Caribbean Costume Ideas

August is a perfect time for a Caribbean themed fancy dress party.Rasta Hats

Here are some of our Caribbean costume ideas:

  • Rasta Hats with a colourful shirt
  • Ship Captain – Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner
  • Captain Jack Sparrow, or any other character from Pirates Of the Caribbean
  • Parrot Costume
  • Mermaid Costumes
  • Voodoo Doll
  • West Indies Cricket Team
  • Or, just wear very bright and colourful summer or beach wear

We have tried to keep off mentioning the Olympics as much as possible (there are people monitoring to ensure we do not exploit the term for our own ends) but tonight sees one of the ‘feature events’ – the Men’s 100 Metres Final. The fact that it is being held on a Sunday is interesting in so far as those who know ‘Chariots of Fire’, the Oscar-award winning 1981 film (and now a stage show) about Eric Liddell, the English athlete, will remember that he almost failed to gain his place in the 1924 Olympics team because he refused to run in the heats, which were being held on a Sunday. No such problems today as, if all goes to plan, The World’s Fastest Man (and part-time Richard Branson impersonator) Usain Bolt does his stuff. Of course Usain comes from Jamaica, also home of the legendary Olympic bobsleigh team seen in the film ‘Cool Runnings’, so today is an excellent excuse for a Caribbean themed event.

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Eurovision Fancy Dress

Italian Costume Ideas

Gangster Costumes & Accessories

We have been contacted by many people who are having an Eurovision fancy dress party tonight, is it because this year’s entry has had quite a lot of air play that has got more of us behind it?

If you are local to our fancy dress shop in Battlesbridge, Essex pop in to get your union jack flags to join in the patriotic spirit, or if you want to dress up in a country costume, then pop in to have a look at our huge range of costumes & accessories.

Some of our accessory/ costume Eurovision ideas include:

  • French Berets
  • French Maids
  • Union Jack Top Hats
  • Irish Hats
  • German Hats, or plaited wigs
  • Abba costumes – Sweden
  • Finland – Father Christmas
  • Greece – Ancient Greek costume
  • Israel – Jesus costume
  • Italy – Gangster costumes
  • Russia – Cossack Costumes
  • Spain – Spanish Dancers / Matador
  • Turkey – Turkey costume

In the normal course of affairs we would be embarking on a bank holiday weekend today but this year we live in interesting and different times and instead we have Eurovision tonight and the BAFTA Television Awards tomorrow night. We have already spent a little time on Eurovision, so let’s take a look at the Awards. These are for the television programmes themselves, rather than honouring the ‘back-stage/behind screen people such as costumiers, make-up artists and sound & light wizards who have their own Technical Awards. Nonetheless, many were surprised when arguably the greatest costume drama of recent months, Downton Abbey, was overlooked in the nominations, but then some of the awards are based on the populist vote. Many people are happier watching ‘Adventures in Talent Spotting with Ant & Dec’ or the more recent ‘Anything You Can Sing, I Can Sing Different’ rather than immerse themselves in historical drama (unless it’s about midwives, in which case you risk losing half the viewers’ interest, and so that apparently doesn’t merit a nomination).

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Around The World Fancy Dress Theme

Around The World is today’s fancy dress theme suggestion as, today we celebrate the birthday of one of Britain’s jolly good chaps, Michael Palin. Originally best known for his comedyCountry Costume Ideas
work, especially with Monty Python’ Flying Circus, he has since graduated to becoming something of a globetrotter and author, with his various travel programmes being regularly repeated on one channel or other almost every week. In a few days time (on the 8th May) it will be naturalist Sir David Attenborough’s 85th birthday, so countries, animals or even a non-PC circus theme could be good today.

Props n Frocks has a great range of country costumes for all the family – in fact if you use this link, it will give you loads of information regarding which costumes will be suitable for various countries. You may also want to have a look at some of our other blogs regarding Around The World Costume Ideas

Some other costumes that you could use for a Country Theme include:

  • Panda Costume – China
  • Hawaiian costumes & accessories – Hawaii
  • Native Indian costumes – North America
  • Belly Dancers or Camel Costume – use for India, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco
  • Cleopatra costume – Egypt
  • French Maid – France
  • Leprechaun costume – Ireland
  • Kangaroo Costume – Australia
  • Christmas Costume – Christmas Islands
  • Gangster Costumes – Italy
  • Roman Costumes – Italy

‘Around The World’ is such a huge subject, it basically covers everything. You may also want to think about major landmarks, animals, names of capital cities, or events that have happened. Let us know your thoughts…

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Movies or Around The World Fancy Dress Theme

Continuing with our Movies fancy dress theme, today we look at two other potential “themes within a theme”, basedCountry Fancy Dress Costumes around two significant births. The first is that of the ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, Movie Star, James Dean, who would have been 80 on February 8th (born 1931), had not his life been cut short at 24 due to a tragic car accident, on September 30 1955.  For those wanting to portray James Dean for a Movies (or perhaps a ‘Dead Icons’ party), this is an easy costume to do.  All it requires is Jeans, T-shirt and the right hairstyle. However, as when portraying any movie star, it helps if you have got similar features to the character you are trying to portray (not everyone has the dark brooding looks of James Dean). There are some specialist character masks available that can give you a ‘head start’ when portraying particular celebrities, although we are not too sure whether a James Dean one is currently available.

If you do want to stick tot he tried and tested Movie theme, take a look at our selection of film costumes - this page will give you loads of costume ideas.

The other theme within the Movies theme is based on the original book written by Jules Verne ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. No prizes for guessing the theme!  The author of the original book was born on February 8th 1828, in Nantes, France.  His classic adventure story about Phileas Fogg has been turned into two movies (1956 & 2004) and a play. For those old enough to remember you may also remember Monty Python star Michael Palin did a travel series of the same name, which was first screened in 1989.  At Props n Frocks we have some fantastic country costumes from all around the world. So, whether you want Oriental, African, European, American or Australian costumes, you know where to come.

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Wonders Of The World Fancy Dress Theme

Today’s fancy dress theme is ‘Wonders Of The World’. There are many different lists that make up ‘official’ wonders of the world but even we think it will probably be quite difficult going to a fancy dress party dressed as The Great Wall of China, or the Taj Mahal. So what about dressing up as people from those areas? Some ideas are below, but look at some of ‘7 Wonders Of  The World’ lists as this will give you even

Roman Centurian Costume

Roman Centurian Costume

 more ideas…

  • Taj Mahal – Indian costumes – we also stock turbans
  • The Great Wall of China – Chinese costumes – we also stock coolie hats, Chinese hats, Chinaman moustaches
  • The Great Pyramid at Giza – Egyptian Costumes
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italian Costumes
  • Colesseum – Roman Costumes
  • Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa – wear Egyptian, Roman or Greek Costumes
  • Hagia Sophia – Turkish Costumes including Arabian & Belly dancer costumes
  • Porcelain Tower of Nanjing – Chinese costumes

You could also argue the fact that everything is a ‘wonder of the world’, so this leaves this fancy dress theme wide open with potential costumes coming from any country, and about anything. You can’t get anything more wonderous than a new baby being born – so why not dress up in a baby costume?

So why did we choose this costume theme today? Read on and all will be revealed…

As some of us start planning journeys to be with our relatives and friends over the Festive Season, today we celebrate the achievement of Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager who on this day in 1986 completed the world’s first circumnavigation of the world in an aircraft – the Voyager – without landing or refuelling in any way. A substantial achievement and home just in time for Christmas. On a different note, whilst you would think people would be busy with their festive preparations, in Oaxaca City, Mexico, the 23rd December sees an acclaimed festival ‘Night of the Radishes’ in which sculptures featuring a locally grown large radish are displayed and prizes are won. Just goes to show that entertainment takes many forms, and our suggested theme for today is Wonders of the World.

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Today’s Fancy Dress Theme -Around The World

Today’s fancy dress theme idea is ‘Around The World’ or Countries as September 6th (although some sources say the 8th) marks the completion of the first circumnavigation of the globe, by Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition in 1522. Magellan was originally Portuguese but ‘became’ Spanish, when Charles I of Spain offered to fund an expedition to find the Spice Islands.

He then spent many of his voyages avoiding Portuguese fleets and territories because of the conflict of national interests. In fact Magellan did not complete the trip himself as he was killed in battle at the Philippines. Of the original 237 souls who set out, (in five ships) only 18 returned on the ‘Victoria’ which was what remained of the fleet (some others who had been captured or ‘mislaid’ en route returned to Spain later).

Though a Spanish costume theme might seem a good idea it can be rather limited when it comes to finding appropriate costumes, particularly for males. Even items such as Matador costumes and Ladies Spanish Dancers and mens Rumba costumes are manufactured more for females. An ‘Around the World’ fancy dress theme offers much more scope, and with our fabulous selection of costumes and accessories from America, Asia, Europe and Australia we’re sure we can find a fancy dress costume to suit. Take a look at our ‘Around the World’ Costume ideas for all the family for some more inspiration.