1950s Television

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Robin Hood Adult Costume

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Horse Overhead Animal Mask



Television was still in its infancy in the 1950s. The BBC was the main programme provider until the mid-1950s, when the introduction of the first commercial TV station put paid to the BBCs monopoly. Many of the TV programmes were imported from the United States.

The Adventures of Robin Hood Richard Greene starred in this childrens drama from 1955-1958. Robin Hood and Maid Marion costumes are still a popular pairing, when it comes to fancy dress parties.

The Lucy Show – The American comedienne Lucille Ball was highly successful in a number of shows supposedly based around her family-life. She was a curly redhead, typically seen in a 50s polka-dot dress, and an official costume along these lines is available.

Mr Ed – A comedy show about a talking horse. Need we say more? We stock horse overhead masks and full costumes

My Favourite Martian – Not a little green man, but a conventional looking individual, save for some antennae!

Flintstones – A bit of a cheat here, as the Flintstones as such did not appear until 1960. However, in 1959 a pilot programme with similar characters The Flagstones was shown.

Westerns: A major staple of TV Shows included Wagon Train, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, Laramie, Gunsmoke and Rawhide, which gave Clint Eastwood his first major acting role. We stock a wide range of western accessories including full cowboy and indian costumes, cowboy hats, spurs and indian headdresses.

Other 50s television programmes include:

  • Billy Bunter – wear a schoolboy costumewith padding!
  • Blue Peter, great if your name is Peter, just wear blue clothing a paint your face blue with our face paint.
  • Crackerjack, if your name is Jack, just cover yourself in crackers!!!
  • Ivor The Engine
  • Muffin The Mule
  • Pinky & Perky – wear a pig costume
  • Noddy – hier costumes available
  • The Railway Children
  • Watch With Mother
  • Sir Lancelot, wear a Knight’s Costume
  • Sooty
  • Superman – our Superman outfits are available to purchase, or hire
  • The Benny Hill Show – a celebrity mask is available
  • The Black & White Minstrel Show – not very PC!
  • Dixon Of Dock Green
  • Phil Silvers Show – wear an American GI costume