1990s Fashion

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Fashion of the 1990s

Fashion changed quite a lot with no one style being a signature 90’s look. In the early 90s the neon colours that were popular at the end of the 1980’s were still being worn. Tattoo and body piercings started to become mainstream.

Leggings & Exercise wear – another style from the 1980s was being worn in the early part of this decade with trainers manufactured by Adidas, Reebook, Hitec and NIke very popular, as were Converse trainers.

Catsuits – these were popular in the early years of the 90s decade, often worn with high boots.

Goth – The goth look was influenced by bands such as the German electro rock band Das Ich and many top designers including Karl Largerfeld and Alexander McQueen endorsing the look on the catwalk.

Hippie – During a spell in the mid 90s, the hippy look became popular amongst women with long flowing skirts and gypsy tops

BodyCon The BodyCon (Body Conscious) look was at its peak in the 1990s, but has carried on into the twentieth century.

Bootleg Style Towards the end of the decade, the bootleg trouser look was once again in vogue, having replaced the hipsters and bumsters trousers of previous years.

Grunge The grunge look was a rebellion both against the excessive over-glamorisation of the previous decade and the rise of the skinny supermodel. Acid wash jackets, sheepskin coats and polo shirts were also very popular as were aviator sunglasses

Military Style With the rise of Brit Pop in the mid-1990s, military style outfits which had been fashionable during the 1960s and the Carnaby Street era, were once more back in the spotlight.

Hip Hop – Popular with men with the widespread interest in hip hop and gansta rap from artists such as MC Hammer.

Chav – In the late 1990s Chav style made its dbut including tracksuits, baseball caps, gold jewellery, diamond (or diamonte) earrings and white Adidas trainers. Hair was heavily gelled, often bleached blonde, or highlighted.

Ladies hair went from the ‘big hair’ look of the 80s to straight, smooth hair. The ‘Rachel’ cut was one of the most popular with women. Men’s hair started to get shorter with bald heads gaining in popularity in the mid 1990’s especially with men dealing with thinning hair.

Fashion Heroes of the 1990s

Alexander McQueen He took the fashion world by storm, with a range of controversial clothing during the 1990s.

Helmut Lang Probably the most copied designer of the decade, Helmut Langs appeal was the simplicity of his urban style with clear defined lines, muted shades and a splash of colour.

Liz Hurley Dress – Actress Liz Hurley had not made much impact in the cinema, but when, as the then girlfriend to Hugh Grant, she wore a Versace dress seemingly held together with safety pins on the red carpet for Four Weddings and a Funeral, her fame certainly took off.

Supermodel – The 1990s was the decade of the Supermodel. These included Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington.