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Mohican - Multi Punk Wigview

Mohican - Multi Punk Wig

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Punk Spiked Bracelet

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Punk Spiked Choker


Punk rock is largely associated with its political and economic roots. Punk rock originated in the early 1970s when there was much political unrest and the economies of many countries were facing great difficulties. For many, punk rock was less about the music created and more about the views it put forward. Punk rock was considered outrageous by many, both in terms of the music and the fashion. To begin with there was a Punk wave in both America and Britain, however, it continued to become a global movement.

In Britain Punk Rock began at a time of economic recession, an era of strikes and general social dissatisfaction, especially amongst the youth. Almost all British Punk groups expressed their frustration with social alienation and political issues.

Punk rock started as an underground music scene and it wasnt until the Ramones and the Sex Pistols less to wider spread awareness and popularity. There are many key players in the creation of punk rock, perhaps most notably Malcolm Mclaren.

The Sex Pistols, one of the most iconic punk rock bands, arose from a London clothes shop that was run by Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood. The clothes boutique Sex specialised in the clothing that defined the punk generation. It was here that John Lydon, later Johnny Rotten met future Sex Pistols manager Mclaren.

Punk clothing is often used to make a statement and can vary in styles enormously. Punk clothing began as handmade and there was a large DIY element to it. Punk costumes are very easy to put together at home by using a number of safety pins in ripped clothing and over exaggerated hairstyles for example. Punk clothing could be very controversial but generally included leather and clothes customised with slogans and patches. Punk clothing generally aimed to go deliberately against mainstream clothing and was anti-materialistic.

Punk Costumes
Punk costumes are available to purchase and hire, from fancy dress shops, and are a very popular costume choice, especially for a 70s or 80s themed fancy dress party.

It is not necessary to purchase an entire costume, punk is one of those themes you can easily put together yourself at home. All you need are old clothing such as:

  • Tee shirts
  • Jeans
  • Dark Dresses
  • Skirts

Colours tended to be dark, but not 100%, you can basically do whatever you want. Deliberately rip areas of clothes, for an added punk effect back the rips with some off cuts of tartan, this could even be stapled on if you do not wish to sew it in position it all adds to the overall effect. Safety pins can be added either on their own, or on chains across the ripped areas.

Boots such as motorcycle boots and doctor martins can be worn, chunky boots tend to look better than anything too delicate.

A great ladies top tip wear a pair of our coloured tights, and then cover these with a pair of our pothole tights. This will give a torn look on the legs and works really well for a sexier punk look.

There are so many punk accessories available to purchase to help you complete either a purchased costume, or one you have put together yourself at home. Props & Frocks stocks a huge range including:

  • Chokers
  • Bracelets
  • Body Piercings
  • Studded gloves
  • Fishnet Studded Gloves
  • Studded bangles
  • Studded headbands

Punk hair is as varied as its clothing. Individuality is the key to the punk movement, so basically, again, anything goes. Why not back comb your own hair, secure it in place with hairspray, wax or other styling products? You can colour your own hair with one of our water based coloured hairsprays (do not use on coloured, or treated hair, or it may last longer than you are expecting!). Many fancy dress wigs are suitable for a punk look, from the more traditional punk Mohican look, to wacky bunches, but equally any coloured wig is suitable to use.

Go on, show your wild streak and go as a punk to your next fancy dress party.