Scottish Costume Ideas

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Tam O'Shanter Hat With Hair

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Tartan Miss Christmas Ladies Costume

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Scottish Fancy DressTheme Costume Ideas

Why not have a Scottish themed costume party?

Either used as a standalone costume theme, or as part of An Around The World Theme.

The most popular time for a Scottish themed party is on Burns Night (25th January) where North of the (Scottish) border the life and works of Scotlands greatest poet Robert Robbie Burns are celebrated. A traditional meal or Supper usually involving Haggis wi bashit neeps an champit tatties (Mashed turnip or Swede and mashed potatoes) followed by Clootie Dumplin and Bannocks (oatcakes) n Cheese is usually accompanied with some best quality whisky. Of course the Haggis is the centrepiece, being piped in and addressed prior to the start of the meal.

Whilst the Haggis, bagpipes, etc might be a acquired taste for some, today is at least a chance to celebrate Great Scots (Burns? Scottie of Star Trek? Billy Connolly?) and this might involve some element of tartan (which the Americans call plaid because its Gaelic for blanket for which the multicoloured cloth was originally used) and perhaps a sporran: Obviously a McChap needs somewhere to put his essentials when wearing what is effectively a skirt with attitude. Originally the sporran was a simple drawstring bag but it evolved into something of a decorative (and decorated) accessory, typically made of badger or goatskin, to dangle impressively at the front of the kilt. Whatever your take on the celebrations, pop along to us here at Props & Frocks and we will do our best to kilt you out!

Here are some famous Scots you may like to base your costume on:

  • JM Barrie author of Peter Pan wear a Victorian mens costume, or dress up as a character from Peter Pan
  • Alexander Graham Bell again another Victorian costume, ideal if you can find an old fashioned telephone as well!
  • Robert Burns Wear a Regency Style (Mr Darcy) costume
  • Lord Byron, as Robert Burns
  • Charles I & II Cavalier style costume
  • Sir Sean Connery wear a dinner suit for 007
  • Billy Connolly shaggy brown hair and a dyed goatee beard
  • David I Knight costume
  • Sir Alex Ferguson
  • Alexander Fleming
  • William Gladstone Victorian Costume
  • James I VI kings of Scotland (James VI first King of Scotland & England)
  • Captain William Kidd famous pirate wear a pirate costume
  • Dr David Livingstone wear an explorer costume
  • Elizabeth Bowes Lyon The Queen Mother
  • King Macbeth
  • Flora Macdonald peasant costume
  • Mary Queen of Scots ladies Tudor style costume will suffice
  • Robert I (the Bruce,) II & III
  • Sir Walter Scott
  • Sir Jackie Stewart
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie
  • Sir William Wallace Braveheart

And, if you still cannot make up your mind, just accessorise your normal everyday outfit with some tartan.

Songs to play during your Scottish Fancy Dress Event… (a lot of these have many variations take your pick)

  • Amazing Grace
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Farewell to Loch Katrine
  • The Bluebells Of Scotland
  • Bonnie Doon
  • The Flower Of Scotland
  • Mull Of Kintyre Paul McCartney
  • Anything by the Proclaimers!
  • Loch Lomond
  • My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
  • These Streets Paolo Nutini
  • The Skye Boat Song
  • Fast Train To Edinburgh
  • Loch Leven Arab Strap
  • Argyle Bouncing souls
  • St. Andrews Bedouin Soundclash
  • I Belong To Glasgow