) – This film was loosely based on events surrounding the 1988 Olympics and the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team. In these retro times, outfits modelled on the teams uniform in the film have become available.

Flintstones, The (1994) The much loved Hanna Barbera cartoon series was turned into a live action film. Main characters were: Fred & Wilma Flintstone (& Pebbles); Barney & Betty Rubble (& Bam-bam), Dino the Dinosaur.

The Addams Family (1991) – Movie version of the classic 60s scary sitcom featuring Morticia and Gomez, their daughter Wednesday and Uncle Fester, amongst others.

Batman Returns (1992) – The Tim Burton film which brought us Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and Danny DeVito as Penguin.

Edward Scissorhands (1990) – Follow-up to Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands was a new take on the Frankenstein story. Costumes for Edward (& a Miss Scissorhands), plus make-up kits and wigs are available.

Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace (1999) Just making it into the 1990s was this pre-

quel to the original Star Wars Trilogy, featuring Queen Amidala and Darth Maul.

Terminator 2 Judgment Day (1991) – Arnie Ill be back Schwarzenegger as the cyborg now assigned to protect Sarah & John Connor.

The Matrix (1999) – Neo, Trinity and Morpheus were seen in the first film. The Virus Twins were from a later part of the trilogy.

Braveheart (1995) – Popular Scottish hero clad in furs and face-paint (technically plaids and tartans came later, but when did that ever stop movie producers?).

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991) – Just one of several re-tellings of the Robin Hood story during the 1990s. The title track Everything I Do gave Bryan Adams a record breaking number one hit. Kevin Costner played the part of Robin Hood.

Shakespeare in Love (1998) – Award-winning period drama featuring a young William Shakespeare, the cross-dressing Lady Viola and Queen Elizabeth I. Wear Tudor Costumes

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – Dracula (Victorian-style) in a faithful adaptation of the original book.

It (1990) – The evil entity, Pennywise the clown, is at the heart of this film, derived from the Stephen King novel.

Scream (1996 onwards) – If nothing else, Wes Cravens film brought us a classic simple Halloween outfit in Ghost Face, based on the The Scream painting by Munch.

Silence of the Lambs (1991) – Dr. Hannibal Lector-inspired outfits (strait-jacket and face-mask) are available to purchase. Clarice Starling is based on the 1980s Power suit and big hair look (although you could cheat with a CIA tracksuit).