Hawaiian Costume Ideas

Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costumeview

Hawaiian Shirt - Magnum Costume

Hawaiian Skirt - Long Multiview

Hawaiian Skirt - Long Multi


Hawaiian Fancy Dress Theme

An Hawaiian costume theme is always more popular during the summer months and is often linked with an outdoor barbecues & beach parties (although it can also be used as an American theme).

Now we cant guarantee the great British weather, but we can guarantee a great party if you use an Hawaiian theme.

Theming an indoor room can be difficult, so why not use one of the fabulous scene savers (that come in various designs), they can transform any room into a tropical paradise.

If you are outside, why not have a beach area, where kids can play sandcastles?

Ladies, Did you know that a flower behind your left ear, indicates that you are married, or taken, a flower behind your right ear, indicates that you are single?

Complete the colourful look with brightly coloured cocktail umbrellas. Cocktails to serve include:

  • Pina Colada
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Mai Tai

A Hawaiian theme is great for people who are not keen on dressing up, as you could just wear beach or summer clothing and just add a flower garland or 2 to create the Hawaiian feel. For those who are more adventurous, wear grass skirts, coconut bras, and long black wigs, or colourful Hawaiian print shirts and dresses.

Hawaiian Accessory Ideas:

  • Shell Bras
  • Coconut Bras
  • Hawaiian skirts, all lengths and various colours
  • Hawaiian Flower Garlands (called leis)
  • Hawaiian Garland sets, includes a garland for your head, and either ankles, or wrists, as well as a main garland to hang around your neck
  • Hawaiian Shirts
  • Cocktail Glasses
  • Flowers for your hair
  • Magnum PI
  • Elvis in Blue Hawaii
  • Hawaii Five o Wear an Hawaiian shirt with 5 & O on it

Songs to play during your event:

  • Blue Hawaii Elvis Presley
  • Hawaii Five O theme tune
  • General Hawaiian Music
  • The Beach – Beach Boys
  • Surfin USA Beach Boys
  • In The Summertime
  • Echo Beach Martha & The Muffins
  • Beach Baby First Class
  • Beach in Hawaii Ziggy Marley
  • On the Beach Chris Rea
  • Beach Boy Blues Elvis Presley