Well Done London 2012!

Farewell to the Flame

Union Jack Fancy Dress

Union Jack Costume

Today is the final day of the Paralympics and at 8.30pm this evening ‘The Festival of Flame’ will mark the end of the last few month’s spectacle of sport and cultural events, aka the Olympics, London 2012, etc.. So, will tomorrow see euphoria over the various achievements, a disappointment that it is all over, a retrospective of what went right/wrong or just a return to normal working practices? Only time will tell.  what has been great is all the union jack flags, costumes etc., that have been worn, and waved,  as the entire country enjoyed the Olympic spirit. There are of course, many who have been working through the last few months and been asked to do much more than their normal daily routine. We would like to say well done to these and also the countless number of volunteers who have got involved with so many aspects of this year’s historic twin events. Have a good day.

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Props & Frocks Says Welcome To The Olympic Flame

Need a Union Jack flag to wave? We have plenty of stock & are open until 6pm today.Union Jack Products

Great excitement here in our part of Essex today as the Olympic Flame comes within torching distance of us here at Battlesbridge. It is visiting Basildon – our nearest centre of major population. Of course such are the vested sponsorship interests in this ongoing event that we (and the organisers of the various welcoming celebrations around the country) are apparently restricted in what words and phrases we are allowed to mention. The same restrictions don’t enable us to offer much in the way of relevant costuming – we might be able to rustle up some running outfits, in the style of ‘the men with moustaches’ and we have some inflatable Olympic Torches you can hold yourself, but we cannot in any way relate them to the events of this particular year – the figures have been copyrighted.

Want to join in the spirit of the event? Pop in to have a look at our range of Union Jack products

We are surprised this year’s calendar and diary manufacturers, and train companies with journeys leaving just after eleven minutes past eight in the evening, have got away with it so far.

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Olympic Themed Fancy Dress Party

Olympics is the costume theme of the day as we could not get to the end of July without mentioning what will beRed, White Blue Bunting taking place this time next year. The official opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games is scheduled for Friday July 27th.

The games themselves will be on until August 12th, with the Paralympic Games from August 29th-September 9th.  This is when the eyes of the world will be on London and here in Essex we will of course be watching. Earlier in the month on July 5th and 6th the Olympic flame will be visiting local towns Ipswich and Chelmsford, moving onto Cambridge on the 7th, Luton in Bedfordshire on the 8th, Oxford on the 9th and Reading in Berkshire on the 10th.

For those who did not get tickets, why not think about getting together with friends and neighbours and having your own Olympic opening ceremony event? There are likely to be several big screens set up in pubs, clubs and sporting venues throughout the country and if you need help with decorations and accessories you know where to come.

What about dressing up too?  You could get your guests to dress up as an actual country and you could even have games throughout the evening, with medal ceremonies as you go! Or maybe have London as your costume theme – you could even have a London Underground Fancy dress party – do not despair, we’ve loads of great Underground costume ideas here.

Take a look at this blog for some more great Olympic Costume ideas….

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Olympic Fancy Dress Party

Today, we advocate an Olympic fancy dress party. So were you lucky in the first allocation of Olympic tickets? By now, if you have had money taken out of your account, you shouldRoman Fancy Dress Ideas know which events you are due to see. Of course, there is still the second round to go, and if you did not make it in the first round, next time you may be lucky!

But, what if you still do not get tickets? Well, why not think about hosting your own Olympic party? If you have set aside money to put towards tickets for the Olympics, there is always the option of pooling your resources with a group of friends, families and/or neighbours for key events and getting together to watch the events on a big screen. As you know, at Props n Frocks we always love a party and although it’s not the same as actually being there, sharing the highs and lows with friends and family might just make up for it. There is also always the option of turning it into a big event of your own. Making it fancy dress could add to the fun, particularly if children are getting involved. Sporting costumes themselves may be a bit limited, although we are always up for a challenge. However, there are always plenty of other great ideas. Just take a look at some of our previous blogs for inspiration or if you have your own thoughts and concepts, why not see how we can help?

You could always arrange some Olympic style races or games as part of the entertainment, or why not give a costume colour code of Red, White & Blue. Alternatively you could just theme your function room with Olympic banners for decoration, or even state the theme as being the Olympics.

Some Costume ideas for an Olympic themed party include:

  • Roman costumes – where the Olympics originated in ancient Greece
  • Ski wear – remember there is also a winter Olympics as well
  • Archery – wear a Robin Hood costume
  • Sumo suit – wrestling
  • Countries where the Olympics have been held
  • The torch, not sure how you’d do this but we know we have some very clever readers!
  • The Olympic Rings – why not get bangles or hula hoops. If they are not the right colours, spray them.
  • Various sporting events – just wear appropriate clothing
  • Various competing countries – wear their national costume