Futuristic Fancy Dress Theme

We are suggesting a futuristc fancy dress theme today as on this date in 1866, the Aeronautical Silk Spectre - Watchmen Costumes Society of Great Britain (which later became the Royal Aeronautical Society) was founded. Although Man had taken to the skies in balloons, powered flight was still many years off, but this did not prevent the Society having over a hundred members within three years and mounting a major exhibition, at Crystal Palace, in 1868. Meanwhile, a hundred years later and in a different sphere of science, one Doctor James Bedford, who died of natural causes related to kidney cancer, became the first person to be cryogenically frozen, with a view to be revived at some time in the future. Our theme for the day is ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ in which you can indulge in everything, from futuristic space-wear to reviving those fashion trends that never really took off.

This fancy dress them could also inlcude old favourites including

  • Star Wars Costumes
  • Star Trek Costumes
  • The Matrix Costumes
  • Transformers
  • Spiderman Costumes and all the other Superhero costumes you can think of
  • Robots – some really great budget masks available
  • Avatar Costumes
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